Farris releases 10 years of tax returns; Idaho's Rep. Labrador ignores call to do same

Idaho's 1st District Democratic nominee Jimmy Farris said Thursday that "transparency in our elected officials is of the utmost importance" and released a decade of federal tax returns. (Farris' campaign provided copies of the 10 returns Thursday afternoon. But at 8 p.m. Farris called to say the blackouts of his Social Security number weren't thorough. He was right, the number was visible when enlarged. We have taken the links to all 10 returns down. We will repost them after Farris provides replacements).

Farris said he was doing so in the spirit of former GOP presidential candidate George Romney and former U.S. Senator Frank Church, D-Idaho, who made similar disclosures. The issue of releasing more than two years of returns has become an issue in the presidential race; GOP nominee Mitt Romney has resisted pressure to do more, though his father, George, released a dozen years of returns in 1968.

"I want to make those available for anyone who wants to take a look," Farris said in a speech prepared for a news conference at Meridian's Generations Plaza. Farris gave over $200,000 to churches and other charities during his high-income years as a player in the National Football League.

GOP Congressman Raul Labrador declined to release his returns, or to comment, a practice he's followed through the campaign. Said his campaign manager, China Gum: "We will not be responding on this issue."

Though Labrador didn't respond, Farris' news conference was attended by reporters. In addition to being ignored by his opponent, Farris is well
behind in fundraising, having collected about $37,000 through June 30, compared to Labrador's $628,000.

"It's a way for him to get publicity," said Jim Weatherby, emeritus professor of public policy at Boise State University. "Certainly, he needs ways to get his name and candidacy out there."

Weatherby said the gambit would have been more successful had it drawn Labrador out of his Rose Garden strategy. Labrador, like the rest of the all-GOP Idaho congressional delegation, earlier declined a request for his tax returns from McClatchy, the parent company of the Idaho Statesman.

The tax returns show Farris made an excellent living between 2001 and 2007, when he played in the NFL. One of Idaho's greatest high school football players at Lewiston High School, Farris was an All American at the University of Montana.

His adjusted gross income for those seven tax years totaled about $1.4 million, averaging about $196,000 a year while he played for the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins. His peak income was 2004, when his AGI was $356,000. Farris paid about $240,000 in taxes during those seven years.

Since his retirement from football, Farris' financial fortunes have declined substantially. He made about $75,000 a year in 2008 and 2009, but dropped to $11,000 in 2011 and $7,300 in 2011. (Farris did not provide a copy of his 2011 return, saying he was a victim of identity theft when someone filed a return using his Social Security number. Farris's campaign manager supplied the income figure for 2011, saying Farris paid no tax last year.)

Farris also told reporters that Labrador has failed to keep his promise to fundamentally change Washington, D.C. Farris noted that during Labrador's freshman term the U.S. received its first credit downgrade and increased national debt by more than $2 trillion, while congressional Republicans were "dysfunctional."

"The way business is done in Washington has definitely changed since Raul Labrador got there," Farris said. "And it's overwhelmingly for the worse."

Farris also cited Labrador's votes to cut funding at the Idaho National Lab, oppose funding Craig-Wyden funding for rural forest counties and increase interest rates on college students.

"It's clear that Raul Labrador's agenda is not to do what's in the best interests of all Idahoans," Farris said. "He repeatedly does what he has to do to ensure his own political gain, forgetting about the needs of Idahoans."

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Even though Rep. Labrador's are a matter of public record. Scoop Popkey on point to nowhere again.

A matter of public record? Not so, Monsieur Crater

Perhaps you are referring to the financial disclosure forms that members of Congress and candidates fill out. They are not tax returns, but disclose income and assets in wide bands.

Center for Responsive Politics archives the personal financial disclosure reports here:


Dan Popkey

Crater got spanked.

But not in a good way!

Crater got spanked.

But not in a good way!

Madonna was not available. WHEE


You fry wants with that?


Farris only paid 17% taxes on all that income? For shame!!!


Do you pay more than you have to or are you suggesting he broke the law?

Again, what are you hiding Raul?

It's interesting the Rs in particular are reticent to release tax returns. Is it because they have income from corporate sources, sources they legislate on? Not that would be much different than the Ds. Or playing fast and loose with the tax code? What are Raul and his buddies hiding?

Tim, surely you realize

that only 17 members of 535 members have released their tax returns. Could you encourage the Democrats to set the example ... I wonder what they are hiding???



I'm surprised to see that whoever released these didn't do a very good job blocking out his social security number.


And it likely shows the sloppy work that we can expect from Jim and his team should he be elected.

Romney promised ABC

He'd get back with them about never paying less than 13.9 percent. So far he hasn't. More off shore accounts?

Farris paid only 17%

Why aren't you complaining about that?

What is Mitt Romney hiding?

Hey Mitt, did you pay any tax at all? Why you are hiding?

I guess I missed

where this article had anything at all to do with Romney.


My income is too low. I need a job!
hhheck.. guess I'll run for office and get in on that gravy train.

It's either that or
the Romney, I have all the money in the world, I'm still a nerd, so I'll run for office and get some power to go with my money.

Former PA Governer Ed Rendell has a new book
A Nation of Wusses: How America's Leaders Lost the Guts to Make Us Great.

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At the state fair I saw him haggle some Amish girl over the price of a danish.

Labrador has $628K in contributions?

Who would give that jerk even ONE dollar?


That's at least one thing Labrador is not.... If you've ever spoken to him, you would find that he is good to chat with...... he is open and honest, he respectfully disagrees with folks, admits when he doesn't know an answer, and doesn't use talking points. He was actually very pleasant when I verbally jousted with him the first time I met him. We disagreed on a lot but he was very respectful and actually treated me like my opinion was important to him.

Full Disclosure

I'm guessing that Labrador has a few insider trading deals to keep hidden and also does not want to remind Idahoans that $2500 a month, more than most Idahoans earn, is diverted to his personal bank accounts from his campaign contributions and is considered a salary for his wife. That's a nice perk. But of course he wants to eliminate the Craig-Wyden fund for rural counties in timber country, gut social security, eliminate medicare and repeal the affordable care act, and continue to give the wealthiest Americans the highest tax cuts. Oh yeah, Labrador is all about compassion for his constituents. Each and every one that donates $100,000 or more.

Did Farris donate to his own charity?

So what was the charity that Jimmy donated 10k to?

A real contest

I would truly like to see Farris and Labrador meet in a series of three contests, not debates, to determine who is fit to represent Idaho's first district. Even though these contests are not debates, the candidates are free to speak, grunt, hurl, whatever during the contests. The first meeting would be an arm wrestling match, best of three, left, then right, then left again. The second contest would be a boxing match, with headgear, and Olympic rules, making it a short and sweet event. The final contest would be a full on UFC style battle with the last man standing the victor. I think this would motivate voters to tune in for sure! And a lot more votes would be cast. We would get to enjoy the spectacle of Raul curled up in the fetal position in the corner of the ring crying for mommy. And Idahoans would finally understand who they sent to Washington to misrepresent their interests.


He doesnt want us to know that most of his money came from the feds for re-imbursement for helping illegals get their papers. His firm made millions doing just that. And to think he says he would like to stop illegal immigrants. He should be prosecuted, or electrocuted. Minnick was a far better person.

Hi, I'm Farris, I'm experienced at collisions.

Hi, I'm Raul I'm an nationally admired congressman,[in my neighborhood], and influence person, on Meet The Press.

Popkey and his lib adjenda. Shines through. Party on Garth.

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You fry wants with that?