Another take on Frank VanderSloot's audits

Melaleuca CEO and million-dollar Mitt Romney donor Frank VanderSloot has made a big splash questioning the timing of a pair of federal audits — implying, but not outright saying, the actions may have been politically drivem.

Meanwhile, here's an interesting angle on political connections from Northwest political blogger Randy Stapilus.

The former Statesman editor latches onto a $399,000 grant awarded by the state's Economic Advisory Council in July — money which will help the Idaho Falls company develop 6,600 acres of commercial land.

Writes Stapilus: "That payout may very well have been a normal part of operations, and Vandersloot’s close relationship with most of Idaho’s top elected officials might have had nothing to do with it.

"You wonder what Vandersloot’s supporters, so quick on the draw when it comes to federal agency action, would think about that."

Here's the link to the full Stapilus post.

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missing pieces

"$ to Bonneville County for a Melaleuca lift station"

Money is going to the county for a lift station. A lift station being for sewer or water, and yet it's being called a "Melaleuca lift station"?

This is likely simply an expansion into an area for development (by chance owned by Melaleuca or VS.)
So what? It's not any different than Kuna expanding their utilities to build on a some farmer's land. Just a different owner.


Melaleuca is just one more reason NOT to live in Idaho Falls.

Why on earth is Melaleuca getting ANY tax dollars?

I don't understand why Vandersloot is getting any tax dollars for private endeavors. He obviously doesn't need the money to move forward on this project. Where does this grant money come from? Seems like a waste of tax dollars to me.




still yawning.