Joining the editorial board: a new community rep's take

Jessica Flynn, CEO of Boise's Red Sky Public Relations and the Statesman's newest editorial board community representative, offered up her perspective on joining the board.

Here's a snippet:

"The editorial pages across the country are the target of slings and arrows, and do throw quite a few themselves. I am the first to admit I often raise my voice in the early morning quiet of my home when reading editorials. But I strongly believe that we can only try to understand issues if we embrace multiple sides of the story.

"I do not always agree with the position on the page. But I embrace the discourse it inspires. They always make me think. They always sharpen my responses — whether in support of, or opposition to, the points being made."

And here you can get a link to her full blog post.

I think Jessica's experience in the P.R. and broadcast media fields — and her community connections and small-business background — make her a great addition to the board. As with all of our community representatives, I'm glad she is willing to volunteer her time and perspective to our process.

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