Canoeing the Boise River

The flow of the Boise River is ideal for canoeing.

My wife and I did a float over the weekend. Check out the video


Here ya go Zimo- your hero:
3 little kids in a big (underinflated) raft, he's using one reg paddle and NOT wearing a life jacket.

Question is- are these "public servents" going to check to see if he has the required pfd onboard?

Here's your sign "man in a purple raft".


We can also talk about the BFD using chainsaws in the water on questionable footing with no leg protection.

And one guy is hanging on to the other (picture 3) with just one hand- "hey thanks Tom".

Jump in there

and show 'em how it's done. Really?


I can't understand parents who don't wear PFDs. Even though they put them on the kids, if the kids fall out of the raft, trying to retrieve the kids if you're swimming without one, will be pretty difficult in the cold water and strong current.
You put your kids in more danger if you aren't wearing a PFD. Plain and simple.

People are stupid everywhere this summer...

unprecedented level of dumbness.


You fry wants with that?

One finger points away,

three fingers point back.