Gear Tuesday: Lighweight dry bags


Extra clothing can get wet in a daypack in a sudden or prolonged rainstorm. Putting your gear, like clothing or electronics in a regular river dry bag in your daypack adds a lot of weight.

That's why when I spotted some of the new lightweight dry bags on the market, I knew they'd come in handy for my first-aid and survival kit, clothing and other gear.

The Sea to Summit 8 liter Lightweight Drysack weighs 2.8 ounces and is big enough to handle my wool gloves, wool hat, extra long johns, rain jacket and rain pants. It transfers easily from the day pack to the raft without any repacking of gear.

Sea to Summit Drysacks come in a variety of sizes from 1 liter to 35 liters. I have another lightweight dry bag that handles a first-aid and survival kit, which transfers from the day pack to the raft for fishing or the drift boat during duck season.

I'm convinced having gear like the backpack stove, trail snacks and other stuff in different dry bags in a day pack makes it a lot easier for organization than to just throw stuff loose in the pack.

My 8 liter bag cost $15.95 at REI.

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman