Introducing our new editorial board community representative

A big welcome to our newest editorial board community representative, Jessica Flynn.

Flynn is co-founder and CEO of Red Sky Public Relations, a rapidly growing Boise firm. I’m excited that she brings an entrepreneurial and journalistic background to the board; she’s a former TV reporter/producer, including nearly 3 1/2 years as executive producer at KIVI in Boise. She also worked in public relations for Tamarack ski resort project before launching her own firm. Last but not least, she is also a driving force behind Ignite Boise, a twice-a-year PowerPoint presentation slam that draws hundreds of attendees to the Egyptian Theater.

As we look forward to adding Flynn to the board, I want to thank outgoing board members Steve Ahrens and Hal Bunderson for their time and expertise. Each of them spent about two years on the board; that’s a lot of Tuesday morning brainstorming sessions and election interviews.

Ahrens, the former head of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, and Bunderson, a seven-term state senator from Meridian, were always two go-to Statehouse sources. They were two great guys to have on an editorial board, too. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

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Conflict of Interest?

You have a PR professional who will no doubt be seeking some earned media from the Statesman. Yeah, no conflict there.


You raise a fair question, and it's one we've discussed. When editorials deal with current of former Red Sky clients, we will state that conflict upfront. And there may be times when Jessica will have to recuse herself from an editorial.

I would add that this is not unprecedented. I have had to personally declare conflicts on a few occasions. On another occasion, when I had a deep personal conflict on a topic, I recused myself entirely from the discussion and drafting of an editorial — and didn't see it at all until the paper showed up on my doorstep.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor