Idaho president on playoff decision: 'We tried to reach consensus'

By Brian Murphy

Idaho President Duane Nellis is a member of the 12-man BCS Presidential Oversight Committee. He participated in the meetings that resulted in the presidents approving a four-team playoff beginning with the 2014 regular season.

Nellis talked to the Idaho Statesman after the vote.

Here are the highlights:

— "We tried to reach consensus around the proposal that had been elevated by the commissioners. The commissioners had been working on details of a proposal with feedback, so I think first of all, there was a general overview of the proposal that was out there. We had a lot of discussion, dialogue and debate. There was a strong consensus for what has come out of the dialogue."

— "Plus-one was discussed. But I think this four-team format that’s been approved here today is something that is best for college football at the FBS level.

— "The other thing that to me is positive for schools that might be in the Mountain West or the WAC are the three additional bowls, in addition to the Champions Bowl, the Orange Bowl and the Rose Bowl. With the separate championship game, it will provide more access points.

– "Assuming rankings would have held, Boise State under this new format would have been in one of the bowl games this past year when they were closed out unfortunately. Based on the structure, according to this analysis, there are five non-AQ schools in the last 12 years that would have made into in this new system assuming that things worked out with the selection process."

— Nellis said the Rose Bowl would have a Big Ten/Pac-12 match-up, the Champions Bowl would have a SEC/Big 12 match-up and the Orange Bowl would have an ACC team if those teams and/or bowls are not involved in the semifinals.

— "Details still need to be worked out. Questions about revenue sharing and access. Who is going to be on the selection committee? What criteria are they going to use? That's still to be worked out."

— On revenue: Nellis said there was "quite a bit of dialogue. There's still a lot more work to be done. We'll send it back to the commissioners and have them work on different options."

— On how much debate there was between the "power conferences" and the "smaller leagues" over revenue: "There was good debate, I’ll say, about that. But I think in the end, everyone came to the same positive consensus. Those programs that are still called the mid-majors and those in the majors all came to agreement that this is best for college football, helping move us forward. It creates a playoff system, it moves us beyond the BCS in some ways. It creates some excitement and new opportunities for all of us."

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I suspect that this new system is going to be best for the SEC, Big 12, Big 10 and Pac 12. And it will be best for the bowl committees. It'll probably be pretty good for the TV networks. "Best", as in it will put the most money in those pockets.

But best for college football? Not really. Nobody really has the interests of college football in mind. The prime mover in college football is money, plain and simple. If you want to see the poster child for the hypocrisy of what's best for college football, take a look at what's going on in Moscow. They're chasing the almighty dollar and grinding their program right into the ground.

Oh, don't think that Boise State is above it, either. The pursuit of an AQ status and the big money that follows is putting the Broncos into a conference that is a caricature of what is wrong with college football.

The BCS isn't solving anything, but their job isn't to solve it. That job belongs to the NCAA, but they abdicated their responsibility years ago.

College Football has never been about the....

'Fairness Doctrine'....

It is about revenue and cronyism....

The best way for cfb is 8 conferences, where the 8 winners go to playoffs....

The 4 team system shuts Boise out for good....Boise has no chance for NC, so might as well schedule Milk Toast....

That is ASU President Crow's plan....8 conference champs to the

That is ASU President Crow's plan....8 highest ranked conference champs to the National Playoffs administered by the NCAA. Played on the home field of the highest ranked team. Single elimination.

Those not invited to the national Playoff would be invited to the traditional bowls (e.g. the BIG and PAC 12 number two teams to the Rose Bowl)


Still we have the people making the decisions about 13 years behind the times. How long have the AD's of the power-brokers been stating that "no one wants a playoff" by the Delany's of the world even though everyone wanted one. It will be another 13 years when we get a true playoff.

What happened to the academic side of the argument, what happened to preserve the bowls concept? The measure of BS that the BCS conferences used to not have a playoff they must have had a pretty tall stick.

Better than none

This 4 team playoff is clearly better than what we have now but it strikes me as a compromise to keep the money rolling in, and the desire of the rest of the college football world for a legitimate playoff; that is, win your conference and go to the playoffs regardless. I do believe BSU and TCU made manifest the unfairness and irrationality of the current system and helped bring about this change.

Can't. Consensus is near Grandjean, closed?


You fry wants with that?