Tonight's k.d. lang concert canceled because of ... air quality

I've seen lots of reasons for canceled concerts over the years, but here's a new one.

The k.d. lang show scheduled for tonight at the Eagle River Pavilion has been nixed because of poor air quality in the Treasure Valley.

The decision was made by lang. The show was set up and ready to go. Chairs were already out on the grass. The photo below was taken last night.


From a story today at "The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has posted an orange air quality alert for today in Ada and Canyon counties.

An orange alert means the air is unhealthy for those with breathing issues — including people with lung disease, children, older adults, and people who are active outdoors.

The DEQ also suggests that everyone should postpone any strenuous activity outside until air quality improves. They are also asking people to limit driving and to combine errands into a single trip to help curb exhaust emissions and to put off mowing the lawn (if you use a gas-powered mower) until air quality improves."

All tickets purchased via Ticketfly will automatically be refunded. For any questions regarding refunds, please call Ticketfly at 1-877-435-9849.

My guess is that if the concert were inside.....

with MJ smoke filling the auditorium few would have a problem.

It's so cute...

...that you think you know stuff.

MJ Smoke

Ty, I didn't know your brother was planning to be there.

Nuts. This is so disappointing...

kd lang was the only concert I was dying to go to (except for Lyle Lovett, of course),




I was told that I have severe COPD. Just took my dog for a drag and feel great. Maybe the years of breathing SMOG in CA when I was a kid caused me to morph into a pulmonary mutant. Either that or it's the 5 Wives Vodka.


I'm glad you are feeling better. Cheers!

Muchos gracias, mi amigo

I would suspect that the insurance co's that accept liability for these concerts have to consider 'mitigating cirumstances' that would expose them to excessive liability, i.e Bad Air.
They don't want to be responsible for the audience members hauled off in an ambulance because of posted air quality warnings.


Feels like the 1980s in the Inland Empire again. The bad air here still smells better than the good air there though.

Cancelled Because of Poor Air Quality??

I thought maybe she had an epiphany and realized she was a terrible singer.


I gonna break the rules here and call you an IDIOT.

You have apparently never heard her sing.

I repeat - IDIOT.


Apparently two people on earth have NOT heard KD sing. You and her. If you did, you'd agree with me.

She could go to the Boise Zoo and "sing" there. She'd have a captive audience. Well, that would include you too.

There are MANY

female musicians that far outrank this woman in talent and depth that did not pull the lesbian card because they did not have to.
I'd rather be exposed to excessive talent than a clever manager.


We were really looking forward to the concert. Something tells me ZZ Top won't do the same thing next month.

No loss

if they do cancel. (IMO)

To each his own!

There are plenty of concerts I'm skipping for the same reason. ;-)

A Smart Decision

I had front row tickets to tonight's concert but was considering staying home due to asthma issues aggravated by this week's smoke and heat. I'm very disappointed, but I know there will be another opportunity to see kd lang perform one day and it will be all the sweeter.

I consider her to be one of the finest female vocalists of all time and own the majority of her recordings. She'd be awesome in the Morrison Center, which has been engineered to be nearly acoutically perfect.


She is not only the finest female singer (although commenter Obama doesn't know that), she could out-sing most men. Her voice is a miracle.


Okay, okay. I'll do you a favor. I'll go onto YouTube and listen to a couple of songs...again.

Yep, she still sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard.

you ain't gettin any, admit it.


You fry wants with that?

***I Have Five Kids***

Go get me some fries

you got five kids, give them a sign and a cup


You fry wants with that?

kd lang

I doubt it . Your wife might but you likely don't.

This is the only... video you need to hear:

BTW - When she doesn't sing country (which I really don't like) you gotta admit she can belt out a tune.

And it's Dudette.

I have a CD

ms. dudette


You fry wants with that?


I hear a pretty song, but all I can see is Rod Stewart.

These girls perform a MUCH BETTER version of that song and are much easier on the eyes:

Bagged my quota of YT for the day.


You fry wants with that?


I listened to the girls. Blah. Granted, they aren't ugly, but I'm not impressed with their weak voices. For being christian singers, they sure are emotionless. The candles conveyed more feeling.

Sorry, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Constant _Coughing_ (will always be)...

Never fear...After The Lovett.


You fry wants with that?

KD was on the patio at Fork

last night so the air wasn't too bad for dinner. I could be wrong though. It might have been Dean Cameron.

It was a bazillion Celsius, probably helped.


You fry wants with that?