Boise State football opens season at No. 22 in USA Today Coaches' Poll

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team will need to re-prove itself in 2012.

The Broncos fell 16 spots in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, which released its preseason Top 25 on Thursday morning.

Boise State is No. 22. The Broncos finished at No. 6 in the poll last year, their 61st straight appearance in the Top 25.

This is the Broncos’ lowest preseason ranking since 2008, when they weren’t in the poll. They were ranked 16, 5 and 7 going into the past three seasons.

Michigan State, the Broncos’ season-opening opponent, is ranked No. 13. No other Boise State opponents are ranked, but BYU and Southern Miss received votes.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen is a voter.

The Associated Press Top 25 will be released Aug. 18.

Here is the full USA Today poll:

Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Final 2011 rank
1. LSU (18) 13-1 1,403 2
2. Alabama (20) 12-1 1,399 1
3. Southern California (19) 10-2 1,388 NR
4. Oklahoma 10-3 1,276 15
5. Oregon 12-2 1,258 4
6. Georgia 10-4 1,061 20
7. Florida State 9-4 1,055 23
8. Michigan 11-2 1,023 9
9. South Carolina 11-2 981 8
10. Arkansas 11-2 948 5
11. West Virginia 10-3 833 18
12. Wisconsin 11-3 743 11
13. Michigan State 11-3 717 10
14. Clemson 10-4 598 22
15. Texas 8-5 549 NR
16. Nebraska 9-4 501 24
17. TCU 11-2 499 13
18. Stanford 11-2 497 7
19. Oklahoma State 12-1 476 3
20. Virginia Tech 11-3 461 17
21. Kansas State 10-3 398 16
22. Boise State 12-1 271 6
23. Florida 7-6 250 NR
24. Notre Dame 8-5 166 NR
25. Auburn 8-5 66 NR

Others receiving votes (with 2011 records)
Washington (7-6) 64; Louisville (7-6) 46; Georgia Tech (8-5) 35; Cincinnati (10-3) 32; Texas A&M (7-6) 28; Baylor (10-3) 23; Utah (8-5) 22; Mississippi State (7-6) 21; South Florida (5-7) 12; N.C. State (8-5) 11; BYU (10-3) 10; Louisiana Tech (8-5) 10; Virginia (8-5) 9; Houston (13-1) 7; Southern Mississippi (12-2) 6; Central Florida (5-7) 5; Rutgers (9-4) 5; Florida International (8-5) 3; Missouri (8-5) 3; Tennessee (5-7) 3; Northern Illinois (11-3) 2; Texas Tech (5-7) 1.

The USA TODAY Board of Coaches is made up of 59 head coaches at Bowl Subdivision schools. All are members of the American Football Coaches Association. The board for the 2012 season: David Bailiff, Rice; Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech; Tim Beckman, Illinois; Bret Bielema, Wisconsin; Terry Bowden, Akron; Art Briles, Baylor; Troy Calhoun, Air Force; Matt Campbell, Toledo; Gene Chizik, Auburn; Dave Christensen, Wyoming; Mark Dantonio, Michigan State; Tim DeRuyter, Fresno State; Dave Doeren, Northern Illinois; Sonny Dykes, Louisiana Tech; Jimbo Fisher, Florida State; Kyle Flood, Rutgers; James Franklin, Vanderbilt; Al Golden, Miami (Fla.); Jim Grobe, Wake Forest; Darrell Hazell, Kent State; Brady Hoke, Michigan; Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia; Skip Holtz, South Florida; Mark Hudspeth, Louisiana-Lafayette; Curtis Johnson, Tulane; Ellis Johnson, Southern Miss; Butch Jones, Cincinnati; Brian Kelly, Notre Dame; Lane Kiffin, Southern California; Mike Leach, Washington State; Pete Lembo, Ball State; Tony Levine, Houston; Mike London, Virginia; Rocky Long, San Diego State; Dan McCarney, North Texas; Mike MacIntyre, San Jose State; Ruffin McNeill, East Carolina; Gus Malzahn, Arkansas State; Bronco Mendenhall, BYU; Les Miles, LSU; George O'Leary, Central Florida; Paul Pasqualoni, Connecticut; Bo Pelini, Nebraska; Chris Petersen, Boise State; Joker Phillips, Kentucky; Paul Rhoads, Iowa State; Mark Richt, Georgia; Mike Riley, Oregon State; Rich Rodriguez, Arizona; Nick Saban, Alabama; Steve Sarkisian, Washington; Frank Solich, Ohio; Steve Spurrier, South Carolina; Rick Stockstill, Middle Tennessee; Bob Stoops, Oklahoma; Dabo Swinney, Clemson; Jeff Tedford, California; Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech; Kevin Wilson, Indiana.

AFCA policy bars schools under major NCAA or conference sanctions from receiving votes. Schools affected this season are North Carolina, Ohio State and Penn State. Central Florida will remain eligible until the NCAA rules on the school's appeal.

Obviously there are a lot of

Obviously there are a lot of question marks regarding BSU rebuilding/reloading this year. Also the opening game is not on a neutral field this year, so most pundits are predicting that BSU starts the season with a L.

I hear you but...

I understand but VT was not a neutral site and surely the Georgia Dome was not neutral. My guess is MS is not looking past the Bronco's...if they is a BIG mistake.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

I don't think MSU is worried

I don't think MSU is worried about BSU and they are looking down the road at much better teams that will be a challenge. BSU may be a challenge to all of the MANY weak teams BSU typically plays but they aren't a challenge to MSU.

sure nt

and then if boise state wins, you'll have a boatload of excuses. it's our only difficult game. we had all year to prepare. blah blah blah.

Here we GO

I can't really argue with the rankings (though I wonder about OREGON)...we shall see. If the Bronco's can go to Michigan and get a W...boy will the national pundits start cranking up the noise. BO BRONCO'S

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

The Ducks

Probably won't miss a beat. They have 2 QB's (Marcus Mariota and Bryan Bennett) who really seperated themselves in spring ball along with De'Anthony Thomas returning. And, this year they have a lot of starters and experience returning in the O and D lines and as usual they'll have strong CB's and linebackers. I think they may be better than last years team.

The Ducks

will probably look good because, outside of USC and maybe Stanford, the Pac-12 doesn't look very good. Think about it: since the end of Cade McNown's senior year (Rose Bowl appearance in the 1998 season), UCLA hasn't been productive. Oregon St. is obviously on the verge of death. Wash. St. has been nothing since Mike Price left after 2002 season. Since Washington went to the Rose Bowl in the 2000 season, the Huskies have been mediocre at best. Outside of Aaron Rodgers, Cal hasn't done anything since the few years following World War II. Arizona St. had a chance to win the national title in the 1996 season, but since then, the SunDevils have been composed of nothing. Arizona hasn't shown anything since Dick Tomey left, which was around the turn of the century. Colorado obviously has been composed of nothing since Gary Barnett put them into shambles. Utah is still having to deal with teams that they are not familiar, so there is no telling what they will be like over the next several years.


The Pac 12 is upgrading big time with the infusion of cash they're getting. Four new coaches are coming in and there are only two proven mediocre staffs left in the conference (Cal and OS).

Top to bottom I'd put the Pac 12 up against any conference not named the SEC, and it would absolutely embarrass the new Big East head to head.

Oregon and USC could legitimately play with anybody this year, SEC or otherwise.

More insecurity from Ida

Where did the previous poster mention the Big East?

Oregon is good. They have been. They will be. Feel better?

Geezus dude, time to grow some ba11s. Its been a long time since the whippings in both Eugene and Boise. Time to stop being such a hypersensitive drama queen.


You do realize that the PAC2 is 13-17 vs the MWC since 2007, right?


I grew up in Oregon, which of course is Pac-10/12 territory. I have been paying attention to the results of the programs over the years, I know what I am talking about. Just because a team is in a BCS conference does not mean it is automatically superior. The fact that new coaches are coming in means that the programs have been so bad that they need to make a change. You have to get results, and last I checked, most of the programs in the conference haven't acquired many results of consequence over the past decade. You can make all the coaching changes and get all the cash you want, but in the end, you must get results.


I'm pretty familiar with the PAC and the conference team resumes. I was responding to the question about whether Oregon deserves to be ranked in the top 5 to 10 teams. Because I live in western Oregon I follow them pretty closely...especially during spring practice a few months ago and I was impressed by both QB's who competed. I think both are better than Darron Thomas and De'Anthony Thomas has a chance to be better than LaMicheal James. Meanwhile, despite some attrition through graduations the rest of the team is stronger than last years edition. Therefore, I think that since Oregon won the Rose Bowl and have such a promising group of players I like their ranking.

Consider the loss of talent; I take the #22 as a sign of respect

for Coach Pete and the program as a whole. But once again, it appears the whole season (in terms of rankings) hinges on that first game.

"All the same, we take our chances, laughed at by pride; tricked by circ*mstances." Neil Peart


My favorite song off Hemispheres!

It hinges on the first game

It hinges on the first game because that's the only ranked team BSU plays!


Your basing your "BSU only plays one ranked team" on a poll that was taken a full month before the first snap of the season. Why don't we get a few games under our belts before we declare that the Broncos will only play one ranked team this year. Guarantee some teams that are not on this poll will be down the road, and some that are, won't.

Any higher ranking would be

Any higher ranking would be suspect, given the loss of Kellen and so many other key parts of last year's team.

I would not have been surprised if BSU wasn't in the top 25, in fact.

I think too much is made of the Michigan State game. Yes, if BSU loses, a lot of people will say "I told you so", but wins will fix that over time, just as they did this last time. The major programs go up and down in the ratings all the time, but the key is that they bounce back from losses. That is what BSU needs to do over the next few seasons.

What really surprised was

to see Pete still on the panel....

And I will predict fireworks on the final poll between Stoops, Miles, Saban, or Kiffin.

Book it.

Game 1

If they could beat Michigan State handily in the opener, they could move up 10 positions overnight. If it's a close game, they might still move up a notch or two, win or lose.

Starting ranked low.....

Sounds fun to me, we used to start low and every week I couldnt wait for the rankings to come out. Last few years starting in top 5 or 10 has really been boring watching the rankings.
Git er done


will be number 1 in the AP poll. The SEC just received a stacked deck with five teams in the top 10. If Boise State does in fact reload and runs the table, reaching the top 10 would probably require several of those teams to lose two games. BYU and Southern Miss need to have good years also.


WHAT? Only ranked 22. My gawd, don't those idiot coaches know that the Broncos are the best football team ever on this planet and that Boise is the center of the known universe?

IDIOTS, they're all IDIOTS!


most of those coaches don't even know that Boise is in the universe. No need for idiot remarks.

It is conceivable that

It is conceivable that Curmudgeon was being sarcastic.

This season

can't start soon enough!

More SEC stacking

Auburn and Florida have no business being ranked. It's just another way to try to show the SEC is "so good". It's the only way they can portray their conferences as having tough SoS. What a joke.

I agree. Year to year there

I agree. Year to year there are only a handfull of really good teams. BSU is really good. LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, USC, Oregon - all really good. The SEC is just as top/bottom heavy as any other conference, but voters don't see it that way.

Big East ?

Good thing BSU moved for such an impressive upgrade.

You have a point

2013 Big East teams receiving votes:

Boise State, Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida, Central Florida, Houston, Rutgers

2013 MWC teams receiving votes:

Big East

2013 teams receiving votes = zero, will have to wait until next year for that vote.
2012 teams receiving top 25 votes = zero

Nice try....

Did you not base your comment on the poll above?

Nice try though.

Michigan State and then ...

the usual group of cupcakes for Cupcake State. No one else on the schedule even ranked or on the radar. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

"No one else on the schedule even ranked or on the radar."

That's why BYU and Southern Mississippi received vote.

Poor pony, just can't get it right.


Pony's still bitter about college football in general, after what Sandusky did to him in the shower.

bikeboy -- I've heard the same thing.....

poor little Pony, a life ruined.

yes how true

Just think what the "loser" EX PONY Craig James will say when he gets back on the air. Penn State a power house in their football showers really had a "nice body or bodies of work" just ask the NCAA. They should have received the Death Penalty like "loser" Craig James caused at SMU..he had a nice body of work receiving $$$ to play football leading up to SMU receiving the Death Penalty..who trust his opinion anyway..


...except, I heard he enjoyed it.


Those stiffs most likely got those few votes from Coach "cupcake" Pete and their own head coaches who just happen to be voters. Either way, keep trying to defend another cupcake schedule anyway you can. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

puny pony

the only stiff was the one you got

Getting a vote doesn't mean

Getting a vote doesn't mean a team is ranked! BSU plays ONE ranked team (MSU) and they will be owned in that game. BSU shouldn't even be ranked in the first place!

We'll see... less than a month. Please make a point to check back with us after the game so we can watch you dine on some crow.

the loser will disappear

under that name and resurface with another one.

On the Radar

BYU and Southern Miss receiving votes doesn't count as 'on the radar' to you?


...getting votes isn't getting ranked, but it's better than getting no votes.

After BSU loses to MSU they

After BSU loses to MSU they will drop out of the rankings for the remainder of the season which is where they belong.

Poor timmy

Still a little bitter after last year........

My team won the NC last year

My team won the NC last year ....LOL!

Great, another insecure

bama fan.......

'bama fan my but...

...his team wins the national championship EVERY year. That's what insecure people a new cap every year.

I think its cool hes a Bama fan

I always chuckle when SEC honks and Oregon Duck fans waste their time commenting on a team that shouldn't be relevant to them. When was the last time you heard Boise St. fans whining and crying about a Temple or FIU? Theres a reason these boorish geeks come here to blog.