Idaho Power hits new record peak use Thursday

Idaho Power and its customers broke their record for power demand Thursday.

Thge utility that serves 500,000 customers in southern Idaho and Oregon hit 3,245 megawatt overall peak-hour average system load. It could have been higher but it used 65 MW of its demand response programs which manage air conditioners, irrigation pumps and other uses.

Thursdy's peak tops the previous record of 3,214 MW from June 2008.

Idaho Power’s new Langley Gulch Power Plant helped satisfy the record electricity demand during this week’s triple-digit heat, including Thursday, when temperatures in Boise reached 108 degrees, its hottest day this year.

The 300-MW natural gas-fired plant near New Plymouth, Idaho, went into commercial production on June 29.

“Langley Gulch has come online at the perfect time to help us meet some of the highest loads we have seen in several years, including yesterday’s record demand” said Mark Stokes, Idaho Power’s Manger of Power Supply Planning.

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IT WAS HOT................

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Did the wind help production of electricity?

And if so, by how much and when? Oh never mind. Probably secret stuff.

Yes Nimrod, pretty secret

Yes Nimrod, pretty secret stuff, hidden right on their website. Looks like wind peaks as demand drops, contributing about 10%=15% of the load maximum.


Thought it should have been in the article. Hadn't been to that site. Very helpful. My experience with the utilities sharing demographic and other planning information information has not been good. My fault for generalizing.

River Flow

It was quite the variation in river flow in Hells Canyon Thursday, so this would s'plain it


Glad I could help.

Record usage

Better get a rate increase request filed. Don't want to wait too long. River flows will be either too high or too low next year.

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You fry wants with that?

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You fry wants with that?

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You fry wants with that?



You fry wants with that?

So let me guess, the net

So let me guess, the net effect is rates are rising?

I'd like to know

which entities contribute stats to the IPUC when it comes to rate adjustments. I would hope that their information is not entirely provided by IP as that would be an obvious conflict of interest. Anyone?

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A rate case includes several entities

To answer your question, no Idaho Power is far from the only soure providing information. A typical rate case has several intervenors, usually including representatives of irrigation customers, industrial customers, contract customers; and commission staff also presents their own case. Representing residential customers on low- and fixed-incomes is the Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho (CAPAI) and sometimes AARP.