Outshot by my .22 pistol

A couple years ago I decided to get more serious about handgun shooting. I've always shot rifles and shotguns, and while I've owned a Ruger .22 revolver since high school, I didn't shoot it much and shot it poorly when I did.

It's a long story how I went from a .22 revolver to buying a 1911 Springfield Armory .45 autoloader (yes, I know 1911 and autoloader is redundant). For those unfamiliar, the 1911 .45 is the classic U.S. government issue handgun from World War II that's remained essentially unchanged for 100 years.

Learning to shoot it meant relying on the basic shooting skills that I've developed through the years and adapting them to handgun shooting. Since I have a rifle background, it's reflected in my shooting style, which is really, really slow compared to the "run and gun" competition handgun shooters.

I've learned to hit (usually) what I am aiming for, and I've come to really enjoy pistol shooting. I've since added a 9 mm, and recently, another .22, but this time an autoloader.

This weekend I had all three at the Emmett gun range, and I was having a blast shooting steel plates. It's as addictive as shooting sporting clays with a shotgun. Once you start hitting, you can't stop until you run out of ammo.

The funny thing was my .22 autoloader outshot both my .45 and 9 mm, despite costing a fraction of what I paid for those guns, not to mention costing pennies per magazine to shoot vs. several dollars with 9 mm or .45.

But all three guns are fun to shoot, just different. Hitting better with one gun means I need a little more practice with the others. And that's never a bad thing.

22 sets

A 22 in 1911 style
A 22 in an AR
A 22 in scoped rifle -the classic 10/22

And for old school:
A single-six with an Old Henry Yellowboy combo.

can't reload, but it's all fun!

The 45 was a pain

I was weaned on a Hi Standard 22LR target pistol but had to qualify with the 45 when I went into the military. The 22 is a laser compared to the the ballistic performance of the 45. I have a 9mm now also and it's a compromise, better accuracy than the 45 Colt with a fair amount of knock down punch in actual combat but the 22 remains my favorite.