Idaho politics: Frank VanderSloot's audit adventures

Frank VanderSloot — the CEO of Melaleuca in Idaho Falls and seven-digit Mitt Romney campaign donor — is feeling a bit picked on these days. Were I in his shoes, I’d probably feel likewise.

In the past two months, VanderSloot has found himself the subject of IRS and Labor Department audits. This comes two months after a Barack Obama’s re-election campaign website assailed VanderSloot as “litigious, combative and a bitter foe of the gay rights movement.”

Asked about the audits by the Associated Press, VanderSloot had this to say: “I am not claiming there is a connection and I don’t know that there is one. But the fact that it comes right on the heels of being named on the president’s enemies list is curious to say the least.”

The IRS tlls the AP its audits are based solely on tax law, while Labor says its audits are usually random. So, as usual, it is far easier to suggest a conspiracy than to prove one. But “curious” is a fair enough description.

Make no mistake. I’ve been no fan of VanderSloot and his free-spending and heavy-handed brand of political activism. When he groused this spring about the backlash from the Obama campaign’s website, this longtime political power player sounded overly defensive and laughably naive. But there is a big difference between fair-game political criticism and the — yes, unprovable — possibility of administrative harassment.

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Sly and malicious

Not that I'm suspicious or anything, but I'd need to see some actual evidence beyond Mr. V's say so about his communication with the government. As a substantial donor for and active participant in the Romney campaign, the working assumption is that his words and actions are designed to promote the candidate he favors. For example, selecting the term "enemies list," hearkening back to an actual list the Nixon administration compiled on its way to historic disgrace.

If he has been selected for scrutiny, his outsized income is ample explanation for the cause, is it not?

Instead, you're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and amplify his "curious" innuendo.

What's the big deal?

If Vandersloot has nothing to hide or has done nothing wrong, then the audits should be no problem. I have been through an IRS audit and other dealings with them. I was always treated fairly and with respect, and I didn't have a dozen lawyers on a payroll to represent me.
Vandersloot has been pushing his political weight around in Idaho for years and getting away with it. Now, he wants to play with the big dogs of politics and thinks his questionable tactics that he has pulled in Idaho, will work on the national scene. Watch out Frank, you're liable to get bit.


IRS audit and other dealings with them

"other dealings with them"....


Not that it's

any of your business but, "other dealings with them," was over G.I. Bill flight training benifits that I had earned from two combat tours in Vietnam.
Back on subject, I'm sure Vandersloot's only connection with combat is in the dangerous board room.

He should have been audited

He should have been audited years ago and many times.

How did the media find out about Vandersloot's audit?

The IRS doesn't release that information, do they? It sounds like Vandersloot is taking full advantage of the audit to continue playing his role of the victim.

Mr. Richert, shouldn't there be some shred of evidence of administrative harassment before we feel sorry for Mr. Vandersloot?

Yeah, I'm sure Obama would put his whole presidency and

reputation at risk by going after someone as slimy as Vandersloot.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


becomes you.
Quit quoting those that are far beyond your ability to comprehend their talent, intent or intellect, please.
Thank you.


So let's say it has nothing to do with the President.

Let's also say MAYBE some IRS employee caught wind of the Vandersloot name and the fact he has LOTS of money.... "hey how about if we have a chat with him about his taxes returns"....

It's pretty easy to see the possibility of this happening.

It's also possible some spiteful person sent a "Dear IRS, I know someone" letter.

It is all possible.

It is also possible he just has bad luck this year. :(

But I'm glad they are talking to Vandersloot instead of ME. ;-)


At least as suspicious as the possibility of Mr. VanderSloot's being singled out at this time is his ability of have avoided audits during all those years when someone he supported was in the White House given his extremely high financial profile, n'est ce pas?