Booze clues 2012: Which Treasure Valley bar is plowing through the most liquor?

Barbacoa is on fire.

Wait, let me rephrase that ...

Ah, heck, let’s just go with it: Barbacoa is on fire. But this time, as opposed to the unfortunate blaze in early 2010, it’s only figuratively.

Barbacoa is the No. 1 bar in the Treasure Valley based on the amount of cash it spent on booze purchases from the Idaho State Liquor Division during fiscal year 2012, which ended June 30.


Barbacoa dropped $261,443 on liquor. That means Barbacoa sold a ton of premium hooch to customers. Just remember, these numbers have nothing to do with beer and wine. The state doesn't regulate those. (That didn't, however, stop me from posting the ridiculous Internet baby photo above.)

The stylish restaurant and bar at 276 Bobwhite Court in Boise is on a roll. Barbacoa was a two-time winner in last month’s Best of Treasure Valley readers’ choice awards, picking up the top honors for Best Fine Dining and Best Happy Hour.

But back to the liquor stats: In Boise, China Blue/Dirty Little Roddy’s ($232,333, 15,168 bottles) and Main Street Bistro ($218,834, 14,849) — both run by the same bar owner — actually purchased slightly more bottles than Barbacoa in fiscal year 2012, which gives them the victory in sheer quantity. But they paid less for those bottles, indicating that they sold less high-end liquor. Which makes sense. Barbacoa is a high roller kind of hangout, right?

Statewide, Barbacoa spent the third highest amount on liquor. Only Coeur d’Alene Resort ($336,851) and Sun Valley Lodge ($306,940) spent more.

Despite strong finishes, Downtown Boise mainstays China Blue and Hannah’s both spent significantly less than in fiscal year 2011, suggesting a bit of a slowdown. After a massive initial liquor purchase by newbie The Matador, which debuted at No. 2 among Treasure Valley bars in fiscal year 2011, the popular tequila destination slipped to No. 7 overall in the Valley for 2012. And the Knitting Factory Concert House has dropped out of the top 20 among Valley bars for the first time — a reflection of how tough the concert business has become. You’ll notice the top 20 debut of second-floor Downtown newcomer Fattys Bar. Also, Mack & Charlie's, which spent a whopping $193,771 during fiscal year 2009, has plummeted since to $99,737 — just outside the top 20.

Here are the Treasure Valley numbers for alcohol purchased from the Idaho State Liquor Division during fiscal year 2012, listed by bar, dollars spent and number of bottles:

1. Barbacoa $261,443, 14,560
2. China Blue/Dirty Little Roddy’s $232,334, 15,168
3. Main Street Bistro $218,834, 14,849
4. Reef/Brickyard $182,815, 12,502
5. Tom Grainey’s/Basement $153,244, 10,597
6. Bardenay - Boise $149,755, 12,865
7. Matador $147,960, 7,870
8. Hannah’s $ 136,605, 10,094
9. Bittercreek Alehouse/Redfeather $134,443, 8,096
10. Ranch Club $134,068, 8,679
11. Buffalo Club $129,859, 9,156
12. Cowgirls Saloon $124,823, 9,493
13. Chandlers Steakhouse $121,626, 5,678
14. Balcony Club $121,262, 9,424
15. Pengilly’s Saloon $117,952, 8,403
16. Neurolux $117,522, 9,358
17. Fattys Bar $107,419, 8,297
18. Mulligan’s/Prestigious Event Catering $106,456, 9,034
19. Cactus Bar $104,780, 11,510
20. Cafe Ole (Downtown location) $102,746, 6,860

You can make your eyes bleed by reading the full 28-page liquor report from the state here.

Bottoms up, Idaho.

baby talk

Great pic. Is that one yours, Deeds? ha.


How about a price survey of these joints?

Sample a few top shelf drinks from each place and list the price.


What does the "v" mean following some the bars?

It apparently stands for "void" ...

Meaning the licensee number was voided because something changed — perhaps the business moved, changed its name, etc. At least that's how I've been told to interpret that. However, I would need to contact Alcohol Beverage Control for a definitive answer. Hey, maybe it stands for "Victory!"


I was hoping it was "v" as in V Roman for Five. As in Five Wives.
"This bar carries Five Wives Vodka" --- like secret mormon code within the Alchohol Beverage Control office. ha ha ha .

If you can deal with the

If you can deal with the Feauxhawks and the wannabe MMA chumps it's great!

Ask the po-po

how many twenty-something awholes they are cleaning off the street and transporting to ACJail at closing time.
Alot of these j-offs don't need to be served at all.

Did Barbacoa ...

... sell a ton of hooch or are they stocking up in anticipation of a Romney presidency?

Not that bad Rohnert

On an average Friday or Saturday night the Ada County Jail shows between 20-30 arrests due to alcohol related problems...with there being on average 10-15k people coming out of downtown bars on a Friday or Saturday night...sounds like a pretty good percentage to me. Lets face many 1000 people died in car accidents or falling out of the shower yesterday...didn't stop me from doing either...always focus on the positive in life is my belief!

You're right

gosh darn it. It's not like I didn't do the same thing years ago.
"Against both the torrents of life and the savages of time, vow to remain forever young."
On a side note---anyone with any info re the seventy four year old woman that was murdered in her home needs to call BPD or ACSD or someone. There is a nutjob out there.

Liquor Dicks

Maybe the Liquor dicks need to do more ID test at those joints, bet there's a lot of under 21's in them, as as for the picture of the kid with a beer, I don't see any humor in it at all


"Liquor Diks"?
Now who is being funny?
I hate when THAT happens.

That picture is hilarious- even without the glass of apple juice.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

I was waiting for someone to grouse about that photo. We have a winner. The prize is that Van Halen "1984" album cover with the toddler smoking.

Just kidding. I don't have a prize. Sorry.

Or maybe the naked baby

Or maybe the naked baby swimming toward the dollar bill on the Nirvana's "Nevermind" album cover.

baby pimp

or the Lil Wayne cover with a toddler with tattoos and some bling?

Deeds is a man child.

How old are you, deeds?

It doesn't matter

How old he is. The picture is great, and his come back was better!

LMF... yeah

He's shy of 43 as I am nearly four years older.

It's a great age, especially to be a father so cut him slack please.


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Like I care

All I know if every time I open the freezer the bottle of Sapphire seems to only have two fingers in the bottom. I sure hope things cool down soon so I can which to the Crown.


like you're already boiled, beeotch.

Well, it WAS educational...

I didn't know Sapphire went in the freezer.

Not PBS fare.


You fry wants with that?