Idaho's Farris to Labrador: Present a health plan or forfeit your 'Cadillac' health bennies

First District Democrat Jimmy Farris on Wednesday called on GOP Rep. Raul Labrador to provide a detailed plan to cover 294,000 uninsured Idahoans or give up his benefits and salary.

Labrador on Wednesday again voted to repeal Obamacare.

Following the campaign's practice to date, Labrador's campaign chief, China Gum, declined comment on Farris' news release.

About 17 percent of Idahoans are uninsured, ranking 17th-highest among the states.

Farris' news release follows:

First district candidate Jimmy Farris: “If there is no Labrador Health Care Plan He Should Forfeit His Cadillac Health Care Benefits and Return His $174,000 Salary”

MERIDIAN, ID - Democratic Candidate for the First Congressional District, Jimmy Farris, demanded that his opponent Congressman Raul Labrador reveal a detailed plan for health care reform to cover the 294,000 uninsured Idahoans.

"When Congressman Labrador votes today to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) he must simultaneously reveal his own version of a health care plan that protects Idaho senior citizens, young Idahoans covered under their parent's plan and Idahoans with pre-existing conditions. Congressman Labrador should also tell us whether insurance companies will once again be able to impose lifetime caps on Americans," Farris said.

"The fact is, Congressman Labrador is a well paid obstructionist with no plan. While making $174,000 and enjoying a Cadillac health care plan provided by the taxpayers, he abandons 294,000 uninsured," Farris said.

"Congressman Labrador should do the honorable thing and forfeit his Cadillac health care plan and his $174,000 salary until he reveals his comprehensive health care plan," Farris said.

"Where's your plan, Congressman Labrador?" Farris challenged. "Roll it out for all to see. Do it now."

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no republican has a plan

they are only interested in getting Obama out of office, even tough he is the most fiscally responsible president in 60 years.


Most fiscally responsible in 60 years???? That has got to be one of the funniest things I've heard in a long, long time.

This article in the May 24 issue of Forbes proves republicans

are only interested in power, not the truth and not helping the country, just a bunch of liars.

The article
It’s enough to make even the most ardent Obama cynic scratch his head in confusion.
Amidst all the cries of Barack Obama being the most prolific big government spender the nation has ever suffered, Market watch is reporting that our president has actually been tighter with a buck than any United States president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Who knew?
Check out the chart – annualized growth of federal spending

Reagan '82-'85 = 8.7
Reagan '86-'89 = 4.9
Bush I '90-'93 = 5.4
Clinton '94-'97 = 3.2
Clinton '98-'01 = 3.9
Bush II '02-'05 = 7.3
Bush II '06-09 = 8.1*
Obama '10-'13 = 1.4
*2009 stimulus re-assigned to Obama Data: CBO & Haver Analytics

So, how have the Republicans managed to persuade Americans to buy into the whole “Obama as big spender” narrative?
It might have something to do with the first year of the Obama presidency where the federal budget increased a whopping 17.9% —going from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion. I’ll bet you think that this is the result of the Obama sponsored stimulus plan that is so frequently vilified by the conservatives…but you would be wrong.
The first year of any incoming president term is saddled—for better or for worse—with the budget set by the president whom immediately precedes the new occupant of the White House. Indeed, not only was the 2009 budget the property of George W. Bush—and passed by the 2008 Congress—it was in effect four months before Barack Obama took the oath of office.
Accordingly, the first budget that can be blamed on our current president began in 2010 with the budgets running through and including including fiscal year 2013 standing as charges on the Obama account, even if a President Willard M. Romney takes over the office on January 20, 2013.
So, how do the actual Obama annual budgets look?

Courtesy of Market watch-

In fiscal 2010 (the first Obama budget) spending fell 1.8% to $3.46 trillion.
In fiscal 2011, spending rose 4.3% to $3.60 trillion.
In fiscal 2012, spending is set to rise 0.7% to $3.63 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the budget that was agreed to last August.
Finally in fiscal 2013 — the final budget of Obama’s term — spending is scheduled to fall 1.3% to $3.58 trillion. Read the CBO’s latest budget outlook.
No doubt, many will wish to give the credit to the efforts of the GOP controlled House of Representatives. That’s fine if that’s what works for you.

However, you don’t get to have it both ways. Credit whom you will, but if you are truly interested in a fair analysis of the Obama years to date—at least when it comes to spending—you’re going to have to acknowledge that under the Obama watch, even President Reagan would have to give our current president a thumbs up when it comes to his record for stretching a dollar.

I suggest you read Forbes June 14, 2012 article entitled.....

"President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender in World History." This article paints quite a different picture of Obama than the one you reference.

I hope he will eat y'all alive and burp, honestly.

I'd like to sometimes but I have a HUD contract.

I've never seen such immature men play cowboys in a house of Congress.

I smacked a classmate in grade school and gave him a bloody nose in the middle of class after I got chewed on constantly and announced to all I would.

I didn't go to the principal.

I am told I beat up three long time bullies in second grade...don't recall except for the peace and quiet.

I'm old and fat but I'm still sick of it.

Leave, you say? It's everywhere.

It's your job to get some sense.

It's my job to keep a house, fix my stereo gear and finish as well as enjoy my bicycles.

If I have to counteract nonsense with different nonsense, you have failed.

I know there is a reason you and others post here, that's camaraderie.

All the spy vs. spy crap isn't debate. If Obama is the problem I want to know what is the correct thing to do and not just nanner, your guy sucks. That makes me mad because I've asked you to teach me so I can return the favor.

That's not too much to ever ask.


You fry wants with that?

Foreign - you ask.......

What is the correct thing to do. Here is my answer, it's simple: first do no harm.

Pretty much cooks your doodle. Insert coin(s).


You fry wants with that?

How about the link

or are you too lazy?


That's the worst post I've read on here.

I'm lazy but I have the Pogues, Pixies and Cure. MEH


You fry wants with that?

The UK

does have it goin' on.
Tellya wut---get those three to play at the BMF and I will intern myself apres tout, poste haste.
'One cannot live without trying'---JK

Should add The Smiths, Meat Puppets, whatever P. Weller's doin

Unfortunately I heard Andy Partridge got some sort of stage fright and the last I'd heard maybe Souixsie Sue wasn't well. At least maybe Elizabeth Fraser could do Cocteau Twins, Massive Attack and others.


You fry wants with that?


Sucks to hear but it's probably true, look at the raw numbers. You saying the last say three GOP presidents have been money wise? Please.

The last 3 republican

The last 3 republican administrations put us in this mess. Blaiming Obama for anything now is beyond naive but it proves the information ministry is working their magic on their uneducated followers.

We should also ask the

We should also ask the Washington Senate to give up THEIR Cadillac healthcare as well. If OBOZOCARE is good enough for those paying the salary of the Senate, then it's da mn well good enough for them. Shared Sacrifice as the anointed one called it.

If nothing else,

Farris is a funny guy.

Labrador is all about Cuban Socialism

as long as he is the one benefiting from it. Go Labradoodle!

FWIW, Labrador is not Cuban.

FWIW, Labrador is not Cuban.

Is Mark Cuban?

He does hire the medically needy who dribble in their shorts.


You fry wants with that?


What are you talking about?


Someone who is heard is finally shouting the truth.

Thank you, Mr. Farris.

Signed, Angie Calligan Tucker
(A taxpayer with no health care who helps to provide it, and an undeserved salary, to Labrador.)

GOP proves their are insane

The GOP majority in the House of Representatives has presented a Bill to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act thirty three (33 !) times. One definition of Insanity is, "To repeat the same action ending with the same result is a form of Insanity".....

100 percent GOP Representatives vote for Repeal, over and over, so they are all insane. No wonder Labrador is one of the new Spokesmen.

Jimmy Farris has entered this campaign knowing how deficient Idaho's national influence is. He has pointed out truthfully why Idahoans need to change the way they vote.

At this date, I have not read or heard one thing Mr. Farris has said to be a lie...Labrador? another story... If his lips are moving, he is most likely telling a twisted tale.

Look up Jimmy Farris. You may like what you find.

It's bad enough you confuse

It's bad enough you confuse there, their, and they're, but "their are" is decidedly poor grammar.

As for the dumb jock Farris, his use of command statements proves that he is politically naive and impotent.

My apology to Bytheway

Thank you for correcting my mistake.
I intended to say " they are".
So, it should be, "GOP proves they are insane".

And, by the way;
I would prefer a dumb jock that helps the State of Idaho be
a better place to live, over a smooth talking Crook that tears
it down.

If it was from using Propecia it's not his fault.


You fry wants with that?

Boy Wonder Mouth

Was finally told to put up or shut up Good!

Right on Mr. Farris!

Where's Labrador's response?


Will say nothing. The GOP plan? Repeal and do nothing.

Sounds fair to me

It seems a perfectly fair question to ask of Labrador. If they're unhappy with ACA, what's the GOP alternative? Do they want to go back to the way it was? Before the GOP extremists complain, they should at least have an alternate plan in place. Not much to ask for is it?

Aren't any of you extremist posters even a little bit embarrassed by the actions of your leaders? 33 votes to repeal? Don't they have any other business to attend to?

A plan for the No Action Congress

What has the Tea/Republican Party done to move this country forward?

Anything? Anyone?...

Hold Congress's salaries and benefits until they come up with a plan to bring unemployment down to 6% AND give us the option of buying into the *FEHBP.

ASK YOURSELVES - why do they deserve better health care than the rest of us? THEY DON'T!! Soooo either take away their benefits and save us a crap load of tax payer dollars... or share the wealth.

*The FEHBP "offers about 300 different private health care plans, including five government-wide, fee-for-service plans and many regional health maintenance organization (HMO) plans, plus high-deductible, tax-advantaged plans. All plans cover hospital, surgical and physician services, and mental health services, prescription drugs and "catastrophic" coverage against very large medical expenses. There are no waiting periods for coverage when new employees are hired, and there are no exclusions for preexisting conditions. The FEHBP negotiates contracts annually with all insurance companies who wish to participate. There is plenty of competition for the business; FEHBP is the largest employer-sponsored health plan in the U.S."
- according to

Once again an amatuer

Hey Farris...good luck with that "bring rain or leave town" speech out of the box like thats going anywhere. Barry's boys must have sent you a script. How about we sit down at a table and work out true reform to Americas health care since the current POS bankrupt the country and not improve result of our healthcare efforts and most importantly control costs. It is a give away to create more entitled that truly American. Barry, Nancy and Harry have spoiled the well for every well meaning Democrat in this country...including YOU. Good Luck...oh..BTW you are no Cecil Andrus feel free work work on your delivery.

States have some blame...

This health care scuffle has been hot since the early 90's. State governments should have stepped up and developed their own solutions (not bandaids) to address our rat hole public health care system, the emergency room. But because any public policy or action that came remotely close to what Clinton proposed in the early 90s was viewed as "big government liberalism," many state solutions were either killed on the floor or never got out of committee. This obstructionist attitude gets you more radical results/policy in the long run. But I think conservatives should feel blessed that this didn't go as far as a single payer system. At least the insurance exchange promotes competition amongst insurance companies. Too bad some states balked at the idea of setting up their own exchanges. Another example of obstructionist attitude producing radical results. Bye bye local control.

Labrador gets bennies, we can't get better stuff.


You fry wants with that?

32 times

The House GOP has tried to repeal the ACA. Isn't it about time they worked on something else?

They could work on a Federal Budget.....

Oh wait, they have, each of the past 3 years the House has passed their budget meeting the provisions of Fed law - It's Obama who can't get a single DEMOCRAT vote in the Senate to approve his budget proposals.

Labrador, Semanko, Denney are footloose with important principle

Labrador, Semanko, Denney are footloose with important principles of management. They have damaged our Party and hurt Idaho Citizens. Overpaid government hacks.

The Republican/Koch Brothers Plan

Reverse course 100 years:
No health care
No safety net
No pure food and drug act
No environmental legislation
No minimum wage

Corporate control through sleazy campaign contributions and influence peddling
Government corruption calculated to enrich cronies and disfranchise the poor

Result: Poverty, Pollution, decline of the middle class, decline in quality of education as private providers siphon off funds.

Result: Third world state ruled by a coalition of irresponsible enterprises and irresponsible government.

I know you've read it but how is it true or relevant?

Only a few people actually know what you might be talking about.

This means that you and others have very poor communication skills.

Please work on that, for everybody's benefit.


You fry wants with that?

Criticism from

Criticism from foreignoregonian about communication skills? Now that's funny!

I pwn U yard frog


You fry wants with that?

you forgot-

demolish unions to insure those results

If Jimmy wants Congressman

If Jimmy wants Congressman Labrador to "roll out" his own alternative to Obama Care which will help address the thousands of uninsured Idahoans; then I think Jimmy should have to "roll out" his own plan that will address the billions of dollars our country spends each year on illegal immigrants within our healthcare system. Until we quit turning the blind eye on such, our health care resources will continue to be drained by these individuals, thus creating the majority of bad debt we have each year in our hospitals. If we eliminated all that money that were spending on people who should not have any rights in this country anyway, and in turn used that money to take care of our own uninsured and underinsured CITIZENS, then this problem would be solved without the implementation of ACA or the "Labrador plan".

Do you have any data to back up that statement?

Illegals are responsible for the majority of bad debt in Idaho hospitals? How do we know that? How is that tracked? I listened to a presentation from some hospital representatives who showed they lose more money from underpayment of government programs like Medicare and Medicaid than bad debt and charity care.

Illegal workers are definitely part of the problem that we have to address, but they are by no means the entire problem. Even if every illegal left the country tomorrow, we would still have problems with our healthcare system that needed to be dealt with.

It's always easy to blame the problem on someone else, but we all have to be part of the solution.

"Becourteous" Please read my

"Becourteous" Please read my statement once "our" hospitals, as in "our" nation, especially the states bordering Mexico where people cross illegally into the U.S. just to give birth so that their babies are now citizens of our country. And I did not say that they were the entire problem. But by providing millions of dollars in "free" care to non-citizens, it only increases the overall cost of healthcare to everyone...including uninsured CITIZENS of our country. :) If we should be providing charity care to anyone it should be our own citizens.

Fair enough...I was trying to apply your statement to Idaho

However, when you say,"this problem would be solved" if we eliminate money being spend on illegals, I think you might understand how I thought you were attributing the problem to them.

I still wonder where you found that data that suggests the majority of bad debt in "our" hospitals is because of illegals. I would be interested in reading it.

Don't hold your breath...

Methinks he listens too much to the right wing rage machine. Short on facts, long on hatred.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

funny, how just because you

funny, how just because you may not agree with my comments/thoughts that you automatically assume I am "right wing". I am a tax paying citizen who tends to lean right of center, but can see both sides of many issues :) And I do not have any problem helping our fellow citizens as long as theyre helping themselves in return. I think if we were to offer health insurance to all, it should be limited to preventative care plus emergency care only, like a basic policy. Then if someone wants more than that,they can pay the extra portion. This way we are providing every CITIZEN with the basics. So we would be more so subsidizing their healthcare, and in turn making it more affordable. By limiting basic coverage to preventative and emergency care only, we would help eliminate the abuses within the Medicaid system where some individuals over use the emergency room for NON EMERGENCY issues.

Using the ER is the general problem

I mean, can't you schedule your near-death incidents well?


You fry wants with that?

when people use the ER for

when people use the ER for non emergency issues such as a cold! :) which there are alot of. :)

I hold a deep grudge and won't go to Satanphonsus at all.

I'd rather die here or on my bike.


And I almost did Friday. Heat.