Gear Tuesday: Here's a handy tool for roasting hot dogs


With kids around a campfire, it's a sure bet a few hot dogs are going to fall into the coals or there might be a few burned fingers.

The Rolla Roaster, from CMS Manufacturing in Orofino, telescopes from 12 inches long to 42 inches long for cooking over a campfire.

The wooden handle doesn't get hot, meaning no burned fingers for the youngsters.

It also has a knob that you move to turn the fork like a rotisserie.

Works great for the kids. Sure beats trying to find a willow stick. We had a chance to use them over the weekend at our campsite.

Cost: $11.50 for a set of two. For details, look HERE

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman


Evidently the price has gone up since you posted this article. The folding fork is $12 but the hot dog fork is $11.50. However, the folding fork does the same as the hot dog fork so the folding fork is the better deal.

Thanks for the update

Zimo: I updated the price on the Web page special. But these things are also available in sporting goods stores.

Great deal

I have had a set of these for years, they will last you. I also know the guy that invented this great product and he has a great story.

Looks like a good idea

Recently the Old Farmer's Almanac has been advertising the "Fire Fishing Pole" - looks a bit complicated, but might be fun for folks that also fish?

The Rolla Roasters look like they would work better to me.

Expandable hot dog fork

Works great for hot dogs, gets to hot to use for marshmellows. Intstead of being able to toast them, the get warm and gooy and fall off before browning nicely.