Gear Tuesday: biodegrable dog waste bags

Dogs and camping go together like hotdogs and mustard. But if you're going to take your pooch to a campground or on trails, you've got to pick up after them.

That's only part of the responsibility. Using a plain plastic shopping bag to pickup poop doesn't cut it. Why put biodegradalbe and compostable dog waste into a plastic bag that can take years and years and years to decompose?

There's a variety of biodegradable bags made with GMO-Free Corn and no polyethylene.

Check them out



Cute dog.
May I use this photo when the enviros start barking about off-leash dogs?

She's on an E leash

Remote control dog.

Whats good for Pooch....Why not Retailers

Great idea that should be expanded. Since plastic bags are a problem for the environment, why not have retailers use them also? Better than banning bags as other locations are starting to do.

Cut out the middle man

and leave the poo where it dropped. It is also biodegradable. Strange, yet true.
It's the human feces a few feet from the campsite that creeps me out.