Boise State QB Patti confident in his place in position battle

By Brian Murphy

Boise State freshman quarterback Nick Patti sat down for an interview with the Bright House Sports Network in Orlando, Fla., his hometown. Patti, who has been off-limits to the local media since arriving on campus in January, discussed his hectic first days in Boise, his solid play in the spring game and his position in the team's quarterback competition.

Watch the Bright House videos here and here.

Here are some highlights from Patti's interview with the Bright House Sports Network:

• On his outlook for this season: "My outlook remains to be seen. I think Everything’s in step for me to do what I want to do and I just have to go out and perform the way that I expect myself to, the way that I’m capable of and if that happens, everything will kick itself into place. If not, go back to the drawing board, get a new plan and make the best of it, whatever happens, make the best of the way this goes. If everything goes to plan, I think it will be a great year for me and for the program, so we’ll see. But it remains to be seen."

• On the hard work he has put in: "As nerve-wracking as it is or as much as you’re tired and don’t want to do it, whatever it may be, it’s the dream. It’s what you want to do, it’s why you go to school. Every kid dreams about going and playing quarterback and doing interviews and meeting people and shaking hands. It's being able to do that and have that experience. It’s happening now and it’s a whirlwind. Later on in life, it’s going to be a great thing for me to have had. But it’s been awesome for me. I’m really enjoying it and soaking in every second of it."

• On his time at Boise State: "It was a whirlwind to say the least. I was getting a lot thrown at me at one time. Between football and school and workouts and stuff like that, meeting new people and living on my own and stuff like that. Obviously for a young kid that’s kind of tough. It was great. Now I’m past that kind of stage, that beginning stage, I’m comfortable there. I have a lot of new great friends there. Now that I’m comfortable and going, I love it. It’s everything I want it to be."

• On the spring game: "It was really awesome. It was just something I’ll look back on for a long time because I did well in the game, so it made it that much better, so it’s not something I look back on bitter. It was kind of an exciting moment for me to go out there and make a splash and throw a touchdown and stuff like that. It was a pretty cool deal. I couldn’t be more happy with the team that I’m on, everything that I wanted from myself to grow personally, athletically."

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On Patti....

I wish him well....

Kellen Moore was a much bigger loss than what most Boiseans will want to admit....but, so was their blocking--precise and timely....

Rome has come, and probably will fall....

Boiseans must come to these grips....

Bronco Nation knows how important Kellen was

Patti will be fine, and so will Southwick if he can stay consistent and not scramble so much

The whole O-line is back. The one that has allowed the least amount of sacks in the nation the last two seasons

Rome is just getting started

Come on Ugly...

More of this rise and fall stuff?

When a man loses a bet (and doesnt make good on it fully) on hundreds of dollars to a few different fellas and then shamelessly predicts the same bet a year later, that man is given a name. Heres a hint: Its worse than "ugly''.

Boiseans must come to these grips?


Alright, lets forget all that and pretend the Broncos go 9-3 (your definition of "fall"')....

....I would like you to tell me more about this precise and timely blocking and how its now a "loss".

Dont forget to include the TEnds and which Bronco TEnds are used for pass blocking, rushing and which ones are used as receiving...whos gone and whos back...stuff like that....

You gotta admit...

Rome COULD fall and he could rack HIMSELF.


You fry wants with that?

ugly paid me

and i offered the bet again this year. he pops off but does not take the bet. we could even bump it up ugly, it's in your favor.

I'm confused. You don't

I'm confused. You don't seem to like the guy but you want to bump uglies???

lilly, keep the day job

stand up isn't working for you.


I'll think about it....

Lilly, thanks for the humor....

Must get back to tending spuds....

This is exactly why I love College Football

So we don't get to see Kellen Moore anymore, Martin is gone as well. With the new stars comes new excitement. The only thing that I hope is that Patti will be as humble as Kellen when it comes to the press. Coach Pete seems pretty sure about the control of his team. It's going to be fun watching our mid sized fish swimming in a bigger pond in 2013. It's a great time to be a BSU fan!!!

Patti Humble?

One thing is for sure this kid is no Kellen Moore. Kellen was a coach Pete clone - he's quite, reserved, never speaks negative and leaves it all on the field.

Based on Nick's interview he's a good kid, verbally confident, and that tells me - he may be a little c-o-c-k-y. but that adds a new element for Boise State - well at least since 2006? ha ha

Frankly - I was not so sure this 5'10 kid was going to be much and may have been a tad over rated. But I am more sure today after watching him specifically in the spring game that I was wrong. Nick is going to be just fine given solid protection from the O-Line.

I hope he keeps doing what he's doing studying the play book and getting comfortable and becomes the Boise State backup QB.

In the end - what did humbleness actually do for Kellen?

other than making him a heismanless undrafted free agent?

It wasn't the hubleness that did it for Kellen

It was Coach Pete who kept puling him out of games in the 3rd and not letting him get better stats by playing complete games.

Maybe Patti can convince Coach Pete to let him play an entire game.

I doubt it though, as Coach Pete doesn't want to RUTS or put his QB in jeopardy.

Coach Pete is the reason Kellen was Heismanless and an undrafted free agent.

It rests squarely on Coach Pete's shoulders in my estimation.

Murph's slant

I highly recommend you watch the videos IM4BSU. Murphy left out everything Patti said that could be construed as humble. His piece doesn't use ellipses so a reader would be lead to think that what they are reading is at least close to verbatim. Below is an approximation of what Patti said from the video. Compare it to how Murphy quoted him. The impression is left by Murphy that Patti is discounting his competition. Murphy is just stirring the pot like hacks do.

I think everything has been set for me to do what I want to do and I just have to go out and perform the way I expect myself to; the way I know I'm capable of, and if that happens, I think that everything will kick itself into place. If not, then go back to the drawing board, and make a new plan and make the best of it, and make the best of the way everything goes. If everything goes as planned, I think it'll be a great year for me and for the program, so we'll see. Whatever remains to be seen.

Did you read the post you just commented on ...

... The entire quote is there.

-- murph

Sorry Murph

This was too good not to post