Boise's R. Grey Gallery named coolest small jewelry store in the U.S.

A jewelry trade magazine has named the R. Grey Gallery on 8th Street in Downtown Boise as the Coolest Small Store in the U.S.

The magazine wrote an in-depth profile of the specialty jewelry store and its owners, highlighting the store's unique touches like its glass-art pieces. Click here to read it. My favorite part is the Q&A with owner Robert Kaylor at the bottom of the page.

The folks at R. Grey Gallery have known they nabbed the top honor "for a couple of weeks, but we couldn't say anything," said store manager Emily Green. "We were at a show in Vegas showcasing Robert's jewelry, and the night before the show started, we were told that we had won." Keeping the secret has been tough for those who are "really excited and really proud of [owners] Barbara and Robert," she said.

Barbara and the store are pictured in this Statesman file photo:

Good news!

It's great to hear about another local business succeeding. I bought my wife a necklace from R. Grey a couple years back and she still wears it virtually every day. The people working there were really helpful when I walked in with no idea about what I wanted. Great little shop.