Do it: Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears at Alive After Five

Is it sweltering in Boise? Yep. But it's about to get even hotter. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears headline Alive After Five on Wednesday, July 11. Start hydrating now.

As David Letterman exclaims after this typically scorching performance, "I don't know what to say! Let's have that every night, for god's sake!"

It would be nice to have it at Alive After Five every week, too. But once a summer is better than nothing, right?

Black Joe Lewis!

These guys are so great to see live. They were one of the best bands at all of the Sasquatch festival at the gorge last year! Got everybody dancing and loving life! Check them out for sure.


Well, I went to the show. Question? Where did the funk go go?

I think I know. There was no Zack Ernest - the guitar player. He wasn't there. Did he quit? They need him.
It was Zack's guitar sound and style that gave it that retro James Brown funkolioushishness. Watch the above video and you'll now exactly what I mean.

Joe as the only guitar in the band can't play his way out of a wet paper bag, and the guitar tone / articulation was not good. Without the horn section, I'd of thought I was outside some dudes garage in garden city!

Looks to me as if the band has gone more in a garage blues/rock direction. And, that's okay.
Just not at all what I expected judging from listening to the CDs (thank you Record Exchange) and videos.
But it was still very fun.

Agree somewhat

I wouldn't say the funk vanished, but the absence of Zach Ernst definitely changes the dynamic of the band. They need a second guitarist. It appears he's no longer with the Honeybears, which is a bummer since — as I understand it — he's sort of the reason the band formed in the first place.