Oil and gas exploration meeting set for Payette

AM Idaho, Snake River Oil & Gas and GC Permits the three companies who are partners in a petroleum exploration project, are holding an informational town hall at Payette High School Wednesday, July 25 at 7 p.m.
Representatives from Geokinetics and GC Exploration are doing seismic exploration for the partners and will explain their work to people who show up.

Seismic exploration is the process of using sound waves to create complex 'maps' of the geology underground. It's used frequently in oil and gas exploration to reduce the need for drilling exploratory wells.

For more information on the town hall call John Foster at 208.559.3547.

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Yee-HA! Maybe we will be the

Yee-HA! Maybe we will be the next North Dakota on our way to prosperity and riches. Sure beats wind and solar. Coal is great too :)

Drinking water contamination

is what's at risk here. Don't believe ANYTHING you read here. Many comments will be from those who stand to gain monetarily, but don't live here. They don't drink the water, irrigate the crops you eat, or water the stock that ends up as meat on your plate. Research the health risks involved with gas drilling/pumping. Start with the frightning documentary "gas land". Also, remember it's the good old legislature that just took away your county officials ability to decide this issue locally. The little bit of money land owners stand to gain pales in comparison to decreased property values and water treatment systems should the water become containinated with leaking gas and chemicals used in the drilling process. Wait, what's that smell and foul taste?.... oh, it's the rebuttals.

Drinking water contamination

The documentary "Gasland" discredits itself. It is full of misleading and fraudulent "facts" and footage.

There is a good living to be made in being Anti-Everything; there is a ready-made market for anything produced in the name of "environmentalism".

Even if you are outside Boise it will impact you if water's lost

I do know an oilman and he doesn't have to frack.


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