Outdoor Idaho updates salmon issue

This spring, EarthFix reporter Aaron Kunz pulled off the scoop of the year in the salmon world in an interview with retired Judge James Redden where he said the four dams on the Snake in Washington should be removed.

The interview is a part of Idaho Public Television’s Outdoor Idaho and its look at the salmon issue. The broadcast debuted last week and you can watch it on line. Host Bruce Reichert gives an update on the return of chinook and sockeye salmon to the state, the fishing season and the values at stake including barge traffic to Lewiston and low carbon hydroelectric power.

I was vacationing in the Sawtooths last week and the sockeye had yet to show up at the Redfish Lake outlet weir. But there is still time before we get worried. Lonesome Larry, the only sockeye to come home to Redfish from the Pacific in 1992 didn't show up until Aug. 4.

I ran into Reichert, videographer Hank Nystrom and Boise State University political scientist John Freemuth at Redfish where they were working on an upcoming show on the 40th anniversary of he Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Good to see a fair and neutral summary

of where the region has been, and where we are with salmon recovery. There has been some progress; but much more needs to be done.