Get a reservation at busy campgrounds


Normally we're self-sufficient campers and camp in undeveloped sites with no worries about getting a spot.

But last weekend we had a bunch of grandkids and parents on an annual family campout at Edna Creek Campground, northeast of Idaho City. The campground had the amenities needed for lots of kids and tent campers.

It's a really cool campground. I never camped there before. The little creeks nearby, lots of easy hiking trails, and Crooked River just a mile away, made it pretty entertaining for the grandkids.

The point is, popular campgrounds like Edna Creek, Bull Trout Lake and others fill fast. We got to the campground on a Thursday night and it was filled. We had reservations, luckily.

I was surprised by the number of campers and how campgrounds can fill so fast. I guess being an off-season camper and a camper that uses undeveloped sites, left me surprised at how campgrounds can be booked.

Campers were rolling in all day Friday looking for a campsite to no avail. They probably thought getting out of Boise early on Friday would insure getting a spot. It's not the case in the height of summer.

Popular, close-in campgrounds, like Edna Creek fill fast. So do state parks and campgrounds around other popular areas like Stanley and Warm Lake.

Be aware that if you're going camping in the height of summer, get a reservation or look for undeveloped sites.

Good camping.

Kids playing at Edna Creek Campground - Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman.

leading the way

Great picture Zimo.

Yes, but...

...if people are going to reserve them, they need to occupy them. Personally, I think reserving campgrounds should be like dog parks in Boise; limited locations and limited hours/dates. I understand your premise about getting grandma and the little ones out and wanting an absolute to look forward to. There are, however, many folks that reserve a site and don't show up. The rest of us who busted our a$se-s to get out of town are left to wander around empty campgrounds, unable to settle in because there's a piece of paper that says reserved on it clipped to the site marker. A ranger told us they can't pull the reservation until 3:00pm the NEXT day! If you want to go camping, get off your duff Wednesday and Thursday evenings and get ready. Then get out Friday afternoon and find a spot. THUH END!!