Romney to return Aug. 3 for fifth Idaho fundraiser, extending his record take in the Gem State

Mitt Romney was the first presidential candidate to raise over $1 million from Idahoans and last month crossed the $2 million mark, said his state finance chairman, Travis Hawkes.

An event set for the Sun Valley area Aug. 3 will extend the record.

"This is the first time he's come to Idaho as the nominee," Hawkes said Wednesday. "That opens up a new level of excitement. This event is only three months from the election and there's a whole new sense of urgency. We expect a really good turnout."

Hawkes will be in Jackson, Wyo., Thursday for a fundraiser that a Romney aide told the Washington Post will raise $2 million.

Thursday's event includes a reception at Teton Pines Country Club and a $30,000-per-couple dinner at the home of former Vice President Dick Cheney. "That's been a good event to help the Idaho numbers," Hawkes said. "I never have to make the case about how important the election is."

Hawkes said he can't disclose the goal for the Idaho event ahead of time, but may be able to say how much was raised afterward. Email invitations are out, though the exact location is yet to be determined, said Hawkes, who is president of Sports Fan Corp., which owns the Blue & Orange Store, Pro Image and Capz.

A reception will be held at 5 p.m. in either Sun Valley or Ketchum, with a $1,000-per-person contribution required. Hawkes said a high-dollar dinner may follow, but wasn't yet ready to discuss details.

There will be no public events for the Romney visit, but media access may be allowed, Hawkes said, adding that those calls are up to the campaign.

Romney held rallies in Idaho Falls and Boise before the March 6 presidential caucus, at which he won all 32 Idaho delegates. Romney has already held two fundraisers in Boise and one each in Sun Valley and Idaho Falls.

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hopefully he'll kick off by then and let them pays taxes


You fry wants with that?

What are you talking about?



of the sheeple in full force. Blue and orange store solidly red it appears.

Real Bronco fans should purchase gear from the Bronco Shop

their purchases go towards scholarships and not towards GOP events

I've spent about 80% at Bronco Shop in the past, now 100%

Won't ever set foot in Blue/Orange store again.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

How much has Idaho raised if you remove VanderSloot's

enormous contributions? He has given more than a million hasn't he? Oh wait, I just remembered....all that money went to a Romney superPAC. I wonder how much he has given in addition to the PAC.

The whole Wyoming/Idaho connection is a little confusing. I guess a lot of Idaho people are invited to the Wyoming event?

Frank Vandersloot's

Frank Vandersloot's contribution was to a Super Pac, not the campaign. You can't donate a million to the campaign.

a $30,000-per-couple dinner at Cheney's house?

when Obama came here he held a FREE event at Taco Bell Arena that was standing room only.

I wonder if Cheney will serve them Five Wives Vodka?

Five Wives?

I doubt he'll serve much of anything. His heart just isn't in it any more.

Obama also has his high-priced fundraising events

I think you are confusing a political rally with a fundraising event.

Either way you are pwned


You fry wants with that?