Finding uncrowded campgrounds


I've driven by the campgrounds downstream from Stanley on the Salmon River hundreds of times and never thought to stay at one of them.

I always figured, since they were along Idaho 75, they would be too noisy and crowded.

We had a great campout at one a few weeks ago. The highway noise wasn't that bad, the campground was a great launching spot for the raft for fishing on the river and we were near some mountain trails. And, we had most of the campground to ourselves.

Check out my story in Idaho Outdoors today. Look

Photo of Casino Creek Campground, downriver from Stanley, by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman


Irony is doing a column in the state's biggest newspaper telling people where to go for uncrowded campgrounds.

It spreads people out

And makes for a better camping experience. There are lots of crowded campgrounds in the Stanley area and many of them are very difficult to reserve.

I have a permanent camping spot

Made of wood, next to a park, highway and wireless entertainment and information center.

(Beck-Kiwanis, I-84, KSRV-AM)


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