Syracuse granted early release from Big East; Boise State fans get to design color scheme for Fresno State game

By Chadd Cripe
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Syracuse and the Big East have reached a $7.5 million settlement agreement that will allow the Orange to depart in 2013, a year ahead of schedule.

Pittsburgh has gone to court with the intention of leaving in 2013, too.

Both schools are headed for the Atlantic Coast Conference.

If both schools leave early, Boise State will join a Big East football league that includes the following teams in 2013: Central Florida, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Houston, Louisville, Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, South Florida, SMU and Temple.


Boise State is putting a new twist on its popular game-day color schemes this year. Fans can create their own scheme and submit it to the school this week. The winning color scheme will be implemented for the Fresno State game, with the winner receiving two tickets to the Oct. 13 game. Color schemes for all games are expected to be announced next week.

Contest details are available here.

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Navy, then Air Force

Hopefully, in the next two years the league can add the mliltary schools which would allow the Big East to challenge the ACC as a member of the "Big Five" conferences. Particularly, considering the ACC's woeful 2-13 record in recent bowl games.

Challenging the ACC

That has always been my biggest hope for Boise State, regardless of conference... knowing that they'll never be in the conferences that can buy their way into the so-called "playoff" bowls, I just want to see how big of a mockery they can make of the rich schools.

Navy won't join for a few

Navy won't join for a few years. They have too many commitments given their current independent schedule. They will be a great addition though. Annapolis is 20 miles from Baltimore and 20 miles from D.C., so it's a great place to visit. And their stadium is comparable to Bronco Stadium in size. I think Air Force is happy in the MWC.


I wasn't staying up nights anxious for Boise State to play Syracuse, and it's possible they wouldn't have anyway. Pittsburgh would be a slightly bigger loss, but let's face it, nobody on the national level cares which Big East teams Boise State plays. If they win the conference they'll get one last BCS game to play, and it ain't gonna be the title.


Lose the Big East name...since it will be a new line up why not get a fresh Start. "Sistas of the POOR" comes to mine, but seriously a new name makes about the Nationwide Conference, UNITED Conference..or the best...Outland Conference.

You dance with the girl

that brung ya. That's her name and that is the brand. No one in the nBe is asking us to change a thing, not even the blue unis on the blue field. What would be more fitting is a good name for the divsions. East-West, Atlantic-Pacific, etc. I heard one I really liked and would fit right in with the new Big East: The Colonial and Frontier Divisions. Now how cool is that?

Syracuse leaves early?

No big loss. Syracuse is a terrible football school. Since the 2000 season, the Orange are 59-85 with only three Bowl appearances (2-1 record there).

So, who cares? Their leaving actually strengthens the Big East. So, congratulations go to the ACC? Um, sure.

Bronco Stadium Color Scheme

So now the Bronco franchise folks want to involve fans in their not so transparent plan to maximize the sale of Bronco gear. Prior to a warm weather game they request even number sections to wear one color, odd number sections the other color. Then comes cold weather and one game they request you wear one color and next game another color. Cold weather gear sales bring in the big bucks. Max $ can be raised by placing pressure on fans to buy warm and cold weather clothing in blue, orange and white clothing.

I say if this is not the motive then permanently assign the same color to each section and allow non-affluent fans to minimize their expenditures. Of coarse, this would not maximize franchise fees flowing to the athletic department.

Bronco Stadium Color Scheme

I have seen the light! As a dedicated Bronco fan I support maximum purchase of Bronco gear. Here is my proposal for the Fresno State game color scheme:

In order to maximize franchise license fee income to the athletic department, I suggest that each fan be asked to wear three colors of outer garments in predetermined layers. At a predetermined signal folks in all sections will remove their outer garment changing the color of their section. At the next predetermined signal all fans will remove their next layer of garments again changing the color scheme.

Each time a garment is removed they should be thrown into the air causing a dramatic color shift. During post game cleanup workers will collect discarded clothing and donate it to the Boise Rescue Mission. Fans will be forced to purchase new gear generating a new cycle of franchise fees flowing to the athletic department.


§ Good find, 81

"The fourth option, joining the Big Sky, appears to be the Vandals best option. And why not? They once ruled the Big Sky before following in Big Brother's (Boise State) footsteps and jumping up to the big leagues."

If this eventuates, I wonder if the guy I have on PermaBlock will change his username to "1aaqfunk"?

razor - Why do you hate Vandals so much?

Apparently you do not remember how over the years I have advocated that the Vandals go back to the Big Sky.

You appear to be one who did not get the memo.

I am baffled about the origin of your Vandal Hatred. You are not from Idaho, did not attend BSU, sent several of your daughters to BSU, and have never had any connections with Idaho - yet - you continue to be one of these boards most vocal posters about your seeting hatred of Vandals.

What is with that?

Why do you have such deep seated hatred for the Vandals?

Were you denied entrance because you were not good enough?

Were your family members denied entrance because they were not good enough?

Something has to be a motivating factor behind your Extreme Vandal Hatred.

This is a simple question. Possibly you could provide a simple and logical explanation for your Vandal Hatred.

Just curious.


Idaho will not go the Big Sky

for football because Spear is afraid to stand up to Rob Akey. Akey is on record that he will not be an FCS coach and is adamant about it, no matter how far that drags the program down.