Boise State beats deadline, withdraws from Mountain West

By Brian Murphy

Boise State withdrew from the Mountain West late Saturday night, barely beating the league’s deadline and ending months of speculation about the Broncos’ conference future.

Boise State sent a letter to all Mountain West presidents shortly before 10 p.m., the Statesman confirmed. The additions of Hawaii, Nevada and Fresno State become official on July 1, giving the league 10 teams for the 2012 football season.

UNLV President Neal Smatresk told the Las Vegas Review Journal that his school received a letter.

The Broncos have not commented on its decision to officially withdraw.

Boise State is scheduled to move its football program to the Big East and its other sports to the WAC in 2013. Had the Broncos not withdrawn from the Mountain West by Saturday, they would have faced additional financial penalties from the league for departing.

Boise State will remain a member of the Mountain West for the 2012-13 athletic seasons.

The Broncos announced their plans to change conference in December, but did not officially withdraw from the Mountain West until Saturday, presumably to give them leverage as they negotiated with the Big West for admittance in non-football sports.

The WAC has been decimated by defections, leaving the Broncos searching for a home for its non-football programs.

Boise State will forfeit its final year revenue payment from the Mountain West for leaving, likely around $2.5 million. Had the Broncos departed with less than one year’s notice, they would have faced at least a $5 million penalty on top of the final year of revenue distribution.

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I hope We don't regret this

But I think We will...

Kinda like starting something (project) and then....

not finishing it....

This BE deal will put Boise into a corner and not getting out....

No chance now for Boise at all for the 4 team playoff....

A bad Chess move. Sometimes pawns are needed. and others, never trade a bishop for a knight; unless you know what your doing....

No chance for a 4 team playoff

Yea if only we had stayed in the MWC or WAC we would have been in the 4 team playoff for sure, lol.

Not a Chance

The smaller conferences because of their strength of schedule will never, I repeat never, make the four team playoff. They added a couple more games which will spread the possibility that smaller schools will be given a chance to play for more money, but the smaller conference members won't be invited to the national championship playoff table. Wins over the Idaho's and the New Mexico State's are like anchors to any teams hopes of playing for the national championship now. A move to the Big East definitely improves the strength of schedule argument for the Broncos.


I agree Steve, my comment was sarcastic.

It's funny how you say that...

Like staying in the MWC wouldn't leave BSU stuck in a corner as well. How exactly was BSU going to get into the 4-team playoff from the MWC?!

My guess is that the playoff selection system winds up being just as rigged as bowl system is now... think about it, people- as long as the 4 major football conferences and the bowl committees are all still in bed together, you're a rube to expect anything else. Why would they deliberately design something that hurts themselves? Out of the goodness of their hearts? Bwahhhhaaa. Expecting these folks to help out the little guy is like expecting Congress to cut their own pay- not gonna happen! They are in the driver's seat and they like it that way. This "playoff" redesign is a shill- it's a great way to move past the bad PR, and at the same time further entrench their control over the system.

Staying in the MWC wouldn't be any greater protection against that than going to the Big Least. You have been warned. As Wesley said to Humperd ink- get used to disappointment.




Dead air


You fry wants with that?


all of our comments dreaming of getting into the four-team playoff are dead air--dead on exhalation. The SEC is in even tighter control now with big smiles all around, Boise State has to wait 12 years and hope for an eight-team playoff scenario.

Wait 12 mo YEARS!

Next opportunity for a Rose Bowl appearance might just take a bit LONGER than that! Nutin' puts U on da MAP like a ROSE BOWL VICTORY!!! Perhaps the day has dawned on the BlueHue,... PurplePassion , baby,... Today is all about da FROG!!!! FROG ON

As if...

...staying in the MWC would get us into the playoff. Get real. The MWC was just denied their bid for an AQ exemption. That should tell you all you need to know in order to decide to get out of their and go the the BE. Boise State made the right decision. Beating Cincinnati will be a LOT more impressive than beating....who's left in the Mountain West?

because all the AQ crap won't exist in 2014-15

Jesus on a rye cracker you guys can be dense with coffee.


You fry wants with that?


Even though the Big East is a Big Risk. The MWC was a dead deal, all of the good teams have left, there was no reason for BSU football to stay other than the blackmail the MWC gave us about our other sports. It is a setback for our other sports but I am sure it will work out. It is also a big risk for BSU football but at least with the Big East BSU has a chance to do something. Staying with the MWC or as some people wanted us to do "go back to the WAC" would be a bigger risk.

Long term-----

the MWC was probably bigger risk tv money wise. The teams in the MWC doesnt have the tv markets to ever recieve good tv money. Also the fan travel base is bad, the only team we dropped from former WAC teams that would have helped an expanded staduim was Idaho.
Big East wont bring travel fans, but hopefully it will keep local fans excided enough to fill expanded staduim.


haha...haha! Good luck! I think BSU would've been better off staying in the WAC and letting the MW implode. The WAC coulda been a better gig for the MWC.

But now...that scenario would never have any place in the reality of many posters on this board. After a few years...we'll see if this was such a good idea.

For BSU...I do hope and pray it'll work out for the Broncos. Maybe...just maybe...they'll dominate the BE and get an invite to the Big 12. I doubt it though.


Your replying to wrong guy about the WAC, I never supported the move to MWC.

I agree

The move to the mountain was only of value with the so called strengths in place but they all defected leaving BSU with the blunder of a decade having left the WAC for the MW. The current mountain is not even as strong as the old WAC and for BSU to re-neg on the Big East which offers a better conference, better bowl system, and way better TV package would have been down right stupid.

It doesn't really matter where BSU plays basketball - they will fit in any of the lesser conferences. If they would have been better (even marginally) the BE would have wanted them as well, I do believe - but they are a long way off of being BE caliber - for sure.

But the football program is better than any team the BE has and accordingly BSU alone brings the other BE teams an addition half mill per team. BSU will get a great package because of the leverage they already have.

Go Broncos - congrats on the teams next fantastic alignment!


I was partially being sarcastic. I never agreed with the move because it was based upon the fear of not getting something you don't have. I just think chasing the dollar has ruined college football on a lot of levels. But, there are others who'll say the changes make it more interesting.

An invite to the Big 12

would be nice. I wonder what the penalties would be. I still think there is a real possibility we have not seen the end of conference realignments yet so you could be right. One thing we can be pretty sure of is that when and if the the bigger conferences do invite more members, they will likely raid the Big East first which puts BSU in a pretty good position.

Um, no...

Not in this round of re-alignment. No way.

BSU has another decade's worth of work to do before they are a University that fits in with the Big 12 or Pac 12. It's not only about producing on the field. Once Kustra can say that Boise State is an "urban research University of distinction" with a straight face, we'll be getting close. Think UW. Think UCLA. That's the model.

It's kinda like joining a country club- it isn't just about having money. It has to be a cultural fit as well. And as far as those conferences are concerned, we may have some new money, but we're still not quite Bushwood material.

Why UW or UCLA?

Why not think Washington State or Oregon State? Those at exactly big schools in high population areas. Heck, even the metro population of eugene is significantly smaller than the Boise Metro area.

It is true Boise State still needs to grow. We are one of two universities (and a college) in this area, whereas most places have one HUGE university.

You missed the point...

Kustra's emphasis is on URBAN. Kustra's emphasis, not mine.

Personally I don't care but I think Kustra does. "Urban" universities do city things... technology, engineering, etc. and that's what BSU is moving towards. But Wazzu is in the Paloose... OSU is in a town the size of Caldwell... don't get me wrong- they're great schools, but it's not exactly the urban theme he's looking for. OSU and Wazzu are great schools for forestry, veterinary, etc. Country universities as opposed to urban.

Maybe to you and a lot of other folks, shooting for the OSU/Wazzu model is the way to go, and again I don't really care either way, but (obviously) we aren't running the University- Kustra is, and he's dragging a lot of folks kicking and screaming into his vision of BSU's future.

land grant

This model will never happen for BSU since UI is the designated land grant institution for Idaho. Both WSU and OSU are the designated land grant institions in their respective states. Meanwhile, OSU is also a sea grant instituion and UW is a space grant institution. I think BSU's model is more likely to be that of Portland State or Sac St. Oregon has done a great job giving PSU some vital role in performing research and planning for the various state agencies.

How can we change that?

It's apparent that Boise State is the biggest school in the state. Is there any reason, other than historical, that Boise State is not granted the same designations in order to further growth? I'm certain UoI alumni may not like it, but it's 2012. Time for the school with actual growth potential to get the benefits.

Portland State Is the biggest in Oregon

The biggest does always mean the best. There is not 1 stat that matters that BSU would not be last in the Big-12 or Pac-12


If Boise State were to get land-grant status (or any of the other grants), then that would change. Boise State is the fastest growing IHL in Idaho, and one of the fastest in the nation. They do it without the major funds coming in. Like the football team, if the funds are increased, the growth will increase.

U of Idaho has poor location. Now that Boise is the IHL of choice for this state, it stands to reason that they be granted the funds to make it grow. Becuase UoI isn't going anywhere.

What is IHL?

What is IHL?

Intermountain Hockey League


You fry wants with that?

IHL is...

Institutions of Higher Learning.

I liked IHF a lot better


You fry wants with that?

Morrill Act

UI was established under the Morrill Act in 1862. UI's designation is in the State's Constitution because after moving the capital from Lewiston to Boise the decision was made to locate The UI in Moscow as an olive branch so the northern portion of the State would not vote to become part of Washington. So, unless you can change the constitution UI will remain the land grant institution.

I don't think this comment

I don't think this comment accuratly describes every conference. There are plenty of conferences that have a blend of private and public universities of varying distinction.

Big difference between the PAC12 and Big 12.....

Academic affinity is equally important to geographic affinity.
See American research Universities with a measure in the top 25 of the Center for Measuring University Performance MUP, the most rigorous of rankings of American research Universities (2010). The rankings for 2011 will be out in several weeks. The PAC12 placed eight Universities; the Big12 placed one.

PAC 12 (eight)
University of California,
University of Southern California,
University of Arizona,
University of Colorado, and
Arizona State University

BIG (eight)
University of Michigan,
tOhio State University,
Penn State,
University of Illinois, and

IVY (Eight...every school.)

ACC (Six)
Georgia Tech

SEC (Three)

Big West (Three)
UC Davis
UC Santa Barbara
UC Irvine

Big East (One)

Pioneer League (One)
UC San Diego

Big 12 (One)

Conference USA (One)

Indies (One)
Notre Dame

You've been served ...

MWC. I know the road ahead is uncertian, but I don't think that staying in a MWC that is basically the WAC 2.0 benefit's Boise at all.

Hopefully SDST and Boise can hang together for some leverage with other conferences. The Big East may only be temporary, but it's a step up in competition, no traveling to Hawaii and games will be easier to follow on TV....

How long does BSU have to officially join the Big East??

Exactly one year from today

The Broncos will no longer be in the MWC and will be officially in the Big East. Long term I believe this is the best move for Boise State. The Broncos will develop new rivalries which will be a welcome and refreshing change. Pros and cons to every decision but I think the administration at BSU made the right choice.

The Big East is basically

The Big East is basically the best teams from the MWC and Conference USA - that should be more competitive than staying in the MWC. I do hope this move works out.

Might as well

get exposure in markets on the east coast. At least BSU won't have to deal with any programs that have crybaby coaches(MWC coaches: "The uniforms blend into the field, it's unfair, waaa waaa.") Thank God BSU can at least get away from that garbage.

Let's not forget the team

that raised the uniform issue in the first place: San Diego State. But I love them anyway for wanting Boise State to be with them in the Big East.




You fry wants with that?

Only logical move

Now let's see how the TV negotiations go.




Boise State would keep it's BCS bowl money this year should they make one, correct?

Oly Sports

Without a suitable home for the olympic sports, this is a highly irresponsible move. I understand it for football, and I realize many BSU fans don't care about the other sports or even recognize them, but the oly sports have no chance for growth, now. Why don't they just drop them, save the money, and rename the "Athletics Dept." the "Football Dept.".


I'm afraid the exact opposite is the case. The oly sports out-spent their revenue by $4M a year. The only way they can do this is through the growth of the football program. Should the football program stop growing, which would have been the case had it stayed in the MWC, every oly sport would have seen severe budget cuts over the next few years. The oly sports are far better off now and in the future with the money a successful football program provides, than they would being in any conference.

And, as a point of fact, most every "Athletic Dept." exist only because of their "Football Dept".

I realize that football

I realize that football feeds everyone in the athletics dept. I'm just saying that, in a better situation for men's basketball, they may have a chance to unlatch from the teat. Unless the BE were to cave in and take them, the best home for them to have a chance at that would be the MW. The BW isn't going to be nearly as attractive for BSU basketball fans, and you can count on nobody from those schools traveling to Boise. This move better be the cash cow everyone hopes, because the Athletics Dept certainly seems to be banking on it.

What a ridiculous statement

"you can count on nobody from those schools traveling to Boise"

Are you kidding? The blue turf has been an icon for more than 26 yrs, In the mid-1990s, folks only knew about Boise State BECAUSE of that blue turf. You think folks back east are going to pass up a chance to travel and see it? Besides most of the eastern teams aren't going to play Boise State. The conference will be split between east and west divisions. MAYBE two of those teams will play us; one home game and one away game. I don't see travel as an issue.

He's talking basketball


You are right

The first two times I read it, I thought his statement went from basketball back to football. I misunderstood his whole post was about basketball.

Thanks for pointing that out.


EXACTLY SPUD....more people need to clue in to that side of it

Big East

The move gives Boise a national platform to grow from, most people still think Boise is in Iowa. Think an annual game in the NYC media center and Navy every year. Long term 10 to 15 years BSU ends up in the PAC 16,
when the final expansion story is written. It will be easier to get there from the Big East than the MWC
Go Broncos, now on to East Lansing to shock the over rated Big 10