Sharon Ullman's curtain call: more courthouse drama

Petty, public infighting plagued (Sharon) Ullman’s first go-round as commissioner, but, refreshingly, her current term has been far less dramatic.”

Sound familiar? We wrote these words less than two months ago — in a May 2 editorial endorsing Ullman. Things have changed since then.

First and foremost, Ullman lost to Dave Case in the May 15 Republican primary.

Then, in a twist of circumstance, Case was appointed to replace Vern Bisterfeldt on the commission — meaning Case and Ullman will serve together until her term ends in January.

Then, last week, Ullman took to her Facebook page to launch a personal attack unlike any I’ve seen in local politics. She said Case and four other Idaho State Police troopers “assassinated” a Payette County reserve deputy during a December 1992 arrest.

Ullman can say that she was just posing the question, an attempt, she said, to “try to grab people’s attention.” But it doesn’t wash. This was an accusation, stated as fact. And Case says Ullman has her facts wrong; he says he was present during the shooting, but did not draw his weapon.

This whole case has been fully adjudicated, through a coroner’s inquest, a wrongful death suit and two Idaho Supreme Court cases. Nothing supports Ullman’s assassination claim — or her decision to even bring this issue up.

Commissioners have plenty on their plate. They can start with the hot mess surrounding the Dynamis trash-to-energy plan — a project that Ullman adamantly supports and Case vehemently opposes. Even Rick Yzaguirre, the man with the unenviable task of serving as third commissioner with Ullman and Case, said Ullman’s comments were inappropriate.

Saying this all echoes back to the old Ullman is unfair to the old Ullman. In her first run in the courthouse, Ullman squabbled over items such as the cost of vending machine sodas. I’m nostalgic for that now. This could be a long, ugly six months in the courthouse, as Ullman serves out her term.

One drawback to endorsements is that a paper sometimes has to live with choices that don’t always work so well. We have several of those: Brent Coles, John Bujak, John McGee, Larry Craig.

From what we had seen of Ullman, after she returned to the courthouse in 2009, pointed to a changed commissioner. Someone who had seemed to mature into the job of public service. I’m not sure Ullman’s critics — and there are many of them — could have foreseen this type of post-election outburst.

In choosing between candidates, voters and editorial boards have to judge candidates’ positions — but also their personalities. The latter is by far the tougher task. Personally, I believe politicians can change over time.

But here’s the catch. They can also change back.

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Kevin, your READERS always knew

That Ullman was a whack job. Need some help wiping that egg off your face?

Crazy is as crazy does

During one of her first go rounds at running for office in the 1990s Sharon Ullman pulled up in her mini van in front of my old house on N. 13th and proceeded to stick one of her signs in the 2' wide "beauty strip" between the sidewalk and the street. I walked out and politely asked what she was doing sticking her sign in front of my home. She informed that it was ACHD right away and she could put her signs there all she liked. Never raising my voice I informed her that I doubt it be there within 10 seconds after she pulled away. She then in a big huff yanked it out of the ground and stuck in front of my neighbors. This was a pretty good indicator to me what kind of person she really was/is and I have never trusted her since.

About time

"The Good Ol' Girls," took over from the, "The Good Ol' Boys," You go girl, the governorship is in sight!

I've heard suggestions

that this was a "squirrel!" tactic to take attention away from the Dynamis debacle.


Ullman could be the first pile of pooh pooh run throught the garbage processor or as they call it trash to energy crap whose us the $2M plans but first of all pay the county back for the cost of the air and lots of intestinal gas from the North Ender and Eagle Beagle...bring it on but keep the smell west and north..enough is enough

Which is worse

"he says he was present during the shooting, but did not draw his weapon."

There's shooting going on, there's an armed perp, the arrest was PLANNING knowing he said he "will not be taken alive-will shoot it out if he had to" .

They PLANNED to arrest him when they KNEW he would be armed.

Here is what the Court says:

The use of the sheriff's office was approved by the sheriff. CRT [Idaho SP Crisis Response Team]decided to arrest Bobbie in the hallway and reception area because the doors would automatically lock behind him.
Officer 4 stepped out, pointed a submachine gun at Bobbie's chest and said “State Police, you are under arrest.”   Officer 4 and the other CRT officers present were dressed in camouflage uniforms.  

There is conflicting testimony concerning whether Bobbie reached for his gun before he was sprayed with Cap-stun.

After officers 2 and 3 sprayed Bobbie with Cap-stun, Bobbie put his hands up to his face, turned around, and headed for the door.   After being unable to open the door, he turned to his left in a crouching position and drew his gun.   The CRT officers repeatedly told Bobbie that he was under arrest, that he should lie down, and stated, “don't do it.”   Bobbie pointed the gun down the hall.  

Although it was later determined that Bobbie never fired his gun, officer 2 thought he saw a muzzle flash.  

Another CRT officer (officer 5) fired his weapon, and then other CRT officers also fired their weapons.   None of the CRT officers announced to Bobbie that they were intending to shoot.  

Officers 1 and 5 testified that the CRT officers repeatedly told Bobbie that they were state police.   Officers 3 and 4 stated that they did not identify themselves as police after the initial confrontation.

The CRT officers fired two volleys with their weapons.   In the first volley, Bobbie was hit in the left shoulder socket and in the right arm and shoulder.   There is evidence that Bobbie then rolled to the left.   In the second volley Bobbie was hit in his right buttock and in the area of the left hip and buttock.   Officer 5, who fired the fatal shot

So, if true, Case must be saying he was Officer 2 or 3; used the pepper spray and then did not draw his weapon afterwards during the shoot out. "Thanks for the back up buddy".


In on the terrible plan.
And this was the state's CRISIS Response Team. ***That should have us all concerned but not surprised.

In any 'case' I think I'll vote for the other guy and let Case retire to North Idaho with Mark Furhman (of Rodney King's fame for the short memories) and other bad 'cops'.

And Ullman, can go with him. She's like teats on a boar.

And Yzaguirre is a known THIEF of public money.