Boise State reveals fan color schemes for 2012 football games

By Brian Murphy

Boise State announced its color schemes for fans for its 2012 home football games on Monday. Bronco fans have taken to the designs in recent years with nearly everyone at Bronco Stadium wearing the appropriate color for their section.

Here is a full-color map of the stadium for each game.

Home games

Miami (Ohio), Sept 15: Tri-color

BYU, Sept. 20: Blue and orange

Fresno State, Oct. 13: White end zones, orange east side, blue west side (chosen from fan submissions)

UNLV, Oct. 20: Will be revealed on Oct. 15

San Diego State, Nov. 3: All blue

Colorado State, Nov. 17: Spirit day

Road games

Michigan State, Aug. 31: Orange

New Mexico, Sept. 29: Blue

Southern Miss, Oct. 6: Blue

Wyoming, Oct. 27: Orange

Hawaii, Nov. 10: Orange

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Nothing like getting the faithful to lay out more money to make sure they are wearing the RIGHT color. Of course, most already have them all, anyway. But growing kids are a lucrative source--new costumes every year.


That's the point, Wagon Wheels! People buy it for some cool stuff to wear AND support Boise State athletics. Been that way here and at every school forever.

I don't see "eye searing orange"

as something cool to wear. Maybe a dark orange and dark blue would be somewhat there.

San Diego

Wasn't it San Diego that threw the fit about our blue on blue. If so it's great that they chose all blue for that game.

Shaka7, I'm sure most people that go to the BSU games don't mind having more than one BSU shirt.

I suspect you're right

on that one!

Hey Murph

where's Nevada?

In Reno

this year

But not listed

under Road Games above with a color scheme...

I've known women named Nevada--AND Montana.


You fry wants with that?

With only 1000

tix available, the fact that thousands of us will never return following their post game behavior and it being in December I think it doesn't really matter.

Let them have several thousand empty seats that we dont fill.

:( BSU fans are sensitive

:( BSU fans are sensitive

It's not a Boise State

It's not a Boise State thing. It's a Boise thing.

Interesting read

Thanks for the link. I think

Thanks for the link. I think it should be the Orange Bowl. I don't suppose the ACC would want to create a championship game with the Big East.


I like the idea for a 'zipper' format. Solves the problem of which eastern team gets stuck in the western division and guarantees a game or two against one of the traditional Big East teams. I'm curious to see how they break down each division still.

How about

a "wear whatever you want" game. What a bunch of control freaks.

Sort of like a new day Pied Piper

leading the faithful flock of sheep.


Better get to Walmart before the really bright orange is gone!

Does Walmart even still sell BSU shirts?

I would have figured since they don't sell anything of Nike as it is, they would no longer carry BSU apparel.

Some do

The WM on Overland by the Edwards 21 does have a Boise State section with mostly clothing. But, neither of the Nampa stores or the Meridian store have that. I bought a blue sweatshirt from that Overland WM and it still looks great. Does it really matter that it was purchased in a Wal-Mart?

Thrift Stores are loaded with Bronco Gear

Most of the Thrift Stores down here are loaded with Bronco Gear. Most of the workers want to get white items as they reflect the sun better on a hot day in the fields, than blue or orange, so not much is moving/flying off the shelves.

The donations are waaaay up so inventories are growing and the price point dropping rapidly.

It looks like you can get a real good (hardly worn too much) orange hoody for 50 Cents or a Bronco Hat and Jersey/t-shirt combo for a buck.

I also think, it is a good time to get one of those diptsty dumpsters and locate it in a mall parking lot near a thrift store donation bin. A person could put on a big sign "Used BSU Bronco Gear - Donate Here" on the dumpster and then come back in the morning and it might be full. Lots of Broncos want to start off the season with new Bronco Gear and a little Gold Mine could be made for the enterprising person with enough foresight to collect all the used Bronco Gear for people who just want to wear the Bronco Gear for work, changing oil, and such.

I just throw away all my year old Bronco Gear at the start of each new season when I get new trendy and stylish stuff. I would take it down to the Trift Store but it is too much of a hassle, so I just dump it. Besides, I would spend more money on my gas than the Thrift Store would make in donations.

I just hope they play some excellent football.


You fry wants with that?

Well well now Mr. Palm

§ Jerry's of top of things, maybe.

MWC #1, Nevada
MWC #2, San Diego State
MWC #3 (presumably), Colorado State or Wyoming
MWC #4/5, Fresno State

He's got BSU in the Orange against Florida State. Needs to bump those MWC numbers down one, though.

Where does he come off thinking the Orange will take BSU? What if Va Tech or Clemson are available?


what he means is

MAACO gets first choice,
Poinsettia gets second choice,


he thinks we will be an automatic qualifier.

§ You mean

BSU would get in under the 12/16 provision, right? It would be great for BSU to grab an Orange Bowl berth. Long way to go before that happens.

I'm pulling for a BCS Bowl

But, I'd like to see us play in a different venue. The Orange Bowl or Sugar Bowls would be nice, as a change of scenery. Even the Cotton Bowl (not a BCS) would be a great venue. Can you imagine if Boise State had played last year against Kansas State or Arkansas in Cowboy Stadium? THAT would've been cool.

Hopefully we won't see red a lot.


You fry wants with that?