Getting to know Boise River trout


Like I said last week, the trout in the Boise River can be frustrating. They don't act like normal trout.

When Idaho Fish and Game says they put "catchable" trout in the Boise River, that's not right. They aren't readily catchable. They may be pan-sized, but not catchable. Sometimes they refuse to be caught. Fish and Game uses the word catchable to indicate a trout from 8 to 11 inches.

As you saw from another outdoors blog last week, the Boise River and other Southwest Idaho fishing holes are getting more trout stocked and that's cool. It's always fun to be able to go down to the Boise River and fish for an hour or so, than to have to drive long distances to cast a line.

Still, Boise River's rainbows can be perplexing. There can be an incredible hatch on the water and you won't even get a bite.

The other day, just for the fun of it (and to wade in the 50-degree water when it's really hot out), I gave it another try.

Instead of the usual caddis, stimulators or bead-head hare's ears, I tied on a plain old woolly worm. It was black with gray hackle. I haven't used a woolly worm in years.

Bam! A trout hit it on the first cast. I was fishing at Barber Park. You never know about Boise River trout.

By the way, we like fresh trout and just simmer them in a frying pan with margarine. We just salt and pepper the fish and roll them in corn meal.

Great tasting! And good fishing.

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

My husband caught a 19" rainbow... the river near the BSU campus. Of course, he was just using an old-fashioned nightcrawler...