Idaho politics: Is Tom Luna the 'son of Scott Walker?'

That's the headline and the thesis statement from Wall Street Journal columnist William McGurn.

In a column Tuesday, McGurn picked up on the theme that the November referenda on the Idaho Students Come First K-12 overhaul laws will pit the teachers' union against reforms — much like the Wisconsin collective bargaining battles, and the unsuccessful attempt to recall Walker from the governor's office.

All in all, a pretty rosy take on Students Come First and Luna, the state schools superintendent who authored the plan. Here's an excerpt.

"A glance at Mr. Luna's résumé shows a career businessman who became involved in his local school board and went on to serve in the Bush Education Department before returning to Idaho to run for his present office in 2006. Most refreshing is what's not on Mr. Luna's résumé: a degree in education.

"That makes Mr. Luna an outlier within the education blob that runs our public school systems. It may also explain the boldness of the reforms he helped push through the state legislature in spring 2011."

Here's a link to McGurn's column.

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At least that title is better than what I call him.


does it still start with

"son of..."?


Hey kids, let's head for the beach this weekend.

some beach?


William McGurn, Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch, Faux News....Could there be a credibility gap here?

Something in common

Interesting neither one of them ever graduated from college; at least a real one.

Pricey opinions

I love the Opinion Journal, but in recent years they have put more and more of their material behind the pay wall, which in this case, I'm sure the IEA is thankful the majority of Idaho voters will not be able to access McGurn's article unless their local library has an online subscription. It will be interesting to see if the article generates some unexpected financial support for the Students Come First campaign.