Game cameras make a great hobby


These are about the scraggliest coyotes I've ever seen. They came through the back-yard area a few nights ago.

Actually, they look like youngsters looking for their own territory. It seems like the game trail in the back area has less wildlife moving through during the summer. I've seen a few coyotes and an occasional deer, but that's about it.

Critters are definitely patrolling different areas during the summer months. In the colder months I'd have a small herd of deer moving though the area. I think they've either gone into the high country or are bedding down by the Boise River.

As you know, I'm hooked on game cameras. I've had one going 24/7 for several years now and it's given me insight into the movements of wildlife in the Boise Foothills.

My camera is a pretty simple one. It gives time and date on the photo and that's about it. You can get a game camera for between $90 and $250. The most expensive ones have GPS, better infared technology and stuff like temperature and moon phase on the photos.


On a walk in the Boise Foothills this morning, my golden retriever kicked up about a dozen doves.

Hopefully it's a sign of a good dove shoot come September.

It also looks like a good sunflower crop in places and that's where I'm seeing the birds.

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission a approved a 30-day mourning dove season from Sept.1 to Sept. 30 with a daily bag limit of 10 birds and a possession limit of 20.


Julie Steele of Wild Birds Unlimited of Boise is reporting seeing a lot of them around her house.


Wow, I just did the Idaho Outdoors river and reservoir report for July 26.

Everything's dropping significantly. Well, it's August but rivers and reservoirs held their own for most of the summer.

Lucky Peak Reservoir is still full and providing great recreation. The Boise River dropped this week to a more friendly tubing flow.

Check out the report for details on other areas.

Photo of coyotes by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman