BCS denies Mountain West request for automatic bid

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Bowl Championship Series presidential oversight committee on Tuesday denied the Mountain West’s request for an automatic berth in 2012 and 2013.

The Mountain West failed to meet the criteria for an automatic berth during the last four-year cycle, but performed well enough to apply for an exemption.

The committee did not provide any reasoning for the denial.

"We made a very compelling case on behalf of the Mountain West," commissioner Craig Thompson said. "It was based on clear performance metrics and the prior precedent established by the BCS in awarding automatic qualification. Unfortunately, the presidential oversight committee decided against granting us the AQ exemption."

The Mountain West met two of the three criteria for an automatic berth based on the average ranking of its highest-ranked team in the BCS standings and for its number of Top 25 teams. However, the league fell well short on the third criteria — the average ranking of all its teams.

That leaves six automatic-qualifying conferences for the last two years of the BCS, including the Big East, the league the Broncos are expected to join in 2013.

The Big East received a waiver in for the 2008 and 2009 seasons. The league is part of the BCS contract for 2010 to 2013.

The Big East and ACC both fell short of the standards the Mountain West was asked to meet in the last four-year cycle. However, both are contractually guaranteed BCS slots.

Big surprise

The request was made when the MWC still had great teams (Utah, BYU, TCU, and BSU coming). Now, all they have is Boise State and San Diego State. It's just a empty sh-ell (seriously? the language filter flagged THIS word?) of what the conference used to be.

The current MWC just doesn't cut it.

yet it's still better than

yet it's still better than the Big West, WAC, Big Sky and Big East....save our athletic
program...stay in the mountain west!!

You forgot. . .

You forgot to add: "Fire Kustra". Or have you decided to say something else for a change?


Big East


Without the MWC exception, Boise State's best option is the Big East.

no...no its not at

no...no its not at all....WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!


has a terrible TV deal. No way is it the best option. I understand that there may be concern about where the Olympic sports may go, but in the end, football money runs the show.

I AM...

...AWAKE. You are smokin' too much ganja or somethin', mon! We will end up getting six to eight times as much money to play in the Big East and set ourselves up for better conference affiliation down the road.

broncobro....not true on

6 to 8 times more money in Big East....that is a hyperbole....

Boise generates about $26M gross revenues as of now....so 6 times that is over $120M which puts them ahead of everyone....

Boise may gross around $10M more....that is a big maybe....extra costs? who knows, and who cares about costs?

Ugly, you keep confusing

"Athletic" dollars, "Football" dollars, and "TV" dollars.

Let's try and un-confuse you...

BSU "Athletic" revenue = $28M

BSU "Football" revenue = $13M

BSU "TV" revenue = $1.5M (other MWC revenue is about $1M)

So, as you can see BSU stands to almost double their football revenue with this move.

And, the TV deal will be 5 times the money

As for travel expense, we're talking an extra $300-$400K a year.

Hope this helps.

It's all Euros to me, pounds are nicer


You fry wants with that?

And then ...

when the Big Least becomes a mid-major football conference joke after 2013 where will Cupcake State go? Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.


Have you taken too much Vandull bashing lately??


do you continue to be a dick about this school? Fuque off already.

Appalachian state

Anyone? I know it's been a few years, but that one still has to sting puny pony!

This is not. . .

This is not at all surprising, though a tad disappointing. When talk began about MWC getting an excemption, because of the Big East and ACC, Bill Hanco-ck (one of the dumbest men on earth) said something to the effect of the rules are to keep conferences in, not kick any out. By going off of that, it's easy to see why this didn't happen. Though I was hoping the oversight committee would do it thinking what the heck, only two years left anyways.

It's Still Not Correct...........

Being an independent, I wonder what Notre Dame, not that they have been relevant the past couple decades, or will be in the near future..... have to say about this considering all the money the program still generates.

At any rate, Coach Pete, you are a class act that is so rare in the game today...........but I wouldn't be upset if you were to adopt a scorched earth policy as BSU takes the next step, just as will also not be upset with the 2-3 loss seasons on the horizon that befall ALL great college football programs

The dominos are starting to

The dominos are starting to fall. I really wish the BSU had a better home for their olympic sports than the WAC, but I don't think that is the next domino to fall. Big East is next.

You DO REALIZE the BCS is done and over now?


You fry wants with that?i

Gone and forgotten...

that is Boise State football and the MWC conference by everyone who is MAJOR college football!!

Me, I will always be here monitoring my blog and keepin the blue pee group in line.

BTW, enjoy the Big Least and the third tier bowls that fill your longtime future dance cards!!

Rack me again and PS...Hi vine, thanks for the Jim...click...thats Eddie from Boise for ya!! LOL!!!!

You still avoid my questions

Do you intend to answer them? Or continue to hide? I can repost them, if you would like.


Repeated post.