Depicting government as 'force for good' key to reviving support of public employees, says Idaho association chief

Donna Yule's goal is to boost membership in the Idaho Public Employees Association five-fold, from 1,000 to 5,000.

Yule, the association's executive director and a delegate to the Idaho Democratic Convention, says the perception of public employees as civil servants contributing to community well-being has badly eroded, even as state budgets have been deeply cut.

"It has become commonplace to see public servants like school teachers, agriculture inspectors, food stamp workers, and snow plow drivers vilified as if they were sucking the lifeblood out of our society," Yule writes in the IPEA's Summer newsletter.

Restoring confidence in government is critical to improving the lot of Idaho's 17,200 full-time employees, Yule says in a second entry in the newsletter.

"As public employees, we need to be aware of how the cuts in state government affect not only our own job security, but the very nature of our communities," Yule writes. "We will not convince the Idaho legislature to adequately fund our government just by asking for our own raises and benefits. We need to work hard to show people how our entire community benefits when government is adequately funded."

Yule also makes a pitch to recruit. "When we have 5,000 members, we will be a force to be reckoned with!"

An IPEA membership is $16 a month for standard members, $8 a month for retirees.

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"....a force to be reckoned with."

I'm sure the public employees of Scranton, San Bernardino, Stockton and other bankrupt cities felt the same way.

Do you really think so?

I would think they'd feel really disappointed that the "adults" couldn't/wouldn't do their job, ie, be leaders, you know, explain the situation, "yeah, it sucks but we're kinda stuck right now and this is what we're doing to fix it." AND then FIX it!

Reading Recommendation
Brush up on your Newspeak.

Don't need Newspeak

Motor Trend and Hot Rod will do.


You fry wants with that?

Public employees

are not concerned about the welfare of the people that are responsible for their livelihood. They are concerned with maintaining their government positions. I know, I've been there.
They are concerned with:
-Their pay
-Their co-workers pay
-Their benefits
-How little they can do while maintaining government employment.
-How their Sloth can be represented positively by their Union.
-How much they can make by doing next to nothing.
If public employees were somehow magically whisked into a private business environment and screening process, there would be MANY public employees wandering the streets of your town, hat in hand.

I don't think it is fair to paint all public employees

with the same brush. I have worked with many who do a great job and I wouldn't hesitate hiring them.

Also, I could apply your list to a number of private sector employees I have encountered over the years. It depends on the person, the supervisor, the environment, the job requirements, etc. I often think it is easier to fall in to some of these negative areas when working for a large organization, be it private or government.

You never worked under the axe.

And my 501(c)3 clinic has a bunch of 'MEETINGS'


You fry wants with that?


By 2020 all school districts and fire departments will be privatized. This is nothing more than an extension begun of the privatization of huge amounts of the support and some actual combat in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How is a PRIVATE FD better than a VOLUNTEER FD???


You fry wants with that?


better arsonists?

no, dummy...

they aren't paid to commit it.


You fry wants with that?




IPEA is behind the policy

IPEA is behind the policy that allows classified employees to be written up for voluntarily working more than 5 minutes past quitting time. Unless a department head has authorized you to stay late and thereby be compensated for the extra time (even if it is only 10 or 15 minutes spent answering an email or editing a report), NEVER ever do today what can be put off until tomorrow, and NEVER ever donate uncompensated time to the State of Idaho.

Some supervisors use common sense when enforcing this "work ethic," while others adhere to it stingently, especially if they are dues-paying members of IPEA and also active in ACE. IPEA's bureaucratic mindset discourages dedicated civil servants from behaving as such, and they wonder why state employees as a group are not more highly regarded by the general population.

For crying out loud

They have nothing to do with the policy prohibiting working off the clock. It's because of workman's comp and labor laws, which if violated leave the state, and therefore us taxpayers, liable.

Idaho’s state economy and

Idaho’s state economy and local community economy’s around the state rely heavily and are dependent on a strong public employee workforce at all levels.

There are approximately over 100,000 federal state and local Idaho public employee, who are your neighbors and family members, all good people who freely chose to serve as a dedicated public servant.

Idahoans had better think twice,if you can about the republicans rhetoric to demonize our governments at all levels and its civilian employee workforce.

Without government and its dedicated civilian employees Idaho would cease to exist as you know it.

Approximately 67,500 dedicated public employees in state & local governments and there are an estimated 18,668 federal employees and retirees in the 1st Congressional District of Idaho and there are 18,146 federal employees and retirees.2nd Congressional District of Idaho.

Are Simpson and Labrador prepared to make their conservative stand against the federal government come to reality and recommend the elimination of and those federal employees in their districts?

Or are they all talk ………and simply political hypocrites who use language to demonize and incite their base encouraging them to blame all their problems on the government.

Make no mistake their goal of this anti-government movement is not merely to eliminate waste or make the government more efficient.

Despite the exaggerated flaws of democracy, it plays an extremely valuable and indispensable role in the freedom and improving the lives of all Americans in innumerable ways that far outweigh the anti-government rhetoric of republicans.

History clearly indicates that our form of government is extremely good for us and our public employee workforce is a backbone of our nation and democracy.

Government is not the problem, the problem is those who demonized government and use it as a tool against its own citizen’s neighbors and family.

Without a dedicated & successful Idaho public workforce, a substantial amount of government subsidies to Idahoans and their businesses and a return of $1.21 on every tax dollar paid to federal government Idaho would cease to exist as you know it.

Idaho as a stand-alone entity is incapable of sustainability, so next time you attack your free democratic government and its employees remember without them your pathetic narrow minded conservative lives wouldn’t exist as you know it.