College football playoffs starting to look like BCS 2.0

By Brian Murphy

While college football presidents and conference commissioners still have work to do on access and revenue distribution for the new postseason format, Big East Senior Associate Commissioner Nick Carparelli said he does not believe deserving conference champions will be cut out of the system.

"I don't believe any league is going to be squeezed out. There have been seven conferences represented in BCS games. Last year was the only year it wasn't and there probably should have been a seventh," Carparelli said.

Since the BCS expanded to five games for the 2007 postseason, at least seven conferences were represented each year until last year. In 2009, there were eight conferences represented in the five games with Boise State (WAC) and TCU (Mountain West) joining the six AQ conferences.

"Now we're seeing the system expand from 10 to 12. The purpose of that was for access for other deserving champions," Carparelli said. "The notion there is going to be less access is a false one."

In the BCS, the top-ranked conference champion from a non-AQ league was assured of a spot if ranked in the top 12. Carparelli said "at a minimum, we should expect that that line will remain."

"The national championship has evolved. The revenue has evolved. Full access for other conference champions will evolve," he said.

Other highlights:

— On bowl tie-ins: Carparelli said the Big East is in discussions with bowl games. "I'm confident that wherever our champion ends up, it will be a very high-quality location against a high-quality opponent," he said.

He added that the league is considering not having a specific tie-in for its conference champion given the geography of the league in 2013 and beyond. "Honing in on one location for our champion might not make sense for anybody," he said.

— On Boise State's decision: He said the league talked with Boise State throughout its process of withdrawing from the Mountain West. "Clearly Boise State needs to resolve the issue of where their sports other than football will play. We believe they have options," Carparelli said.

Carparelli said the league has considered the possibility of creating a "Western Division" for all sports, but that "a lot of strategic planning needs to be done."

— On the league's upcoming television negotiations: "We're very confident of the value that this conference brings to the table. All of the consultants in TV, the professionals that we have talked to, have echoed those positive sentiments," he said.

Playoffs starting to look like BCS 2.0

College football's newly announced playoff system, which will begin with the 2014 regular season, is starting to look very familiar.

The ACC and Orange Bowl announced a new 12-year agreement Tuesday, locking the league's champion into the bowl game as long as it is not playing in the four-team playoff. If that is the case, then a second ACC team will play in the Orange Bowl.

Sound familiar?

It sounds an awful lot like the despised BCS, which the new system was supposed to replace. So far five leagues have announced contracts with bowl expected to be part of the six top-tier games.

A selection committee will chose the four teams to participate in the playoff.

Rose Bowl: In some years, perhaps one of every three, the Rose will be a semifinal playoff game. In other years, it will host the champions from the Big Ten and Pac-12 — unless one or both makes the playoffs. In that case, the second-best team from the league will play for the Roses, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Champions Bowl: The Big 12 and the Southeastern conferences have announced a deal that will pit their football regular-season champions against each other in a New Year's Day bowl game for five years beginning in 2014, positioning themselves for the expected switch to a four-team playoff. ... If one or both of the league champions are selected to play in the playoff, another team would be selected for the Big 12-SEC bowl showdown on Jan. 1, according to

Orange Bowl: The Atlantic Coast Conference and the Orange Bowl announced a 12-year agreement that goes into effect in the 2014 seasons to tie the league and game together through 2025. The contract maintains the tie between the two entities that has been in place since 2006. Under the terms of the new deal, the ACC champion will play in the Orange Bowl if the school is not part of the playoff and the game is not hosting a national semifinal. ... In the years that the ACC champion is in a playoff and the Orange Bowl is not hosting, another representative from the conference will be selected, according to USA Today.

What it means is that the number of available spots in the top-tier bowl games will fluctuate depending on which bowls host semifinals and which conferences qualify teams for the playoff.

When the new configuration was announced, Idaho President Duane Nellis — a member of the 12-member BCS Presidential Oversight Committee that had to sign off on the changes — said the new format would allow more access for teams in other conferences.

"The other thing that to me is positive for schools that might be in the Mountain West or the WAC are the three additional bowls, in addition to the Champions Bowl, the Orange Bowl and the Rose Bowl. With the separate championship game, it will provide more access points," Nellis told the Idaho Statesman.

"Assuming rankings would have held, Boise State under this new format would have been in one of the bowl games this past year when they were closed out unfortunately. Based on the structure, according to this analysis, there are five (more) non-AQ schools in the last 12 years that would have made into in this new system assuming that things worked out with the selection process."

At this point, no defined access points have been announced for teams not in the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 or SEC.

Boise State is scheduled to join the Big East – which was one of the BCS's six AQ conferences in the past — in 2013.

"The BCS Presidents made it very clear that there is still a lot of work to be done on the access issue. It's premature to assume that there won't be spots for other conf champions. The system was increased from 10 to 12 teams for that reason," Senior Associate Commissioner of the Big East Nick Carparelli tweeted Tuesday.

In the old BCS system, the top-ranked conference champion from a non-automatic-qualifying conference was guaranteed a spot in the BCS if it finished in the top 12 of the final BCS Standings.


This is from Stewart Mandel at on what the new system might have looked like had it been in place last year:

Let's assume, as a hypothetical, that the six wind up being: Rose, Sugar (Champions), Cotton, Orange, Fiesta and Chick-fil-A. And let's say, for this example, the Fiesta and Orange wind up hosting the first semifinals.

Here's what the lineup might have looked like using last season's field and the committee's anticipated criteria (strength of schedule, head-to-head, valuing conference champions, etc).

• Dec. 31, 1 p.m. Chick-fil-A: No. 11 Clemson (10-3) vs. No. 13 Baylor (9-3)

• Dec. 31, 4:30 p.m. Cotton: No. 9 South Carolina (10-2) vs. No. 10 Boise State (11-1)

• Dec. 31, 8 p.m. Fiesta: No. 2 Oklahoma State (11-1) vs. No. 3 Alabama (11-1)

• Jan. 1, 1 p.m. Sugar: No. 6 Arkansas (10-2) vs. No. 7 Kansas State (10-2)

• Jan. 1, 5 p.m. Rose: No. 5 Stanford (11-1) vs. No. 8 Wisconsin (11-2)

• Jan. 1, 8:30 p.m. Orange: No. 1 LSU (13-0) vs. No. 4 Oregon (10-2)

Obviously, it's impossible to say exactly how the committee's rankings would have differed from the BCS standings, but I elevated Oklahoma State (from No. 3 to No. 2), Oregon (No. 5 to 4), Wisconsin (No. 10 to No. 8) and Clemson (No. 15 to No. 11) for their conference championships and/or head-to-head wins over similarly ranked foes and downgraded Boise State (from No. 7 to No. 10) for poor strength of schedule. We also don't know if there would be an at-large selection order or a teams-per conference limit (the SEC placed four in this lineup).

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university presidents support the BCS cash flow system

if a 16 team BCS playoff will make the conferences and it's schools more money, the presidents will support it.


Would be interesting to see how the money might work out.
For instance, would the Big 10 (12 teams) make or lose money with 12 teams scheduling one less regular season game each in their very large, sold out stadiums, for the extra game(s) one or two of their teams might play in the playoff ?

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to guys like lamesched, i83701, wideright, apoplexynow, crabnman, JocDoc, BigPackage, anonymous_sorcerer, BSUniversity, RotteNspuD, valleyvandal, supergenius, Bozohater, straighttalk, treecityusa, Landbaron, tracy644, spaceman21, JFS12 ... among many others?

Those guys really could troll. The current bunch wouldn't even make the "C" team by comparison. We have one who wants some sort of rack and another who has a predilection for cupcakes. Then there are a few outright goofballs. A relative "Akron" of a lineup.

Come on trolls, step it up! There are only a couple more months to practice and then you have to play!

The few we DO have....

seem to be making up. They make up a lack of evidence and intelligence with enthusiastic vitriol. Don't bring facts up, as they'll just ignore them and go with their feelings.

Biggest offenders: BDuck (still), potatolander, pony (still), and BlkShoe

I wonder what happened to weisberg, tho. He was stupid, but harmless.

§ Wasn't viewing potatolander

as a troll, more like someone who simply got into an ongoing "discussion" with you all day long. It's been about 15 rounds now. I think he's got some valid points or at least a firm conviction. At the very least, you two aren't seeing things the same way and that's understandable. What he isn't doing is bashing BSU in every post.

Email to you, as well.

My biggest beef with him

is that all his posts are long on opinion and short on fact. He regurgitates the same old cliches, but doesn't even hold other programs to the same standard. He criticizes Boise State for playing 2 or 3 good teams (Yes, TCU and Nevada are good teams), but forgets that not even the SEC plays more than 2-3 good teams. He is the promoter of the SEC-rules-top-to-bottom mindset, and that is simply not the case. Most SEC (with the occasional exception) play two great in-conference opponents, and a bunch of scrubs (OOC and in-conference). The SoS argument is weak and old.

I'm not defending the SEC

I'm pointing out that Florida (an SEC team) played 4 tough games in a row and I backed that up, not on opinion, but based on their schedule. As for being critical of BSU, I am certainly not doing that. I was merely using them in contrast to Florida's schedule. Look at it this way - BSU is always being hit for their scheduling, right? Well, could you imagine how impressive it'd be if after the Georgia game, they had Auburn, then LSU, then a bye, then Alabama? That would be one heck of a BSU "dream" schedule, would it not?
So why knock Florida for having it when you'd love for BSU to have it?

§ Not going to take a side in this.

I will offer this, though. I'd much rather play the weaker of the SEC teams and have that on my W-L résumé than I would the weaker MWC/WAC teams and try to fashion a comparison. That's why BSU's SoS suffers. As bad as Mississippi might have been, a win over them would trump beating Colorado State on every scale.

Obviously, BSU can't help that. They play the conference slate and then need to get the best of the rest. We CANNOT bítch about the UNC-Charlottes and Florida Internationals on SEC teams' schedules when we have just added Tennessee-Martin. Bye would be better (yes, I know it's a date to fill and revenue to bank).

But ... that's now and the upgrade train has left the station. Hopefully, as the cfb landscape evolves, the playoff system will expand and there will be realistic room for 16.

Is it like losing a lover?


You fry wants with that?



don't forget


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hasn't posted since 9/16/2011 (as near as I can determine). He was a good, albeit infrequent, poster. I don't think we'll be hearing from him again ... if you know what I mean.

In the last

5 years BSU has beaten Big 12 Champ (Oklahoma, bowl), Pac 10 Champ (Oregon, home), ACC Champ (VaTech, road), SEC East Champ (Georgia, road), 2 MWC Champs, (TCU, Utah, bowls). Name another school that has as many crowns and heads of conquered kings... And only one of em even had the courage to play BSU at home.

Well that was a fun honeymoon

What a fun couple days when everyone in the media cheered about how all of college football's problems were solved before actually looking at what was set up.

Conference win

They should make it a rule that only teams that have won their conference can be in the play off games. At least that way you will not have a SEC vs SEC in the playoffs.

What's your deal Pony?

Don't you have your own team to cheer for? You seem to have a lot of anger. You know, hating someone else is like taking poison and hoping they will die.

Very funny yuz guyz

Yes, I want fry
Boise State has been very good all these years and a loss now or again doesn't change anything. Neither does the quality of opponents.
But the vaunted Strength of Schedule needs to be applied to everybody and should include every team playing every member of their conference. So dump the 12 and bigger Conferences and their Divisions. But in 2011 neither LSU or Alabama played Georgia nor South Carolina. So much for the strength of schedule and every game counting.
True all SEC teams play Patsy teams from the FCS and even TAMU figured it out, now that they are in the SEC they scheduled 2 Patsies, when they were in the Big 12 they and 3 other teams did not.
Big 12 was 6-2 in bowls, SEC 6-3. If Oklahoma State would have played LSU in the NCG then you would have had a measure of how strong the SEC and Big 12 were, but alas that did not happen. There should be an 8 team playoff this year, yes in 2012, go check out how it works with existing schedules and bowls.

TexanRichard-if Broncos lose one game-it is all over until 2013

BSU is a unique team in a way. Because BSU is in a non-AQ conference and is an Non-AQ Team, the Broncos HAVE TO HAVE we have to have an undefeated season to ever even hope to sniff and somewhat expect an invite to a BCS Bowl or the Natty Championship gamae itself.

Even if we are undefeated on the even of BCS Bowl planning and the selection processs there is absolutely no guarantee that we would get invited over other AQ Teams with one and even twwo (conceivably) losses.

So when you say that one loss now and again doesn't change anything.

You are so wrong !!!!!

One loss per season changes the entire season for BSU's hopes of getting an invite to the BCS Bowl Scene.

However, BSU is under that type of pressure (never losing) now and has been in the past. The Bronco Footbqll Team knows the drill and what is at stake with even one little loss. Hopefully the Broncos can complete the 2012 season undefeated at 12-0 and get into a BCS post season bowl.

I would love to see an undefeated BSU Team getting an invite to play in the BCS Natty Game, but I am a realilst and believe that will never happen, regardless of how powerful the Broncos are.

Even the weak minded members of the Out To Lunch Bunch know this scenario and understand the dynamics of BSU needing an undefeated season.

It is very basic stuff.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member #63799

Post Script

16 The Perfect Playoff Plan for 2014
12 Conference champs from the 10 Team Regionally and Equally Balanced Conferences.
4 Second Place teams with the most wins, one from each of 3 Regions (with 4 Conferences) and a 4th Second Place team with the most wins out of the remaining 9 Conferences.
No polls, no computers and no committees, just wins baby.

New Mountain Conference
Arizona State
Boise State
Fresno State
San Jose State
Utah State
less travel regional opponents same strength as all the other Conferences and equal access as any other Conference.

SEC West
Mississippi State
Southern Mississippi
Texas A&M
UL Lafayette
UL Monroe

The other Conferences like these have 5 teams that can compete for the championship and qualify for a Bowl invite.

All we've complained about for how many years?




When does it leave the station with a caboose that says


None of this matters

We used to love FOOTBALL

Football is a GAME

We all look like the biggest insert a word-plural out there because we got sucked

into this crap

For what?

Not for BSU

Not for Lyle Smith, or any coach


It doesn't matter how we felt exclusively

The game is for the players

The players who want us to be HAPPY

We should be happy when they play or we are not

the spectators or loving fans we should be

The university is for all

The team is for the university

That is all that counts

They play for all