Idaho wildlife get help from city, BPA and Fish and Game

Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game now owns the 700-acre Hammer Flats plateau west of Lucky Peak that is critical winter range for mule deer.

This critical purchase, made in cooperation with the City of Boise and thanks, in part to dollars from the Foothills levy is a major conservation victory for the state. It was paid for by the Bonneville Power Administration with mitigation dollars for federal dams, paid not by taxpayers but electric ratepayers in the Northwest.

It was not sportsman dollars, like many of the millions of dollars that keep Fish and Game protecting fish and wildlife. You might remember that Gov. Butch Otter said when the city made the purchase he would keep Fish and Game from following through if hunting were not allowed on the windswept parcel.

The view of many hunters that since only their dollars go to managing game they have a special right to it has made it harder to show the critical role they played in wildlife management restoring many species over the course of the 20th Century. Many other taxpayers, ratepayers and private donors have contributed to the cause too.

And contrary to popular belief, it gets federal tax dollars that don't come sportsman's purchases. Those are likely to tighten.

When hunters thought that only their voices were relevant to game management it diminished the voices speaking out for the wildlife they love. Now as the overall population rises and the numbers of hunters drops, their biggest threat is not wolves or their supporters, its apathy and a drop in the concern about wild things in general.

Frankly they will need all the friends they can get as the federal government cuts back spending overall. They will need new sources of funding beyond hunting and fishing licenses.

That's why the Idaho Department of Fish Game is sponsoring a Wildlife Summit Aug. 24-26. Otter will be there along with speakers from all sides of the spectrum.

One of the featured speakers is Shane Mahoney, a biologist and writer from Newfoundland.

Go West to the Ranch, little fawn.

"Hammer Flats plateau west of Lucky Peak that is critical winter ranch for mule"

See their budget

It was not sportsman dollars, like many of the millions of dollars that keep Fish and Game protecting fish and wildlife.

LIKE MANY of the- dollars...???
That implies some of the F&G dollars (budget) comes from NONsportsman dollars...

Care to elaborate Rocko?

Maybe after you chew on this bone:
"We’re the true user fee outfit in the state government,” Groen told “About half of our revenue comes from hunters and fishermen, and the other half from federal sources directly tied to hunting and fishing excise taxes.”

"Protecting fish and game"

Protecting? Yes, that's what they do -- "protect" them.
There is no killing involved- just protecting them!


Wrongo Rocko writes, "Shane Mahoney, a biologist and writer from New Foundland."

Seriously, how do you screw this stuff up so much?
You actually made the mental effort to 'space' and 'capital F'-- why?

It's ONE word.


And why do we care about a biologist from Newfoundland? BFD.


So Rocko takes the time to "update" Newfoundland, and adds another a speculation about F&G budget,,,, but skips over the ranch/range typo (one of many) that is brought to his attention.

S T I N K Y.


"is a major conservation victory for the state"

It is only 705 acres on a "windswept parcel"

Critical? Give me a break.
705 acres is a drop in the bucket for the Boise Front.
Winter range? 705 acres of a cheatgrass, marginal cover, minimal water, and it's already adjacent to existing houses.

It's right next to the existing WMA- there is plenty of more desirable habitat within a short distance. If houses were built here, the deer would mingle among the houses at night and migrate to other areas of the Boise Front. Just like they did when the Mesa was built up. Deer still move through the Table Rock area, on a daily basis, through the houses, through the golf course (eat some green grass) and down to the river- followed by mtn. lions.


It's an expensive deal for F&G, a nice deal recreationalists in that area, but there is no need to exagerate the value.
This was a land ownership boondoggle that was salvaged with 4 million dollars.

In fact it's not a success at all when you consider the price paid. That $4million could have bought A LOT more acres of equally important habitat-- at a fair market value.

4million dollars

4 million for 705 acres.
That's $5,673/acre. I challenge anyone to find other parcels in Ada County of rangeland a ssessed FMV over $5,000/acre.
Parcel #?

ONE parcel of this land deal is 120 acres.
In 2009 the county as sessed it at $5,000 for the whole 120 acres. That is $41/acre. That is about normal for bare land of range quality.

F&G owns parcel s093510000. Adjacent to Hammer Flats.
In 2003 it was valued at $22,500 for 640 acres. Remember, Hammer Flats is 705 acres.

The City of Boise and now F&G paid OVER $4million????

Just curious, why that is so much...

Notice also, Rocko leaves out ANY mention of the costs involved here.

You may also notice, the County has erased all the past valuations for these parcels. Look at YOUR own property records. The county lists past years even if different owners. Why not for these parcels previously owned by the city. Gone. Deleted. [exceptions exist as mentioned above]/


Wrongo Rocko writes, "And contrary to popular belief, it gets federal tax dollars that don't come sportsman's purchases."

Like what?
What source of federal tax dollars, not from sportsman?

I don't think you can explain that one, Rocko. More J U N K.

My God Pimp, it's in CANADA, where the GLEELEGALS flee.


You fry wants with that?


Rocko writes "and the numbers of hunters drops"


Just like global warming- it depends on which years you look at.

From year 2001 to 2011:
Total Licenses, Tags, & Permits
2001- 1,213,223
2011- 1,316,994
Incresase 103,771 or 8.6%

SOURCE: page 78.


And how about actual DOLLARS for F&G?

Guess what?
Same results- it INCREASED significantly from 2001 to 2011.

That's why it's "Wrongo Rocko".


Just another shout-out for the 4 MILLIONS dollars to buy 705 acres of windswept dry grazing land.

Cheers City of Boise!

4 MILLION of them.

What do you think winter range is like?

You are ignorant. Windswept land is land where the snow is blown away in the winder. You complain about it being grazing? Did you know that deer love this grass and brush? There are deer all over the place in the winter.

pimp2 be quiet


How many comments are you going to make? Talk about someone with an ax to grind!!

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One more. Thanks for thinking of me. :-)