Salmon jumping over Dagger Falls

Here's a note from Idaho Rivers United. A few weeks ago I had a question from a reader on where can you get information when the salmon start jumping over the falls on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River near Boundary Creek.

Here's the alert from IRU:

"According to our friends at the U.S. Forest Service, spring chinook salmon - headed to their spawning grounds upstream - are leaping up and over beautiful Dagger Falls at a rate of nearly two dozen fish every half hour. This brief and inspiring occurrence is breathtaking to behold."

Getting there: Dagger falls can be reached from the road to the Boundary Creek boat launch, which is accessed off Idaho 21 near Banner Summit between Lowman and Stanley.

"The struggle to recover healthy chinook runs is far from over. But due to good snowpack levels, near-perfect ocean conditions and court-mandated spill won by Idaho Rivers United and its allies in federal court, the number of wild chinook returning to spawn has increased slightly over the past few years," said Anne Morrison, outreach and communication intern with IRU.