Gem State Tea Party confederation founded, unites nine Idaho groups

More than three years after the tea party movement began, a confederation of groups from across Idaho has established a single website, Gem State Tea Party.

The nine affiliates are Sandpoint Tea Party, North Idaho Tea Party, Central Idaho Tea Party, Lemhi County Tea Party, Washington County Tea Party, Payette County Tea Party, Custer County Tea Party, Tea Party Boise and Mini-Cassia Tea Party.

A statement summarizes the new confederation's mission: "The Gem State Tea Party is a statewide Tea Party Confederation which is working together to bring about substantial changes in the State of Idaho. We support increased personal liberty, lower taxes, decreased regulations, and smaller and more accountable government. We stalwartly oppose all efforts to increase the power and scope of government over individuals and businesses, and will work diligently to undo and eliminate existing regulations and taxes which stand in the way of individual freedom and business success. "

The joint effort was announced in Tea Party Boise's July newsletter.

The group is promoting the 2nd Annual Idaho Liberty & Unity Summit to be held on August 17th and 18th at the Boise Center on the Grove. The event will be keynoted by Mychal Massie, chairman of Project 21, a conservative African-American think tank. Massie will speak at the $50 banquet Friday.

The closing speaker is Curtis Greco, founder of the Imperfect Messenger Foundation who will speak Saturday. Saturday tickets are $100 and include breakfast and lunch. Two-day tickets for two people are available for $250.

Saturday's conference will include presentations from tea party groups, Project 9/12 Idaho, the Idaho Freedom Foundation, Oath Keepers, John Birch Society and others, according to Tea Party Boise.

Special room rates are available, with listings in the Tea Party Boise newsletter.

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Hyperbole on parade...

Will they have a 'biggest tri-corner hat' contest?
Facts and logic will be checked at the door.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Look out, there's going to be a tinfoil shortage.

Things do have a tendency to group together when they are going round and round circling the drain after a flush.

ONE-STOP STUPID and Mr. Meyer rolls in his grave.

But it's a lot easier for one kook with a weapon I would suspect.


You fry wants with that?

Gotta love it.

This should be the funniest show in Boise all summer. Will there be adequate parking for all the clown cars?

dont laugh

backwards as they may be- they'll band together and vote, and bad things will happen.

So that's 3 dozen of them. Their bark is louder than their clout

If you run out of pickles you won't throw the burger away.


You fry wants with that?

So I'm sure

They will reject all their Medicare and VA as a show of good faith.

Will Include

Idaho's largest collection of misspelled signs.

Will the Land Board now be scrutinized?

Nice to know that Idahoans are working to make local government accountable for the money they take and spend. Maybe they can stop the Land Board from opening up untaxed state coffee shops and send that money to the public schools, like they're supposed to.

Will they make all the dancing girls eat?


You fry wants with that?