Boise State, Idaho submit athletic budgets for 2012-2013

By Brian Murphy

Boise State and Idaho submitted their projected Fiscal Year 2013 budgets to the State Board of Education late last month.

Here are some highlights:

Boise State

• The Broncos are projected to have $32.4 million in operating revenue.

• Boise State will spend $33.4 million in operating expenditures.

• Boise State will spend $7.4 million in facility maintenance and debt service.

• Expenditures by sport (top 4): football ($8.8 million), men's basketball ($1.6 million), women's basketball ($1.1 million), softball ($611,419).

• Revenues by sport (top 4): football ($8.8 million), men's basketball ($414,528), women's basketball ($10,000), women's soccer ($7,170).

• Boise State generates 78 percent of its budget from program revenue, 11 percent of its budget from student fee revenue, 10 percent from state support and 1 percent from institutional support.


• The Vandals are projected to have $15.1 million in operating revenue.

• Idaho will spend $15.1 million in operating expenditures.

• Expenditures by sport (top 4): football ($5.1 million), men's basketball ($1.3 million), women's basketball ($1.1 million), women's volleyball ($720,074).

• Revenues by sport (top 4): football ($2.8 million), men's basketball ($132,000), women's basketball ($38,250), volleyball ($10,000).

• Idaho projects to make $440,000 in football ticket sales.

• Idaho generates 57 percent of its budget from program revenue, 16 percent of its budget from student fee revenue, 22 percent from state support and 5 percent from institutional support.

End of the Myth

We often have comments indicating that BSU football is such a money maker that it carries the rest of the athletic program.
The above figures show that football spends all that it makes and the athletic department generates only 78% of it's own needs.
U of I,of course, is in much worse shape,losing 2.3 million on football alone.

Football is a money maker

That figure for football doesn't separate the funds generated from merchandise purchases, those are distributed throughout the department. So yes, football is the money maker for Boise State. If you don't believe it, look at the numbers for the University of Idaho.

Wow... the numbers are telling!

I understand the "demand" and legalities behind gender equity, but it doesn't make sense to spend $1.6 million dollars for a women's basketball team with a return of $10,000. Hopefully a substantial portion of this money is being provided from boosters. Same with volleyball... if the costs are due to travel then put the sports in a lower tier conference or regionalize the sports to recoup this money. There are certain decisions this country has made in the push for "humanity" and "equity" that just don't make sense.

Folks can complain all they want but at least football is turning a profit for Boise State. And for all of the U of I folks, the writing is on the wall, your football team is losing $2.3 million this year, time to step down.

More freakin' bazillions


You fry wants with that?

Additional Big East Revenue

Given these numbers, you can really see the major impact the additional Big East revenue can have on Boise State sports.

Here, go and wipe your nose, son.


You fry wants with that?

for learning

College is for learning, shut down all sports, all we are doing is providing a training ground for the NFL, and giving some thugs an (Ha-ha-ha) education

What thugs are you talking about?

Or are you just throwing some sheit out there?

You'll need to excuse blkshoe

He's an uneducated bigot who doesn't value learning. Hate and stupidity is his only game.

He doesn't value learning

He doesn't value learning when he is advocating for Education? You my friend... are retarded.

Um, no nannerman thats the point

He actually doesnt value learning. He just wants to hate.

Way classy response by you. Where did you proudly get your education again?

flag football


You fry wants with that?

Just Upset....

Your team loses 2.3 million, loses it's conference home, nobody wants you because your administrators didn't have the foresight to see past the end of their noses and now your facilities (which were all the rage back in the 70's)are a joke. Your school is in a state of suspended animation ever since that glorified dog kennel was built and also at a time when it reached the pinnacle of everything it will ever be. Idaho was a university 50+ years before Boise State became a university, but you see that gap narrowing and it won't be long before even the academic superiority the UofI took so long to build will be eclipsed by an exploding Boise State. You are jealous that everything you wish would happen to the UofI is instead happening to Boise State and so you want that which your school really sucks at to be dropped because you can't keep up. "Cry me a River."


...take a breath. Each school has its place.

Don't be missing the forest for the trees.

What has BSU done for your life?
Come on, I dare ya to answer it. Spill the beans.

I ain't hatin' on BSU, but I'd be happy to write about how my education and time in that 'kennel up North' has given me so many opportunities and advancements in life. I'm hoping, based on your blind hatred and loyalty, that BSU has done unspeakable things for you and your family.

So besides an excuse to drink a few cold ones in front of your big screen during football season...what's BSU done for you?

Answer it. Ok...I double dare ya.

Here you go...

I wasn't dissing on UofI, have many friends that went there, but.
I had a great time at Boise State, graduated in 93 and walked into a great job. Year and half later went Micron who moved me to Dallas. Been in software sales every since making a good living.
What's funny is how much interest my resume gets because of Boise State Football. I get head hunters all the time pointing out that this is a big talking point.
Now when we talk about opportunities, Boise State has served me very well.
An the Falls have been pretty great lately as well!

Right on

I agree with you 100% U of I should have stayed in Big Sky they had to tag along on BSU coat tails but were not able to maintain. Now go back to the Big Sky with your pathetic barn of a stadium U of I.

You need to get back on the

You need to get back on the meds.....for the sake of your loved ones.



You fry wants with that?

$440,000 in ticket sales?

..for the Vandals. The NCAA requires an average of 15k. Vandals have 5 home meet the requirement with the $440k, that's an average ticket price of $5.86. Or you can get better entertainment for the $ going to the movies.

what has BSU done for me?

Besides the entertainment value of its football team and the nationwide attention and respect that garners, it allowed two daughters to pursue degrees at an affordable price. They both have very nice lives now. So do my two sons that went to UofI and graduated with degrees in Computer Science. BSU has provided the community with an identity it can be proud of. Coach Pete has brought citizen athletes to campus that give willingly to the community. In relation to other universities, regardless of their size, we have very seldom had to live with news headlines that reflect poorly on the university or the community. BSU has issued degrees to people like Steve Appleton and others who created a booming economy. Construction projects on campus, to keep up with the growth created partially by the football team, have generated millions of dollars in jobs for the trades. Support businesses have flourished as the growth continues, despite a national economy that is soft at best. My wife and I traveled to Phoenix and had a great time at the Fiesta Bowl that would not have happened without BSU's success. We've had a great time at numerous H-Bowls and enjoy seeing the millions that flow into the local economy as a result of that game. But do you think that game would exist without BSU? As an owner of a successful local business I appreciate all of the ways, direct and indirect, that BSU benefits this community. If you, Galena, didn't have such a myopic view of life, you would appreciate it too. Many of the season ticket holders at BSU football games are Vandals who appreciate good, exciting football.

§ frog99g

That was really a very good post. Like you, I have had two daughters attend and graduate from BSU. Both became successful in their chosen fields (Bus. Mgmt.) immediately upon graduation. One is returning shortly to earn her Masters in Bus. Admin.

BSU's benefit to me has been somewhat indirect, but certainly a big plus for my family. I'm appreciative of everything BSU afforded my kids.

I believe Galena is a good poster. He reacted quite understandably to Steve_ID's caustic post. Nobody likes seeing their alma mater denigrated. BSU grads and fans surely should understand that.

Broncos are eternally grateful to Vandals

Unfortunately, there exists a rabid element of so-called Bronco Fans who have never attended BSU, who are angered when a Vandal joins the Bronco Athletic Association and advocates that so-called Bronco Fans donate money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium.

Razor talks out of both sides of his mouth. He is one of these so-called Bronco Fans that hates Vandals and is not civil with other posters on these boards (Oregon State Beavers, Oregon Ducks, WSU Cougars, you name it). Here is an example of the tenor of his posts:


Ω DBeav
Submitted by razor on Wed, 01/04/2012 - 8:09pm.
You're old and not the least bit interesting.
Go back to Corvallis and sit in your own shít.
Read more here:


He has made it abundantly clear in the past that he is not going to join the BAA nor donate any money that will assist the BSU Athletics Department grow and continue to be the reason for the existence and centerpiece of BSU.

I am a Vandal and also a member of the BAA.

It is also a statistical fact that there are more Vandals who are members of the BAA than are current students or alumni of BSU who are BAA members (BAA membership is composed of approximately 59% Vandals 38% Broncos, 3% others). That fact is not disputed and seems to have been lost in the shuffle of all the Vandal bashing that is so prevalent on these boards. Even another rabid Vandal Hater and UoI Basher (though surprisingly sometimes somewhat reasonable and rational) rabid type - JL - does not dispute this fact.

If it wasn't for the support of Vandals supporting the BAA and the BSU Football Team, there would not be a Bronco Football Team.

If it wasn't for the largesse exhibited by Vandals since Statehood, the city of Boise would not have it's own semi-pro college football team and Adult Education Center nambed after it.

The Broncos are somewhat in great debt to Vandals throughout the Great State of Idaho and will be forever, as this continuing debt by BSU to Idaho formed our Great State's Motto (Esto Perpetua). Real Idahoans from Moyie Springs and Cuprum to Paris and Ammon understand these Latin words (Esto Perpetua) that are at the center of our underpinnings as a State to mean simply "Vandals are the reason BSU exists and BSU whall be forever grateful for the Breath of Life blown into Bronco lungs by Idaho Vandals - FOREVER AND A DAY!!

This fact has never been disputed on these boards, because knowledgeable Broncos know the real facts and just keep mum about it, as to openly discuss it would only result in abject and total embarrasement for many so-called Bronco Fans who seem to inhabit these boards.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Also, for your information - Razor may be the cause of Global Warming and the reason the Tidal Wave wiped out Japan a year ago. Just a rumor I heard over coffee the other day. Usually people with long nose hairs are the roots of most evil.

PPS - If you have not done so yet and are a BSU Bronco Football Fan; please join the Bronco Athletics Association. The money goes to support Idaho's best chance at winning a BCS National Championship and helping Idaho get famous for something:

What BSU has done for me - lately

1. A BSU Auto/mechanics/endineering graduate put freon into one of my vehicles last week.

2. A BSU Landscape graduate mowed my lawn and trimmed my 500 roses last Monday.

3. I ate a meal at a local Taco Truck that has a Bronco Food Culinary graduate cooking in the truck. Best tacos in the State and the seating is al fresco; totally excelent food (the churros are to die for). The Diet Pepsi wasn't real cold, though.

4. A BSU Construction Management graduate helped me select, buy, and load some bags of cement and fence posts I got at HomeDepot yesterday.

These exam0les of how BSU has assisted me are but a few of hundreds (I just did the last week stuff).

The main thrust of benefit to me that BSU has provided is the Bronco Football Team. I get entertainment from following the Broncos and belonging to the BAA.

Also, BSU has provided the City of Boise a great opportunity as an Adult Education Center.

I do not get into discussions about whether or not BSU has good academics for two reasons:

A. I follow BSU for the Bronco Football Team and am sure BSU is as good of a school as a few others around the region and should be proud of their accomplishments and new buildings and dormitories that are presently being constructed.

B. I don't really care if BSU has any academics or not. All I care about is that BSU is a nationally prominent Football College and has a chance to win a BCS National Championship for the glory of our Great State of Idaho.

It is too bad that some people get so wrapped up in whether or not BSU has good academics or not. Actually, acqdemics is gonna be the downfall of the BSU Football Team if this 'BSU has a Library' bragging diatribe, keeps up.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Please support the Bronco Football Team by joining the BAA:

That's nice, Frank

The funny thing is, I never see Vandals working in this area. Either they have given up hope of finding a job, or are not very proud to be a Vandal.

I keep telling razor and tfunk that I'm surprised you are such a hateful putz on these boards, even after thinking "He's not a bad guy" following the get-together at The Ram a year ago. But, your not-too-subtle jabs at Boise State's Academics continue to make you look like a bigger a-s-s every time you post.

The fact is that Boise State is grower academically and athletically. The football team brings in the most revenue, and the classrooms are benefitting from it. Boise State is growing, and there is nothing you can do about it. That is a fact, regardless of what your snobbish Moscow mentality tells you.

The ONLY reason the University of Idaho hasn't folded is because of the money granted by the state. Nobody is looking at Idaho as any sort of acheivement college. Honestly, nobody cares about Idaho. When I was in the service, most folks knew about Boise State. Nobody knew about the University of Idaho, even those from eastern Washington.

So, go ahead and make all the jokes you want about the "poor academics" of BSU. When Idaho expands their campus and has record admissions and graduations like BSU, then I will pay attention to your ignorant rants. Until then, shut your piehole and quit being such a negative idiot on these boards.

can't you be more creative with your dissin dad?


You fry wants with that?

Not really.

Any more "creative", and I'll get banned for profanity.

So's you're aware...


You fry wants with that?

Sanford - you are correct

You don't see Vandals working in those areas.

Vandals are usually people who have much higher goal orientations and self-expectations. A few exceptions, but not many, as Idaho History has taught us.

That is something we both have noticed and agree on. Vandals don't flip burgers, deliver pizza, or sharpen lawn mower blades.

As I have said, numerous time, I do not get engaged in discussion about which school has better academics - Idaho or Bsu, as I believe Bsu is Idaho's flagship footbal school and Idaho is Idaho's flagship academic school. It is meant as a feather in the hats of both schools with those Idahoans who have high goal orientation and elevated self-expectations gravitating more toward the academic school and those Idahoans who want to work while they go to college
or raise families and play with their Grandkids after taking their Finals and between semester breaks.

It is simply two different sets of population participants.
Nothing nefarious at all.

When Bronco graduates get jobs like working on taco trucks or changing tires and fixing flats it is not a reflection as to the quality of academics at Bsu. People with low goals will always gravitate toward the bottom of any pyramid. It is not a reflection of the level of adacemics at Bsu, but rather a reflection of the goal orientation of those who have chosen the Road Less Challenged and the Path of Least Resistence.

Let us be very clear about that. I am sure Bsu has great academics. It is about what a student does with that education after graduation that is important. I am sure the Bronco who is working on a taco truck has reached Maslow's Fifth Level of Self-Actualization and is doing the very best with what he has and is very happy and filled with serenity and gratitude that Bsu has prepared him for a profession and career where the all important quetion is whether or not "You want Jalapenos with that".

I belong to the Bronco Athletics Association and contribute money to the Bronco Football Team in order to provide academic scholarships for Bronco football players so they can pursue any academics they choose while they are performing at Bsu.

Have you done that?

Do you support the Bronco Football Team with actual monetary donation or do you just attend classses and wear a blorange Bronco t-shirt and call yourself a Bronco Fan.

Remember. There are more Vandals that are members of the BAA than Broncos and those Vandals are actually supporting Bronco Football players with money for academic scholarships to help them get academic advancement in life, than there are Bsu Broncos. How much have you donated to help a Bronco Football Player get an academic education?

What is your BAA Member #?

I make no jabs at Bsu academics, as I don't care if academics exists at Bsu or not. I am supportive of the Bronco Football Team as they are Idaho's Bext Hope to being a BCS Natty Trophy back to Idaho.

As I have said many times, academics is a drain on preciious resources that could be going to the Bronco Football Team.

If you have not done so yet, please join the several thousand Vandals who have joined the BAA and are currently supporting academic scholarships for Bronco football Players to get some credits posted to their transcripts.

Go Broncos


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Please support the Bronco Football Team by joining the BAA:

VNDL....Excellent post on the Vandals....

Everytime I read this it brings back great memories as a Vandal, and the greatness that we went there for....

Your statement....'Vandals have much higher goal orientations and self expectations'

is true....

Genetically, we were bred to become Leaders....

It is the Dominant Gene v Recessive Gene issue....The Dominant Genes head to Moscow; the Recessive Genes head to....

Thanks for the reminder of BAA#....mine expired this month and need to renew....

You missed my point

You just don't see Vandals. Either they can't find work and move away, or they are ashamed to admit they went to Idaho.

As long as Boise State continues to grow and Idaho continues to just be there, the whole academic flagship crap is irrelevant. If it hasn't happened already, Idaho will lose that distinction. Idaho State may claim the title from them. But, UoI will no longer be able to boast it.

"I make no jabs at Bsu academics"

Bullshyt! You do all the time. Your passive-aggressive comments are laced with hate for Boise State's success, so you try your hardest to promote anything that puts Idaho above Boise State. As I said above, in time, Idaho will lose whatever advantage they may have over Boise State. It may be to Idaho State or NNU, but Idaho will no longer be relevant academically. All they'll have to hang their hat on is basketball, and even THAT program is in decline.


Here's a nice quote to keep in mind

"Never argue with a fool - they will drag you down to their level,

then beat you with experience."

§ @ RMS

Check your email for meeting info.

One of my favorites: "You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on."
-George W. Bush

Go Broncos!

And yet again, Sanford has proven that

my main premise is validated.

This is real important, please read this:

PS - Please support the Bronco Football Team by joining the BAA:

Ugly is correct again. The bottom line is a genetic difference and an example of the Social Corrolary of Darwin's Process of Natural Selection Theorum at work.

You continue to fail to grasp the obvious.

Again, I will explain it to you.

There are more Vandals that are members of the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA) than there are people who are so called 'Broncos' or who have been connected with BSU. That is a statistical fact.

The BAA has approximately a little less than 5,000 members of which approximately 3,000 are Vandals or people who are in some way associated with Vandals.

That fact has never been rejected on these boards. It sticks in the throats of some Broncos, but those are the facts. Even your main Rotweiller attack dog - JL knows it to be a fact.

I have encouraged you and other so-called Broncos of your 'Out To Lunch Bunch' to join the BAA and actually contribute some money to assist with the academic scholarships of Bronco Football Players, like more Vandals than Broncos have been doing for a long time.

Some of your possee have joined the BAA and are contributing toward the Broncos having successful college academic careers and hopefully graduating someday. Kudos to them.

Some of your possee believe that if you take a clas$ at BSU, or pay tuition for a family member, and buy a Bronco Hat at the Bookstore that you are contributing to the success of the Bronco Football Team.

Unfortunately, the mere fact that you have a Bronco T-shirt has not put real money into the BSU Athletic Foundation (different than the BSU Academic Foundation) which funds academic scholarships for Bronco Football Players.

Apparently Vandals hold academics at BSU in higher regard than you do, as Vandals are the ones who are primarily funding the academic scholarships for the Bronco Football Players. Apparently you have not given even a penny, yet you tout academics at BSU. Simply laughable. Apparently the academics are not a high enough level for you to advocate and support giving some of that pie to the Bronco Football Players.

I have also said in the past that my only interest in BSU is the Bronco Football Team and the possibility they could bring a BCS Natty Trophy back to our Great State. Other than that I just don't see BSU serving any purpose in my life or in the future development of Idaho. Without the Bronco Football Team, BSU is just a One Trick Pony.

I couldn't care less if they have clas$es in basketweaving or how many Rhodes Scholars they have.

Academics at BSU does absolutely nothing to assist the Bronco Football Team win games. No matter how you spin it or twist it, the fact remains that academics is just a financial drain on monies and resources that could be going for the betterment of the Bronco Football Team and the Bronco Fans.

Instead of clas$rooms and dormitories, why not build a larger parking garage for fans to use for games and for expanded and improved RV hookups and outdoor cooking facilities like high quality campgrounds have, so Bronco Fans can have better tailgating experiences.

Bottom Line: The grilling quality of the franks and brauts and the need to assure that high quality on Game Day should come before building another clas$room.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member #63799

PS - Please take a moment and reflect on why you have not joined the BAA and why you are not contributing real money for stadium expansion and to help Bronco Football Players get as good of an academic education as you are. If you are such an advocate of academics at BSU - why don't you pick up part of the load and carry it instead of finding fault with those that belong to the BAA and actually help BSU Football Players get an academic experience.

PPS - if ugly - a Vandal - can renew his membership as a BAA Member - why can't you at least join and be as good of a supporter of the Bronco Football Team as thousands of Vandals are.

PPPS - Is ugly really better than you because he has higher goals and self-expectations than you do. Is ugly correct again?? Are Vandals better than you. Was Charles Darwin right? Are Vandals truley superior than Broncos by virtue of careful breeding or is it just a wive's tale?

RMS....You dont know much about....

Boise, if you believe your statement of....

'I never see a Vandal working in this area. Either they have given up on hope of finding a job, or are not very proud of being a Vandal'

How untrue....

The Vandal Nation is very proud....

Boise was built by Vandals, and Broncoland was built by Vandals....

You can thank us later....

I've honestly only seen...

a total of THREE proud Vandals in the last few years. Frank is one, and the other two were brothers that worked for the Department of Labor. Now, I seriously doubt that such a "distignuished" degree from the University of Idaho would place a person as a consultant at IDOL, especially considering I'm qualified for the same position, and I don't even have a degree.

So, the argument that Vandals with degrees are taking up any positions of authority or respect here in SW Idaho is absolute hogwash. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a blind loyalist to an institution that has run its course, and is on a decline. You think your academics aer so good, but Washington State is just on the other side of the stateline. Why would a person go to Idaho when they can go to Washington State? WSU has superior prestige, a nicer campus, more money, better classrooms, more degrees, better facilities, etc. For Vandals to boast about their self-worth is laughable.

Normally, I don't get involved in UoI bashing. I think all Idaho schools should be cheered in both academics and athletics. But, the level of arrogance among Vandals is a disgrace. What does your school have to brag about? Your athletics are a joke, and your academics are on a decline. If you REALLY want to continue your blind cheerleading by bashing Boise State, then you will get verbally slapped around. You have no reason to promote your school above any other, especially when yours is becoming so irrelevant in this state. Idaho State has more relevance than you do, mostly due to their medical schools. But, you don't hear any of them bashing Boise State. Wanna know why? Idaho State alumni are too professional to engage is such juvenile behaviors.

Again, what can Idaho boast about? A Law Schol. BFD. We have too many lawyers as it is in this country. Just think: all that research money from the state, and nobody wants to go there. Quite sad, really.


You are taking these two way too seriously. Ones good for a laugh and the other is a nut case, and that is about the extent of it.

So don't get too worked up, they aren't really worth it.

RMS Hates Vandals

We got that about you.

But lets look at the facts.

It is not realy about supporting either Idaho or BSU for academics, it is about supporting the Bsu Bronco Football Team on their march toward bringing a BCS Natty Trophy back to Idaho someday.

It would be really cool for Boise's State University to become even more prominent as a national football college and for Boise to eventually have some identity.

RMS - you simply are living in the past and do not know how to interact with Vandals who are also unfettered supporters of the Bsu Bronco Football Team, because they are loyal Idahoans.

By becoming members of the BAA and giving unselfishly of their money for Bronco Football Playrs to get academic scholarships, us Vandals are proving we are in fact, better than you, or so it seems by our charitable actions of helping to feed, house, clothe, and educate Bronco Footbal Players, until they graduate or are incarcerated.

I am not saying Idaho is better than Bsu. I am saying Vandals are better than you. That is a big diference and one I am sure we can all agree on when we process it with an open mind and the willingness to seek Deep Thoughts.

I have said many times that the Broncos are the flagship football college in Idaho and have a better football team than does Idaho. Have you not gotten that message. Have you not heard many Vandals on these boards say the same thing?

Apparently you read only what you want to read and discard the rest.

Good luck on your quest to find a job when you graduate. I am sure you can find one out of state, which is where you would want to be, it appears, as you loathe and hate Idaho so much.

Go Broncos


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Did you join the BAA yet, or do Vandals continue to accomplish things you can't.

PPS - Did you know you are like a little blue gill that just can't resist a bright colored popper bait?

PPPS - Your jealousy of Vandals and their superiority is very much evident in your above posting. Keep up the good work. It is an example of a current Bsu Student 'En Parade'.


You meanie!!

I agree

It is mean for RM to hate Vandals. He is a meanie.

It is mean for anybody to hate Vandals. All who hate Vandals are meanies.

It is a good thing that Vandals lead by example and have nothing but pure love in their hearts for Broncos.


You are the light.

You are the children.

You have to admit that more Vandals belong to the BAA than Broncos.

You also, have to admit that it was the Vandals who gave their used and excess football gear to the Broncos when BJC first fielded a football team. The Vandals have always helped the Broncos when the Broncos could not help themselves.

You have to admit that the two most famous Bronco Footballers (Lyle Smith and Tony Knapp) played football for the Vandals and were employees of BJC when they were associated with the successful BJC and BSC teams.

In the past, when things get tough and Bsu Football needed leadership and resources to field teams, the Vandals were always there as mercenary coaches for hire to the highest paying employer and donors of football equipment and gear for the profligate Broncos.

Vandals gave birth to Bronco Football.

It is a matter of State of Idaho historical fact.

I am guessing, you are not an Idahoan and did not go to public school in Idaho, or you would have learned these nuggets of wisdom in the 5th grade during Idaho History clas$es. I don't know what they teach kids in Cali during the 5th grade, but it is not Idaho history, I am guessing.

Did any of you 'Out To Lunch Bunch' guys go to school in Idaho? I seem to remember JL as saying he was an Idahoan and the same for B-81, but I don't recall you, or razor, or RMSandferd claiming any Idaho heritage other than having moved here later in your lives.

Anyhoo - check into it and you will learn that the BJC Bronco Football Team came into existence ONLY with the assistance of the Vandals. Lyle Smith and Tony Knapp didn't coach football at Boise's Junior College and Boise's State College cuz they were loyal Broncos or on a pro-bono basis. They were getting paid money to do it. They were nothing more than outstanding coaches for hire (which basically all college coaches are if you really think about it fairly and withhout any emotions or childlike aparitions creeping into your thoughts).

Thanx again for reminding us how much of a meanie RMSanford is.

If you think all Broncos are meanies as well, please share your thoughts about your hatred of Vandals and if that puts you into the same category of 'meanieness' as you put RM in.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Please encourage all Broncos and Vandals you come into contact with to join the BAA and help support the Bronco Fotball Team. Or if you don't think it is good for Broncos to belong to the BAA, just remain quiet on that topic.


Do I look like a genius or what!!

RM, stop with the Vandal bashing!

You are starting to look like a YouTube bully..

Can't you see Vandals are losing it?

I think it's time to start a big brother program for butt-hurt Vandals!!

Hmmm, RM as VNDL's big brother!!!

I like it.....

§ RMS is a meanie

who is bashing Vandals? I saw your tongue-in-cheek post. I always thought he was a very caring, considerate, and compassionate softie. One who accepts diversity, differing perspectives and viewpoints. He isn't one who has an agenda and repeats himself like a lost, bleating lamb. RMS is key to our group and has constantly attended while showing himself an ardent supporter of BSU, its football program, and all things good about college athletics.

I see from your posts that the one carrying this "meanie" characterization forward Sanford must be the one (the only one) that I have on PermaBlock.

For a long time I didn't get an indication of any blocks. I even removed the block I had on BDuck when he reverted to being "bad BDuck". He's much more interesting in his "hee haw" mode. I'm seeing more indications of blocking in the past couple of weeks.

Thanks to PermaBlock, the blogs remain enjoyable and informative.

Is RM being a meanie to ugly or vndl?

I dont get to see any of vndls posts. I cant figure out how to unblock it. Email me razor if you know how. The Statesman doesnt.

JL - you should

teach RM how to do the Permablock thing.

It sounds like the humane thing to do.

Apparently your Permablock doesn't always work, as razor's worked for a while and then apparently it stopped working. Unless your Permablocker is a different style or composition than razor's.

It is quite funny and a crying shame to see how little RM prostrates himself at the Altar of Mediocrity of the Out To Lunch Bunch; in his somewhat pitiful efforts to be included in the Big Boys Club. But, it appears he has become one of you guys - heart and sole - without a doubt.

Maybe you could let us all know what permablocker you use, as I would like to install it on my puter to be able to block you guys.

With a little luck we could all block each other - except - I will keep SIF and ugly on my reading list as they provide much wisdom and accurate statistics to these boards.

I have really been impressed with ugly's knowledge of college fotball (both the tactics of the game and the business side of the game, as well). He is truley this board's GURU.

Ugly's knowledge far surpas$es your or any of your possee's. You guys know quite a lot, I will admit, but you don't possess the really accurate and hard to decipher information as either Ugly or SIF have.

Of course, they both got that knowledge from the time they spent in the bosom of Joe Vandal.

It is a shame you didn't get that gift of desiring to be exceptional and self actualize in life.

I am looking forward to the Broncos going undefeated this season. I am sure you share my optimism as well and know deep down in your heart that the Broncos are capable of going undefeated, as long as they don't implode later in the season like they have each of these past several seasons.

My money is on the Broncos for an undefeated season. They are actually a better football team than last year - more well balanced. I remember when many of us were saying in 2010 that the 2012 season was gonna be the best team at BSU, ever, because of all the top recruits that were coming on board. Well, that time is now. It is going to be very exciting watching the Broncos this year.

Toodles for now.



§ Well, JL

Have you seen the FedEx commercial about the guy with the "shrink ray" who zaps his golf clubs to ultra-miniature size so he can ship them cheaply? A second fella asks how it is reversed, and the the first guy says he hadn't thought of that yet.

It's almost that way with PermaBlock (and that's why I call it that). I'm on to a second edition now, but like the FedEx guy, I haven't worked on "undo". Like your virus-trojan-spyware checker will do, this flags a particular poster as virulent and whenever the offending poster shows up, "zappo"!

I can probably do it by writing a script that allows the user to edit his blacklist. That would be a time-consuming pain, where simply editing the enemies.txt file would be easier.

Give me a call if you want to proceed. Sure you really want to do that?

enemies.txt files and silver salvers

it is interesting that your PermaBlock software uses 'enemies.text files'.

I am curious how one becomes your enemy.

Is it simply by disagreeing with you or is it by getting to know you and you getting to know them and if you don't agree with them then they automaticaly become your 'enemy' or they automatically declare you to be their enemy and let their friends know that you are their enemy also (a friend of my friend is my friend and an enemy of my friend is my enemy concept).

I am guessing you have many many files for all your enemies. It must keep you busy sorting it all out, what with so many people who disagree with you and all.

I haven't seen the FEDEX commercial but it sounds like a cool commercial.

You have all the funny and intereting stuff to always share with these boards. Where do you come up with all this stuff.

I also read the other day where you know alot about silver. Ugly knows a lot about it (I think more than you do, by far ecause he raises potatoes)) and I have seen a picure of it one time - so any advice or information you can share with us about how to get rich quick and get enough silver to make a salver - please by all means, let us know.

Bye for now.


BAA Member # 63799

Freon's banned over 10 years ago, it was a newer gas.

One that is CFC-free. Freon had a large backstock, like vacuum tubes (several still made in China and the former USSR ('Sovtek') but Freon is likely GONE.


You fry wants with that?

How is BSU success measured?

RMS would have us believe success at Boise's State University is somehow measured in the classroom and is supposedly centered around academics in some way.

I believe most ardent Bronco Football Supporters who are Vandals, measure success of BSU by how many games are won, how many conference championships attained, and how close the Broncos get to being invited as a nonAQ to the BCS Natty Game.

Success at BSU is easy to measure.

This is not rocket science.

It does not have to be complicated.

The Broncos either win their games and are successful and BSU is successful,


the Broncos fall apart and lose their games and are unsuccessful and BSU is unsuccessful.

Most of us want BSU to be successful and for the Broncos to win football games.

How else could a perrenial national football powerhouse stay a football powerhouse. When BSU is no longer a viable perrenial national football poerhouse, the blush will be off the rose and it will be time, at that time, for Vandals to reevaluate and determine what else BSU could be successful for and to work toward making Broncos successful in that area. But now is not that time, as BSU is indeed a perrenial national football powerhouse and deserving of Vandal support, at this moment.

Bronco Fans do not buy tickets to Bronco Football Games because the BSU Library has new offerings and got a load of books and new magazine subscriptions in at the beginning of the semester.

Bronco Fans are not going to join the BAA because some artist is displaying paintings and sculptures on campus somwhere?

I wish BSU great success and want Boise to someday be the home to a BCS Natty trophy and for Boise to be known for something.

It seems like success on a national level for football will help assure Boise's place and relevance. I am all for supporting that goal.

Why is RMS Sanford adamately opposed to wishing success for the Bronco Football Team?

It just does not make any common sense, if you stop and really think about it.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

For the record folks

There are far more than 5,000 BAA members.

And that is a fact.

B436U2 - that is great news - more money for Bronco Football

I was told about a year ago that the actual number of BAA Members was a little under 5,000 and around 3,000 of those were either Vandals or people who had connections with the University of Idaho, but were ardent supporters of BSU Bronco Football and contributing money to assist Bronco student atletes get academic schollies and for stadium improvement, such as myself and SIF and ugly.

I sounds like there has been quite a ground swell, recently in the ranks of BAA Members.

Can you find out exactly how many members the BAA has and how many of those are other than Broncos (Vandals, Cougars, Bengals, and etc., who support BSU Bronco Football).

I will go into the BAA Main Office the next time I am in Boise and ask those same questions.

It will be interesting to compare facts and figures and numbers.

I am happy to learn that the BAA now has far more than 5,000 members.

Did you join the BAA, by the way?

You have never mentioned your BAA Membership Number or the fact that you are a member. I remember JL and Wing saying they are BAA Members but don't remenber you sharing that information.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Per the BAA web page:

the BAA states that for the 2010-2011 year there were over 5,000 members.