Boise State football loses center for season, wide receiver for four games

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team has lost starting center Cory Yriarte for the season and wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn for the first four games of 2012.

Yriarte sustained a knee injury in summer conditioning, the school announced Friday. He had been awarded a sixth year of eligibility for 2012 after missing two seasons with torn anterior cruciate ligaments.

Junior Matt Paradis, who started one game at center last season, becomes the favorite at that spot. Left guard Joe Kellogg also has worked at center during his career.

Boldewijn has been suspended for a violation of NCAA rules involving the host family he lived with when he attended Capital High. He is from Holland. The family helped him book his airplane ticket home after the bowl game in December. Boldewijn has repaid the cost of the ticket to the family, according to the school press release.

Boldewijn, a junior, also was suspended for the first four games last season. He was penalized for use of a car and driver’s insurance coverage provided by his host family.

Teammate Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, also from Holland, was suspended for six games last year. He was required to repay $13,600 in impermissible benefits from his host family.

Boldewijn made 19 catches for 266 yards and two touchdowns last season. He will miss games against Michigan State, Miami (Ohio), BYU and New Mexico. He can practice during his suspension.

The NCAA violation is not expected to affect Boise State’s three-year probation, which began in September.

Boise State opens fall camp Saturday.


Good luck Corey, thanks for all your effort through the years, you will be missed this year but not forgotten.

Host family......WHAT were you thinking!

Can't he get (another) Medical Red Shirt?

Or, is he just going to end his college football career?

He already

had one, along with one redshirt. You only get 6 to play 4. He has no more eligibility.

This host family...

Aren't they conducting themselves within the perameters of BEING a Host Family? If so, what's the problem here? If being a host family could conflict with the policy toward student athletes, then maybe foreign students shouldn't be allowed to play sports in the US.

They are obviously not

following the rules. My point is, why not call BSU FIRST, before you do anything? Why would the host family, who has already been part of a suspension of the player, pay for !anything! before making sure you are within the rules.

Good point

These are things that should be clear to host families. They probably were under the assumption it was OK, as it is (normally) acceptable for a foreign student. But, I agree with you. It seems EVERYTHING should be run by Boise State, just in case it is determined a violation.

The idea that we are even debating it is silly.

The article

Never mind... I read it again, I'm just dumb today.

§ Chadd,

who steps in the center spot? I don't have a depth chart.

What's the deal with Geraldo? Hasn't he (and perhaps his hosting family) yet figured out that such "help" is more than likely an NCAA violation? Sounds like it was more than a phone call to an airline or travel agent, or a simple online booking, since "Boldewijn has repaid the money ..."

If, as now is known, you can't sleep free on someone's couch or get free burgers, how in the world could one imagine having somebody buy a plane ticket for you ... even if the intent all along was to repay?

And, what does this indicate about BSU's renewed/intensified focus on compliance?

Injuries happen and this is really too bad for Cory. Repeated dumb mistakes when rules are published doesn't cut it. Somebody (or some people) blew it.


Paradis was #2 on the depth chart.

§ Okay, then

who is #2 on the "compliance officer" depth chart? Don't they get these guys together to spell out "Listen up, this is what you absolutely cannot do! Here's the list and stick it in your wallet."


I updated above. Likely Matt Paradis, but Joe Kellogg and I think Spencer Gerke have played there and could get looks, too.

As for Geraldo, I can't explain this. If I was in his shoes/the family's shoes, I wouldn't spend a penny without the school's approval. I'm guessing his status as a repeat offender added to the penalty, too.

Thanks Chadd

Maybe one of the RS can step up

§ Thanks, Chadd, and a question

I don't remember exactly, but didn't Pres. Kustra move "compliance" under his direct report after the previous fiasco?



§ Thanks again, Chadd

That would explain the smoke I see billowing in east Boise. No doubt some pointed questions are being asked.

ceesey will be here shortly.

He better bring salsa.


You fry wants with that?


Does BSU get an extra scholarship because of the injury? That we could maybe use to get a junior college transfer center, at least for depth?


They will have another scholarship available, but don't expect a last-minute addition. They'll either use it for a walk-on or bring in a member of the 2012 recruiting class who was expected to grayshirt.

Suspension again

Please disclose the host family booster who jeopardized again the future of this player and hurt the program for refusing to follow the NCAA rules. A dose of infamy might be a good deterrent.


Someone needs their a@# kicked several times over. Didn't Kustra supposedly terminate Gene for NCAA compliance issues, or as the NCAA calls it "lack of institutional control?" Looks like maybe the new compliance officer is asleep at the wheel...I realize BSU can't be everywhere when these decisions are made but why are they not drilling these rules into the heads of these host families every single week? why is there not a process in place for host families to follow to pass this crap by BSU compliance folks before spending any money on a foreign student athlete (barring emergenices of course)? If this occurred last December, did the compliance staff just now discover it????? Frustrating!


Boise State's Coaches and Athletic Director need to have a meeting with the entire team AND their families or (in this case) thei host families. I think these people need to be specifically told what CANNOT be done for the athletes, and why. I think all the players and their guardians need to sign a form indicating they understand the rules AND the consequences.

This is very micromanaging, but it seems like the only way to ensure everyone is on the same wavelength.


You would be naive to think these meetings don't take place. These are college athletes taking college courses. If they are too damm dumb to follow a simple rule like who cannot buy your plane ticket then they shouldn't have a scholarship.

And some people wonder about "lack of institutional control"

BSU apparently can't/won't control boosters and violations related to recruits and players.

One must wonder in the first place how and why these players from Holland were allowed to be brought to Boise, by BSU boosters, to play high school football, and groomed up to become BSU athletes? Smells pretty sketchy to me...

Some guy,

I saw where players from Germany and Australia are on rosters in the SEC, I would have to look up the exact teams but it's not uncommon. Nothing sketchy about the players from Amsterdam, they chose to come to Boise on their own--just that the host family in Boldewijn's case can't seem to stop botching things up.

Nice Ranking...turds

...losing players like flies, no depth, noodle armed nobody playing qb, MWC, opening loss to MSU...its all crashing down around you...

The Blue Pee Group will need to add a few more vegas gigs around the holidayze cause there will be no bowling trips...

And it just gets worse as the Big Least the time the donks join this sad conference , it will be made up entirely of mid major losers and navy!! The playoff and a major bowl will be but a dream...

A real program wins major conference championships by the bunches and reloads season after season...Boise, well lets just say its time to fire up the beta down at the crapkicker saloon, watch reruns of hee haw and shoot the moonshine, yeah even pop in the vids of beating Oregon and Oklahoma...the glory dayze of turd pigskin!!

rack me again as yall dooooinnn!!!!! Nice to back on my blog...

Have some class, turd

I dislike BSU football as much as anyone, but have some class and don't talk trash about losing players to injuries. That's pretty bush league.

§ The elementary bduck

is the only bduck. He tried to be a middling bduck once, but was simply a failure. So, his only option was to revert.

Now he's in a major struggle with pony to be the blogs' lesser (greater?) trash-talker.

It's quite the contest: 10 points for repeating previous posts (verbatim), 7-9 points for using keywords of no more than one syllable, 4-6 points for avoiding mention of anything on-topic or factual, 0-3 points for not getting banned.

The y-t-d score is pony 131,056 and bduck 117,438.1 (the elementary bduck gets .1 for not posting on 4 consecutive days). Still, bduck has much ground to make up on pony.

Least wishes to both contestants to determine this year's "Blogs Biggest Áss"!


I used to respect the Oregon Ducks, now I just laugh. 0 for 2 against the Broncos.

Livin in the past doggiestrangelove...

...2008 and 2009 was a long time ago. What has Boise done since?? couldnt even beat nevada and win their own weakazz conference. couldnt beat tcu and a rookie qb and win their weakazz conference again. i guess they do rule vegas.

just another pretender wannabe along with hawaii, east carolina, fresno...

let's look at the record....

"A real program wins major conference championships by the bunches and reloads season after season"
Let's take a look at the mighty Ducks
4 outright conference championships in 96 years of "major conference" football
0 (spelled z-e-r-o-) National Championships in 92 years
0 (still spelled the same way) wins against a lowly BSU team that only plays cupcakes like Oregon
9-15 in Bowl games
1-5 in "major" bowl games, that one being in 1916
Wow, we're all impressed


since you asked and guessed wrong i will enlighten your ignorant azz...

since 1994 6 major conference championships
2-4 in major bowls (w rose 11, fiesta 01, L rose 94, cotton 95, rose 09, natty 10)
7-9 overall in bowls
played for 1 NC
ranked # 1 for 6 weeks by BCS
10-5 vs big 10
3-2 vs sec
3-2 vs big 12
8-7 vs usc (5-6 since 2000)

Boise will never come close to that in 200 years because they dont play anyone. One game a year and 13 mean teams like idaho, wyoming, san jose st, san deigo st, la tech, nevada... and soon to be rutgers, temple, navy, louisville, when teams like that are your conference foes, its trouble by the name of strength of schedule, as in there is none!!

consider your ignorant inbred hillbilly oversized forehead eyes to close together small brain self enlightened...rack me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"they dont play anyone. One game a year and 13 creampuffs"

2010 Oregon schedule (the year of their "championship" run)

New Mexico (1-11)
Tennessee (6-7)
Portland State (3-8)
Arizona State (6-6)
Stanford (12-1)
Washington State (2-10)
UCLA (4-8)
Southern California (8-5)
Washington (7-6)
California (5-7)
Arizona (7-6)
Oregon State (5-7)

Combined opponents record 66-82

Like bcluck says One game and 13 creampuffs

§ elementary bduck

is now searching for some peas for his shooter.


Oregon is 3-5 in BCS Bowls (including the NC Game). Although the BCS wasn't established until 1998, I am including current BCS Bowls for the sake of discussion. Here is the breakdown with the year being for the season itself, not the actual year it was played:

1916 Rose win over Penn
1919 Rose loss to Harvard
1957 Rose loss to Ohio State
1994 Rose loss to Penn State
2001 Fiesta win over Colorado
2009 Rose loss to Ohio State
2010 NC loss to Auburn
2011 Rose win over Wisconsin

3-5 record in BCS Bowls. Oregon's Bowl History, since the 1916 season, is 10-15.

If you are so confident that Oregon is better, then petition Chip Kelly and Oregon's AD to risk scheduling them again. Now that Moore is gone, I'm sure they'll be more up for the idea. Because they sure did run from it earlier.

§ Would you care

to be racked?

Why, yes.

I believe I would. Thank you, sir.

§ Rack him!!




You fry wants with that?



I don't like that call,
Not a very good call.

Triple U bro.

§ Good one

Been a while. Don't stay away so long.


When we have any setbacks you come crawling out, but you should remember that Chip Kelly said that he would never schedule Boise State again after his infamous 19-8 beatdown here in 2009. Wonder why? Oregon is nothing more than a girlie man champion, and always will be because they can't match up physically with any SEC team or Boise State.

Can you provide a source for

Can you provide a source for the Chip Kelly quote please? I wasn't aware that he said he'd never schedule BSU again.

It wasn't Kelly

It was Bellotti, he said it the day after the last game in Boise.

Thanks B43S42U,

I remember seeing it, my mistake on Kelly, but coming from Bellotti it's just as meaningful. It struck me as such a cowardly thing coming from that program. BDuck BeDa#%ed!

Any time...

If no one saw it, the Ducks just scheduled Eastern Washington for 2015.....

You're not a 1-AA program anymore...

You want to be a major program? Hire a real compliance department and get this crap under control. All of the stupid suspensions are embarrassing to the University. Quit running the program like a mid major.


Says the fan of a school that wrote a $25,000 check to a street agent for a two year old scouting report .......


hears anything on that lately...seems to me boise keeps gettin in trouble, appealing and trouble again...Oregon hasnt even had its hands slapped...wishful thinkin on your part


Yes I have, it would seem your administration is trying to put together a plea agreement......

Seems the NCAA is not buying it....

The Ducks and NCAA

Bryan Fischer, a sports writer for and Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, both tweeted yesterday that Oregon is expecting a "Notice of Allegations" sometime during the season.