Big West to vote on Boise State's membership by September

By Brian Murphy

The Big West presidents will vote before the start of the school year on Boise State's membership status, Boise State announced Sunday afternoon. Big West Commissioner Dennis Farrell confirmed that his league would vote on Boise State before the start of the academic calendar. The Broncos are hoping to move the majority of their non-football sports to the California-based league in 2013.

Boise State said it is having "ongoing, substantive discussions" with the Big West. In May, the Big West said it would "entertain" a membership application from Boise State. Last week, the conference declined to vote on Boise State during a conference call.

The Broncos were scheduled to move their non-football sports to the WAC, but that league has been decimated by defections and has just four other on-going members for 2013 (Idaho, New Mexico State, Denver and Seattle), leaving Boise State to explore other options.

Boise State needs eight votes (out of 10) to gain acceptance into the Big West. The Big West added Hawaii as a member Sunday. In 2013-14, the league will consist of Hawaii, San Diego State, Cal Poly, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Northridge, Long Beach State, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Riverside and UC Santa Barbara.

Boise State submitted its official withdrawal notice to the Mountain West late Saturday night, just hours ahead of the league's deadline. The withdrawal clears the way for Boise State to move its successful football program to the Big East in 2013. The Idaho Statesman reported the withdrawal Saturday night. The Broncos acknowledged the move Sunday.

"There is no doubt that conference affiliation is a difficult and complex issue, but I am very pleased where we stand today and excited for the future prospects of all of our Bronco sports," Boise State President Bob Kustra said in a statement, his first public comments on the Broncos' conference situation.

Boise State will compete in the Mountain West for the 2012-13 season in all sports except gymnastics (WAC) and wrestling (Pac-12).

The Big West also does not sponsor gymnastics and wrestling. The league also does not currently have women's swimming and diving. Boise State has won three consecutive conference titles in the sport.

Hawaii (football only), Fresno State and Nevada joined the Mountain West on Sunday. Commissioner Craig Thompson issued the following statement:

“On July 1 we begin a new era, officially welcoming Fresno State, Hawaii and Nevada as members of the Mountain West. Our Conference will be further enhanced when San Jose State and Utah State join the fold a year from now. We are positioning ourselves strategically for the future – one that will include a dramatically different structure for the college football postseason as evidenced by the changes made earlier this week.

“This collective group of institutions in the Mountain West represents a logical geographic base in the western United States, and brings with it a legacy of spirited competition that in some cases goes back 100 years. It is a Conference with a demonstrated performance history, including several Top 25 football successes, many NCAA basketball tournament triumphs and continued Olympic sport excellence.

“We look forward enthusiastically to the successful development of the new Mountain West.”

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Rotsa Ruck, Rorge!


You fry wants with that?

Big West

Wow- the Big West really has Boise State by the short hairs. They know they could ask for just about anything they want from the Broncos and probably get it. It will be interesting to see if they play nice.

Absolutely right. Add to

Absolutely right. Add to that the fact that Bronco sports outside of football aren't worth much to really any conference, and you've got an interesting situation.

This is what I heard

The Big West is demanding that our basketball uniforms cannot be woodgrain so as to visually blend in with the Taco Bell Arena floor.


KTVB tweet reported it's a done deal that Boise State is in the Big West for all sports other than football.

They changed it

... It is not true.

-- murph


Maybe one of those ladies who've been there for 400 years can do the news and Mark Johnson can go back to being the sports director.

One of our guys must've hacked them.


You fry wants with that?

Why Would They Want BSU?

With BSU's established record of league hopping, I can't imagine why the Big West would see any advantage in taking on BSU's olympic sports for a temporary stay.
If the Big West does accept BSU, what becomes of gymnastics and swimming which would still be homeless?
This whole Big East/MWC move appears to be not well thought out, particularly with the loss of Pitt, Syracuse and WVU football programs and the soon to be demise of the BCS.

If my math is correct with

If my math is correct with the loss of Pacific and the addition of Hawaii and SDSU, adding BSU would give the league an odd number of members which isn't ideal for most sports.

Would be curious to know..

How much of Kustra's time is devoted to this side circus. Its a fair question I think.

And same goes for Idaho's prez up North. Wonder how much time he wastes chasing the MWC pipe dream.

I'm thinking the job description for our University Presidents' is looking a little different these days.

You know...

...some people can keep more than one ball in the air at a time.

It is

all part of being a University President.

maybe the big west

is poised to get "big". Add teams from Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.... set up North and South divisions and you have the potential ....

Ahhh who knows!!

Who cares!


You fry wants with that?

Too bad

I get that Kustra has to spin this as a great thing, but I just can't get excited about spending money to watch BSU play UC-Riverside in basketball one year after they were hosting teams like UNLV and New Mexico.



You had a broadcasting blog and you're always speechless.


You fry wants with that?