Next stop for the Boise Food Truck Rally? The outlet mall.

The monthly Food Truck Rally has gotten insanely popular. (See also: Michael Deeds' writeup that manages to give dramatic tension to cupcakes and Alex Kiesig's excellent feature on the rally.)

For the next event — 5 to 9 p.m. on Friday, July 13 — the trucks will set up camp in a giant parking lot out on I-84 — at the Boise Outlets. It's a way out from the recent Downtown Boise and Boise Bench spots. But it's nice to see the trucks rallying at a place that's more spacious and more accessible to a big chunk of the Valley. Not to mention the proximity to ice skating.

The folks who'll be there, according to the Facebook event page:

  • A Cupcake Paradise
  • Archie's Place
  • Big Daddy BBQ
  • Boise Fry
  • Brown Shuga Soul Food
  • Bucksnort Rootbeer
  • Riceworks
  • Saint Lawrence Gridiron
  • Tiki Shave Ice
  • Beer by Payette Brewing
  • Wine by Indian Creek

Food trucks, in the past,

Food trucks, in the past, were about inexpensive food that we plebians could access. Now they market the rich folks. Where are my $1 lengua tacos?

Outlet Mall...

suggests a place where malls that didn't sell or were returned and refurbished are marked down for clearance


we are not going on about 'strip malls'

have you ever been there?

you aren't far off.

Well, at least there'll be some reason for people to go there.

I try, I really do, but the selection isn't great and most of the prices are too high.

That's what Youth Ranch, SA and Savers are for.


You fry wants with that?


What's that?

Sally Ann, the Church Lady


You fry wants with that?