Boise State's Kustra on playoff: 'A positive step for college football'

By Brian Murphy

Boise State President Bob Kustra, an outspoken critic of the Bowl Championship Series, said college football's new four-team playoff system — to be in place in 2014 – is a good step.

"The playoff is a positive step for college football and opens the door to a new method of crowning a national champion. My concerns with the BCS always centered on access, governance and revenue distribution. We still need to learn more details about the playoff system, but I believe we are headed in the right direction," Kustra said in a statement.

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It's a step...

It's the teeniest, tiniest of baby steps. I want to be happy, but I feel like Dan Wetzel:

hold your tongue guys it wall screw up again very soon


You fry wants with that?

Why do we care what Kustra

Why do we care what Kustra thinks about college football? We have an athletic director for that... stay in your lane you selfish politician! FIRE KUSTRA!!!

Um, you goof

It was college PRESIDENTS the voted on the playoff, not AD's.

....none of which are this

....none of which are this guy!

You wanna tone it down? Alex Trebek is recovering!


You fry wants with that?

You goofball

Every college president in the country has commented on this, but you have a issue that the BSU president has.

You come off as fairly clueless.

every college president?

every college president? and Im clueless? ha ha ha ha ha....good try troll

Yup, goofball

I'm a troll......

A keyboard is a terrible thing to waste.

thank you....I rest my case

thank you....I rest my case

Be wunderbar if you actually did, Kommandante


You fry wants with that?

Sorry goofball

Not even I can make a case for you.


Ceesey, we care because Kustra is BSU's President. He is over both academics and athletics. What team do you play for that we romped? Or are you just a non-sport academic student that likes to whine and still cannot figure out where a lot of the academic funds come from.

You know

if you really don't like Kustra, you still have the option to not waste your time talking about him.

Like any of it matters. NEXT


You fry wants with that?

Well, we'll see

When I see an undefeated number 4 BSU go into a playoff and not be voted to a number 5 spot, only to see a number 5 or 6 spot one loss team jump them, well then I might believe its not still a good ol boys club anymore.

With a 16 team playoff, there would be more upsets than we ever saw in B-Ball. The SEC will be the SUC. Step in the right direction? We'll see over the next what 12 years? I hope we live that long.

Yeah, I called it right here and right now.