Ada GOP passes the hat to pay overdue Taco Bell bill from March Idaho presidential caucus

Idaho Republicans generally consider their first-ever presidential caucus a rousing success, except among some Ron Paul voters who tried to overturn Mitt Romney's winner-take-all victory in the March 6 contest.

But Ada County Republicans have had trouble paying a $32,000 bill to rent Taco Bell Arena, which housed almost 8,200 voters at the March 6 caucus.

At Tuesday night's Ada County GOP Central Committee meeting, party Treasurer Darrel McRoberts said the party's finances were "desperate" and passed the hat for contributions. The hat came back with over $850, said Ada County Chairman Dwight Johnson on Thursday.

"The caucus was more expensive than we had planned, obviously," Johnson said, adding that the party was $2,000 short on a Taco Bell bill due June 30. "I think Darrel was overstating the 'desperate' part. He was using that to get this payment made."

Johnson said the party will have enough to pay for its Western Idaho Fair booth next month and has raised $45,000 this year. Still, the caucus left the party short on its regular duties. "We don't have as much money as we normally have to support candidates, which is a concern to us," Johnson said.

The county party's biggest annual fundraiser is the Sept. 8 Republican Roundup at Gov. Butch Otter's ranch in Star. To RSVP, email Ada GOP Secretary Dawn Hatch at Tickets are $25.

Johnson said he's hopeful the party will be ready for November. "We've got lots of interest, lots of enthusiasm and I'm feeling good about that."

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I guess it is pretty rough having to work for your money.
Guess all that Obamacare and Romney "enthusiasm" we keep hearing about is holding water in Idaho.

Or maybe, ethics really do matter.

Or maybe some people that used to support the GOP are frustrated

with the new direction and deciding not to contribute. I stopped giving to the Ada County GOP a few years ago. Maybe there are others like me.

I won't give them a penny to organize events that restrict voter participation.

Sound Fiscal Policy at Work

This is easy to solve. Take the expanded Medicare money, siphon a few grand off, no one will know, and the problem's solved.

Taco Bell?

Oh! The headline is misleading - it's the Taco Bell arena that they owe money for! (I assumed they still owed the fast food joint for 8200 burritos and 8200 small Cokes.)

50 cents for more sauce now...


You fry wants with that?

bill IACI, they run the Idaho GOP anyway

...or maybe this is a critical sign that the Idaho GOP has lost its moxie (??)

Bill the Freedom Foundation & Tea Party

I think they have more influence with the GOP these days than IACI.

Hard to get money out of the lackeys

when they are all on welfare. The entitled bunch. Maybe Butch can send them some foodstamps?

GOP = Leadership

GOP is the proven leader of fiscal irresponsibility.

private party

Could you imagine how much it would cost if they had to pay for their private election too?

Come on you republican

Come on you republican welfare rats. Are you waiting for your monthly check from the government?

Occupy Taco Bell

You have $45,000 in the bank and you can't pay your bill?

This is absolutely hysterical.

I love it. Funniest story of the week................

Social Sharks

Oh my God! The Dems smell blood in the water and move in LOL...

The event was March 6 but

The event was March 6 but the bill wasn't due until over 90 days later? And they still couldn't cough up the amount due?