Polling 6 percent, former Ada County Commissioner Gary Glenn drops from Michigan US Senate race

Gary Glenn, the force who got Idaho's Right to Work Law adopted and backed by voters in the 1980s, dropped out to endorse another longshot.

Glenn was polling at 6 percent, compared to former GOP Congressman Peter Hoekstra's 75 percent, according to Michigan Live, which reported Glenn's withdrawal July 19. (Yes, I just noticed the development).

Glenn withdrew to support Clark Durant, another social conservative who is polling at 8 percent. Glenn left the race having raised $192,000 through July 18. Hoekstra had raised $3.5 million and Durant $2.2 million. Shortly before he suspended his campaign, Glenn was running radio ads criticizing Hoekstra's House votes on spending.

The winner faces Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who raised $8.3 million through July 18.

“It’s not my nature to abandon the field,” Glenn told Michigan Live. “I’m a competitor. I’m a fighter, but I’ve come the judgment that I’m not the candidate to get the job done.”

Among the Idahoans who gave to Glenn's campaign were Jim and Lorna Auld of Boise, who each contributed the maximum $2,500 allowed for the primary campaign.

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So, Popkey,

why is this piece of doggie trail droppings still news in Idaho?

Gary Glenn has staying power, I guess

When he was in Idaho in 2010 to mark the 25th anniversary of passage of Right to Work, Gov. Otter headlined the event. I wrote a profile of Glenn that ran on Page 1. His son was attending Boise State. In my experience, people like to catch up.

A headline is pretty snazzy: if you don't care for the subject, it's easy to skip the story.

Dan Popkey

Still, Gary had a better week than Adam Smith.


Old saying.....

Garbage in, garbage out. At least the garbage is out of Idaho.

It Seems

that Gary Glenn has lost his mojo. Oh, darn!!!


Will bite Gary Glenn, again! May he wander forever in the political wilderness.

Ah, yes...

another reason to seal our borders in case Glenn wants to return to Eyedehoe. Same goes for Bryan Fischer. Please stay away!! We are still trying to clean up the carnage you left.

Thanks for update

Anyone who followed the Right to Work debate in Idaho or the workings of the Ada County Commission during Glenn's tenure would be interested in reading this. Just because the story may not interest you, go4it, does not mean it is not of interest to others.

So Jesus is coming back? What for?


You fry wants with that?