LeFavour, former firefighter, says she's inspired by reaction to big Idaho fire

Second District Democratic Congressional candidate Nicole LeFavour issued a statement Thursday about the Charlotte Fire, which began June 28 and burned 66 homes and 29 outbuildings south of Pocatello.

LeFavour, a state senator from Boise, is facing seven-term Republican Rep. Mike Simpson in November.

Her statement follows:

Senator Nicole LeFavour Responds To Community Crisis in Pocatello

Senator Nicole LeFavour offered her support to the Pocatello community as they cope with the devastating Charlotte Fire. She has directed her campaign organizer, John Perryman of Pocatello, to continue updating her on the fire threat and the community's recovery efforts.

“I'm so sorry for the families that have been affected by this fire in the community. It is such a stress for the community and is particularly difficult on those firefighters when homes and lives are involved,” Senator Lefavour said.

Senator LeFavour, who has worked as a wild land firefighter, said, “I know how intense the situation will be until the fire is fully contained and danger from wind is gone. I never had to fight fires that directly threatened homes and I can only imagine the difficulty of that for the fire fighters.”

The strong community response has been an inspiration. Many individuals, groups, and religious organizations are coming to the aid of those in need. From the Humane Society doing all they can to help with displaced animals to the LDS church opening their services to all affected by the fire regardless of faith tradition.

"I so deeply appreciate the response of the firefighters, police, sheriff, city, and the many members of the community who are giving their time, sharing their homes, and making donations to help during this frightening time. My thoughts and best wishes are with you all."

Senator Nicole LeFavour grew up in Custer County in central Idaho and worked for the U.S.D.A. Forest service as a wild land firefighter, back country ranger and hydrology technician. She has served 8 years in the Idaho legislature and is currently running for the U.S. House of Representatives against incumbent Mike Simpson.

Dear Citizens,

Remember that duct tape has so many uses like our colleague Mr. Red Green has publicized.

Just one of them is good for your pocketbooks in the face of financial adversity.

Please remember to reinforce your underwear to prevent unwanted expenditures!

Be Firewise and always be Frugal!

Your Buddy,

Nicole "N for NATCH!" LeFavour


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Still waiting, Danny Boy

Thanks, Danny Boy, for your free campaign ad for Nicole "Cry Me a River" LeFavour. We're still waiting for you to come up with some dirt on her. A hit piece. You know, like you do on all the Republican politicians.

Like many things,

that don't seem to occur to you, maybe the Idaho Dems do not have the scandal and corruption about which Mr. Popkey often reports?

Perhaps you missed this story, which ran in April

Take a look at this link. It includes a sidebar about Sen. LeFavour's 1999 guilty plea to violating a protection order.

I don't consider it a 'hit piece,' but when we learned of the matter, we felt it important to publish a story.


Dan Popkey



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Cry me a river? Really? I pray for you poolboy.

I pray that you do not have to go through the devistation that our community has suffered here in Pocatello.
If you do, I hope that your community feels the support ours has from its citizens and well wishers. Shame on you poolboy!

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Read the entire thread before condemning the off-the-cuff cat. After 5 years you should know that.


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Being a dork was grounds for flagging? We're all in trouble now.

If that were the case, most of us would be flagged regularly. I did read the thread and see no reason to be flagged. Just because she speaks so highly of LaFavour? I'll be honest, I'm no fan of LaFavour but see no reason to flag someone for singing her praises.

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Dan did you let your seventh grade daughter write this trite piece of political panhandling...YUCK. Memo to Nicole...ask Dan to stop doing you favors...at least the Statesman isn't well distributed in Bannock County. " She directed her campaign manager to keep her in the loop"...I am going to PUKE.

LeFavour is the real deal!

Ok ,so I attended the Phoenix Rising Event for the Victims of the Charlotte Fire Saturday @ the Old Town Pavilion in Pocatello. And get this, when I told Nicole LeFavour who is currently running for Congress what I was doing, she asked me to make a donation for the cause on her behalf! Who does that when they are trying to raise money to run for Congress? Not many….. you’re right! But this candidate does! Nicole is the real deal! I am so proud of our Pocatello Community coming together to help in times of need and proud of Nicole LeFavour!

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In the meantime, thanks to Mr. Popkey for writing something that's connected to a devastating event and political campaign.

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