Gear Tuesday: Kids' sleeping bags


A sleeping bag can make or break the first campout for a kid. That's why it should be taken seriously. You want your children or grandchildren to enjoy the first campout and camping trips for a lifetime.

Well, we were shopping around for a sleeping bag for our granddaughter and found several that are specific for kids.

Don't get a cheapy, sleep-over style bag that doesn't provide enough insulation for a summer campout in the mountains with temperatures in the 30s. An adult sleeping bag doesn't work, either. A kid doesn't fill all the space in an adult bag and there are cold spots.

Kids sleeping bags don't need a super expensive bag because a child will grow out of the bag. When they're older you can get them a more expensive sleeping bag for a lifetime.

We picked a three-season bag from REI called the Kindercone. It's a 30-degree bag, which should suffice for general summer type camping.

It's synthetic and easy to wash. You know how marshmallows and other camping goodies somehow work there way into clothing and sleeping bags. The bag is insulated by Thermolite Quallo, which provides warmth and continues to insulate even when damp.

It's also cool because the bag has a two-way, anti-snag coil zipper, which extends all the way around the foot to let kids walk around in their bags before settling down for the night or when they get up in the morning.

The bag also opens up flat for use as a quilt or blanket for sleep overs at home.

It's a modified mummy shape but with a relaxed fit to allow some space to move around.

The Kindercone has a pillow pocket in hood, which allows kids to stuff extra clothing inside for a comfortable pillow, and an external chest pocket for a headlamp, watch and glasses within easy reach.

Anyway, good kids' sleeping bags run from $45 to $65. There are other choices. Kelty puts out the Woobie + 30 and the Little Flower sleeping bags.

We'll let you know how it works out on the first campout this weekend.

Photo provided by REI


Ah, kid glas ses in an external pocket in a sleeping bag? C'mon Grandpa!

We've lost the spirit of kids walking to school uphill, both ways, in a snow storm.

When I camped as a youngster my toes froze, had mosquitos in the tent, and the bag zipper always got caught so it took 10 minutes just to unzip it. LOVED every minute of it! That was just in the back yard. (-:

Gotta compete with video games

Gotta make it more comfy or you lose them.
I too had a cotton sleeping bag that was cold, wet and a nightmare.
Can't figure why I like camping after that experience.


True dat.


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