Anglers set two new state records in July

ImageIt's always cool to see new state-record fish. We seem to be getting a couple every summer in recent years, and it's kind of communal celebration for the whole angling community. It reaffirms that the big ones are still out there, and we can't catch them if we don't go fishing. Congratulations to Saige Wilkerson of Emmett, who shot a nearly 40-pound grass carp with his bow. Because it's a non-game fish, archery qualifies for the record. Trenten Smith of Nampa landed a whopping 3-pound, 12.8-ounce white crappie. It was 17.5 inches long and 15.75 girth. It's also cool to see two young guys' names in the record book. Anybody can catch a state-record fish, but it won't happen if you don't have your line in the water.