Parts of Lower Salmon close to salmon fishing


Chinook salmon fishing on parts of the Lower Salmon River will close at the end of fishing Sunday, July 8.

The sections to close are from the mouth of Shorts Creek upstream to the uppermost boat ramp at Vinegar Creek and from the Rice Creek Bridge upstream to the U.S. 95 Time Zone Bridge.

Fishery managers estimate that by July 8 anglers will have caught more than 90 percent of the sport fishery share of adipose-fin-clipped salmon destined for the Rapid River Hatchery.

Leaving the Little Salmon River and the Lower Salmon River from the Time Zone Bridge to Shorts Creek open will allow anglers to harvest the balance of the harvest share without intercepting too many hatchery and natural origin fish destined for areas upstream of the Little Salmon River, Fish and Game said.

Salmon fishing on the Salmon River near Riggins - Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman.


Should the Title say "Closed"

No, parts are still open. Please re-read.


You fry wants with that?