WAC commissioner: WAC unlikely to play football in 2013; Idaho likely to be independent

By Brian Murphy

LAS VEGAS — The Western Athletic Conference is unlikely to sponsor football in 2013, the league's interim commissioner said Thursday at the WAC's annual football media days.

"The bottom line, as we sit here today, is I don't believe personally that FBS football is feasible as a conference for 2013," said Jeff Hurd, a longtime conference official who was promoted to interim commissioner in March.

In order to sponsor FBS football, Hurd said, the league needs eight football-playing members. It currently has two — Idaho and New Mexico State — for the 2013 season.

"There simply isn't six of them available," Hurd said.

Idaho and New Mexico State are exploring independence at this point.

"It's much more likely than not that New Mexico State and Idaho will play at independents in 2013," Hurd said.

Idaho coach Robb Akey said independence would be a difficult path for the school and could not be sustained longer than a few years.

"The word is we'll see a lot of realignment in a couple years. Hopefully (independence) wouldn't last much longer than that," he said.

Idaho picked to finish 4th in WAC by media, 5th by coaches

LAS VEGAS — Idaho was picked to finish in the bottom half of the seven-team Western Athletic Conference by media and coaches. The Vandals were chosen fifth by the coaches and fourth by the media in the preseason poll released by the league Thursday as it kicked off its annual football media days.

Defending champion Louisiana Tech topped both polls, receiving six of seven first-place votes in the coaches poll and 25 of 28 first-place votes in the media poll. Utah State, which finished second last season, received the other first-place votes.

Louisiana Tech wide receiver Quinton Patton and San Jose State defensive lineman Travis Johnson were voted the preseason offensive and defensive players of the year, respectively, by the media.

Coaches poll

1. Louisiana Tech (6) 36
2. Utah State (1) 31
3. San Jose State 24
4. New Mexico State 22
5. Idaho 17
6. Texas State 10
7. Texas-San Antonio 7

Media poll

1. Louisiana Tech (25) 193
2. Utah State (3) 164
3. San Jose State 130
4. Idaho 102
5. New Mexico State 95
6. Texas State 57
7. Texas-San Antonio 43

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Now Chadd

I expect accuracy in reporting from you...

"as it kicked off its annual football media days."

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since this piece was from Murph!

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My bad Chadd!

Murphy, what are you thinking!?

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The swimming pool

It was probably that topless swimming pool at the Cosmopolitan.

Excellent point



I can see it............


Picked ahead of only two former D-II schools that will be in a better conference than the U of I in the near future. Must have been a bitter pill to see Craig Thompson specifically state that the U of I will never be in the Mountain West and needs to go to plan B!


Chris Tormey said independence is suicide for Vandulls.
Looking forward to seeing them get their a%#es kicked.

Tom Cable

(former player and coach) admitted that Idaho should go back to the Big Sky, then he left for UCLA. That was stated 9 years ago. Maybe the U of I pundits should take his advice now before it gets to the point where their program may not even exist anymore.


4th place in a 7-team league is the top half as well as in the bottom half.

Hey...progress is wherever you find it!

Looks like ...

the group of powerhouses Cupcake State beat up on for years and pounded their chest over those big wins! Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

Oh Pony...

Yuppers, we played them because we where in the WAC... We crushed them ever time so they where not really rivals to us. Poor UofI I'm sorry your not going to have a Football program anymore. Looks like the Big Sky would be a good home.

Idaho will die as an Indy.

Idaho will die as an Indy. Bodybag road games and alot of winless seasons. Their tiny fanbase will give up. They should go Big Sky right now and enjoy teams that are close by and the rivalries that will come with that.

As a proud ALUMNI of U of I,

As a proud ALUMNI of U of I, I'll always be a dedicated Vandal Fan. Unlike the majority of Bandwagon Nation. Your first losing season and the "fans" will be jumping overboard like it's the Titanic.

You know

had you stopped at the first period, I would posted here (for the first time) that I could appreciate your post and you had my support.

Then you you to kind of crap all over yourself.....

§ You know

there always seems to be the need to add a dig at BSU and its fan base. I was going to post something to that effect a while ago, but hesitated. Crass comments like that aren't only unnecessary, they aren't true. Good post, tfunk.

Build up oneself (or twoself or more, since N-man calls himself an "alumni" ... apparently not smart enough to know the difference between "alumnus" and "alumni") only to shoot himself (or themselves) in the foot (feet) is nothing more than the weak continuance of being spanked, shunted to the side rails, and shunned by all of the FBS.

Attempting to liken the "majority of Bandwagon Nation" to people poised to jump from a doomed ship ignores reality, the undeniable success and future growth of BSU football, and smacks of pure envy. Of course, N-man isn't the only one here who tries to kayo BSU. Funny that whatever they write never matters.

Look at dolts like BDuck (the clown I once erroneously called DBeav), Pony, a few others, and many more predecessors. They must hang around these BSU blogs in an attempt to look/feel relevant, important, or able to contribute. They aren't and don't.

ps - N-man, lessons on the use of "effect" and "affect" at 11.

Vandal tard's new pastime?

Vandal tard's new pastime? complaining about winners....GO BACK TO MOSCOW !!!

It isn't about wins and

It isn't about wins and losses that will kill UofI. It's how many home games can they schedule?

One thing for sure

Idaho needs to decide soon if only for scheduling purposes.

FCS is not a bad place

I still don't get Idaho's continued insistence on being an FBS school. There's just no way that they'll be able to put together a self-sufficient independent program. Who's going to play them at home? They can't offer enough money to any FBS schools to make it worth their while and they won't be able to keep the program alive on road game receipts.

There's nothing wrong with being an FCS school - in the Big Sky, Idaho would be a powerhouse. It seems to work pretty well for the Montana schools - they appear to have no interest in making the jump to FBS status; the Big Sky is a very competitive conference!

If it's a matter of pride, well, if they keep on the way that they're going, they may not even be able to field a quality FCS program. It's time to face reality.

U of I alums

Lets hear from the Vandal fans out there would you rather play a bunch of body bag games as an independent or as a member of the Big Sky actually look forward to Saturdays and the chance of a good game and a possible victory?

To be honest, I'll support

To be honest, I'll support the Vandals wherever they go.


There you go. I can relate to that! As someone who really digs the state of Idaho, I want all our schools to do well.

Off Subject...

How about Colt Brennan being arrested in Hawaii last night on drunk driving and drug possession?

I saw that

on the website of the Star Tribune(Hawaii newspaper) earlier today. It said that he could face 5 years in jail and a fine of $10,000. LOL!!!


tase me bra....

§ Brennan

Bad news for this guy. "A small amount of drugs was found in the car. It’s not clear yet what kind of drugs are involved."

"The drug charge is a Class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine."

I'd completely forgotten about this: "In 2004 while attending the University of Colorado, a night of drinking led to Brennan being found guilty of second-degree burglary and first-degree criminal trespass. He was dismissed from the Colorado team." That was when Barnett (who had his own share of problems there) was coach.

RIP Bob Curtis. Always enjoyed listening to his broadcasts of (and passion for) Vandal football.

the 2013 football schedules for Idaho and New Mexico State

Game # 1 - Idaho AT New Mexico State

Game # 2 - New Mexico State AT Idaho

Game # 3 - Idaho AT New Mexico State

Game # 4 - New Mexico State AT Idaho

Game # 5 - Idaho AT New Mexico State

Game # 6 - New Mexico State at Idaho

Game # 7 - Idaho AT New Mexico State

Game # 8 - New Mexico State AT Idaho

and four body bag games for each on top of that


and funny


It will be Idaho at NMS for all 8 conference games as New Mexico State refused to travel to Moscow and play in the. Kibble Dome.

for razor

not football related but awesome nevertheless.


§ Thanks, 81, great article.

You wouldn't believe the memories that conjures of my days on the Montlake Cut. Those 1936 Olympics were just a bit before my time. Not bad for the "second string". I went by the Conibear Shéllhouse more than a few times.

If you ever make it "up here" for a gathering, I'll bring my dad's Big W blanket to show you. It used to be a Husky Stadium homecoming tradition that letter winners formed a chute holding their Big W blankets when the football team took the field. Don't suppose they do that any longer.

Boise Fans....The Cupeth will soon

runneth over !!!!

Pride has bestowed you, and the fall could be coming soon !!!!

Vandal football has never made any money, yet the Vandals stomped the Big Blue about 12 years in row....(and the Vandals built the Big Blue)....

You goofballs need to be winning fans and not 'trash' talking the Vandals on football....

Why does it matter so much to Boiseans what the Vandals do?

Uh oh

Ugly has been been dipping into the potato vodka again.

But, he is good for a chuckle.......

§ I see from your post

that one of the potlickers has posted again. Don't tell me he's actually claimed to have found a bell tower somewhere?

At least...

you didn't use the word "Prideth".

Yeah, I remember those days of

old when the Vandals beat the Big Blue about 12 years in a row....

On the other hand, no I don't!

wow....clueless drivel does

wow....clueless drivel does not facts make...

bsu4342....radar....and Boise Fans....

Ugly is a Bronco Fan; and also a Vandal Alumni....

I greet all Vandals that are Bronco fans living in Eagle, Boise, Warm Springs, and Hidden Springs....

I greet all College grads living in Nampa and Caldwell....

I greet all Bronco Grads living in Garden City....

Boise State is good football and I wish them well in 2012, and beyond....

I havent posted too much in past 6 months on these blogs because I dont want to disturb indepth football talk as related to football knowledge and other stuff....been doing too much work lately and also watching silver prices....

I wish everyone well and hope the Broncos go above 9-3....


made a funny.......

Idaho coach Robb Akey said independence

would be a difficult path for the school and could not be sustained longer than a few years.
"The word is we'll see a lot of realignment in a couple years. Hopefully (independence) wouldn't last much longer than that," he said.

Guess we know who is in charge up at Idaho and it sure isn't AD Rob Spear. This idea of independence is about sustaining Akey's huge ego and his refusal to coach at the FCS level. It has very little about doing what is best for the program. Vandal football has struggled from the first season as an FBS team and has had 2 winning seasons in the past 12. Akey is 19 wins and 43 losses over 6 years. He's Robb Akey, not Bear Bryant.

Idaho needs to do what is right for their program and return to their roots where they can be relevant once again: the Big Sky Conference. No shame in playing the likes of Montana, Montana State, Weber State, and Eastern Washington.