Akey wouldn't be surprised if Idaho becomes football independent

By Brian Murphy

Idaho football coach Robb Akey said the Vandals are considering independence as a way to keep their program's Football Bowl Subdivision options open.

Idaho is one of two football-playing schools left in the decimated Western Athletic Conference. New Mexico State is the other.

"We've been trying like a son of a gun to find a home. The best place for us would be the Mountain West. They don't want us right now. I understand all those things. Hopefully, it's going to re-allocate. I would expect there would be a change again in a couple more years," Akey told the Idaho Statesman on Tuesday.

"I wouldn't be surprised if we end up having to operate as an independent for a few years. We're just looking for a home, my brother."

Akey acknowledged it would be difficult for the Vandals to schedule games, particularly later in the season when other conferences are playing league games.

"Is it the ideal answer? Absolutely not. I think it's a necessity if we can't get ourselves into a conference situation. It's a necessity to remain at that level," Akey said. "If some of the gurus are right and people are jumping around again in a couple years, you need to keep yourself in a position to be an option."

The Vandals' other option is to join the Big Sky, a Football Championship Subdivision conference.

Idaho President Duane Nellis said the school is still exploring three options, including independence and moving to the Big Sky. Nellis said he has not given up hope of joining the Mountain West.

"We’ve worked hard to figure out a way to stay at the FBS level for football," Nellis said. "In the context of football, like to continue to play at the FBS level."

Nellis said he hopes the school can announce a decision before the start of the football season.

Notre Dame, BYU, Army and Navy are currently FBS independents. Navy is scheduled to join the Big East in 2015.

Vandal football camp

Akey said several high school teams had to back out of Idaho's camp for a variety of reasons (personnel, financial, coaching staff changes), prompting Idaho to cancel its football camp.

Akey said economic conditions have made it difficult for kids to attend camp, with more teams preferring to stay closer to home.

"We want it to be done the right way," Akey said.

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A tough row to hoe

Finding FBS teams to play in the Kibbie Dome is going to be pretty tough. Idaho will have to pony up to get teams under that roof. There are plenty of teams that will play the Vandals away from Moscow, so there's money to be made there, but I suspect that if Idaho goes independent, they'll be hosting a bunch of FCS teams at home.

I really hope that it works out. I still think that they'd be an FCS powerhouse, but since they're dead set against that route, hopefully their FBS plans will work out.

Nice post.

I agree hardcase.

Big Sky would be a welcomed move for this Vandal.

What an eliquent head coach....

"We're just looking for a home, my brother"

Yep...just as "eilquent"...

...as you.

I'll bet he can spell

I'll bet he can spell eloquent...if unsure...Google is your friend


Sorry my brothers

Urban legend, swami.


You fry wants with that?


That made my day SLCBronc! Almost eloquacious!


As are most people around 13th at River. The difference is that they know they won't wind up in a mansion.

Truly correct

They will still model the orange however!


You fry wants with that?




Would you have preferred:

"We continue the ongoing search for our next conference destination. As arduous as this process can be, we continue to maintain collective hope that our ultimate destination shall prove fruitful for Vandal faithful"

Is that better?

Let us Vandal faithful know so we can forward the message to the Vandal chieftains up North.

Akey just might be the most down to earth FBS coach around

how can anyone dislike that guy?

I agree


4 Home Games 8 Road Games

That's the reality for Idaho as an independent. And the four home games will be hard to come by.

Bad idea...

Good luck being an independent, you MIGHT get 4 or 5 home games against FCS schools. Nobody else will be coming your way after October 1st when conference play begins. They will be in an even bigger pickle then they were as members of the Sun Belt. Costs to lure teams into the Kibbie Dome will eat up all of the money the make on the road. Lots of 1-11, 2-10 records to come your way and NCAA probation and being forced to move to FCS for lack of attendance.

Worst possible option...

...not that it's going to stop them. Oy.

I know they are just playing for time, hoping the situation will improve in a couple years when the deck chairs get reshuffled again. But what is the best possible scenario even if that does happen? Moscow will never have the population or resources to be relevant in the FBS. Time to go renew the splendid little rivalry with Montana.

My guess

A late season game (cold Montana football weather) against the Griz in Missoula would be a blowout. Vandals lose by at least 3 TD's.

No way being an FBS independent

can work for Idaho, not even for one season. All of the current independents are private institutions, which means those football teams have the obvious financial gain, Idaho does not have such finances. Being in that situation would certainly mean less home games than what they have now, and it would certainly be difficult to attract anyone at the FBS level to come to Moscow. They need to face the reality that dropping to the FCS level is the better and safer option.

All dressed up & nowhere to go.....

What??? No one wants a bottom feeder. Wow I'm shocked!

Perhaps UofI wouldn't be in this predicament had their faculty & rabid fan base focused more on righting their own ship rather than criticizing BSU's successful vessel. Ah well, guess this leaves more time for the cronies to compete in underwater basket weaving & mule cloning.


"If we had only spent our time righting our ship rather than criticizing BSU's successful vessel," just imagine where we would be. Thanks for the dose of solid logic!

Ha sorry, U of I also

Ha sorry, U of I also focuses on education. I forgot the only thing Bronco Nation cares about is Football. I'm glad my beloved fan base actually went to, and most likely graduated from Idaho.

You Vandals are so Predictable

I just love how you idiots turn a athletic discussion into a academic one.... BTW, UofI's acadmeic focus puts them at #160 in the college rankings. Now that's something to proud of!!! hahahaha


You did.

You said faculty at the University of Idaho are too preoccupied with BSU's 'success' to that point that it hurts their own school.

Heck...show me a professor at the University of Idaho who gives a rats behind about Vandal football or even what BSU football is up to these days.

Oh! Are u gonna cry about it Galena...Boo Hoo.

Just man up & admit you Vandulls can't compete with BSU athletically so you always turn the conversation into:
1. Academic comparisons (At #160 UofI is an academic bottom feeder too. Call me when you join the IVY league Nancy.)
2. BSU vs. PAC-12 comparisons (I don't get this one as UofI isn't in the Pac-12. My only guess is you're trying to take credit for Pac-12 success because UofI is close to WSU.)
3. Degrading remarks about BSU's community college days. (Yeah about that. You're getting your a#% kicked by a former community college. Gotta hurt!)

Idaho can't compete with BSU athletically.

Did I ever say any different?

Now tell me what you meant when you said faculty (professors) at Idaho 'got what they had coming'?

You're dodging the question.

I think you've done enough dodging , at Chrysler's expense.


You fry wants with that?

Always using the education excuse.

You know you guys use it to hide from the fact that you can no longer compete with BSU on the athletic field. And, regarding the I'm-glad-my-fan-base-went-to-and-graduated-from-Idaho statement, let me ask you this: do you seriously think that every single fan of every single institution in this country actually graduated from said institution? I'll bet you a million dollars that there are alot of Alabama fans that did not even attend that school since the average income in that state is very poor, yet they are fans of the Crimson Tide anyways. Same can be said about Texas, USC, Notre Dame, Oregon, etc. The fact that you guys always have to use the "I went to school there which means I'm a better fan than you" shows that you guys can't deal with reality.

You said faculty.

Yep, you said it. Yeah...I read faculty in there.

So tell me exactly how faculty at the University of Idaho have been busy criticizing BSU, or anything related to BSU?

Man up and quit the lies....work on being a Bronco and not a donk.

Go Vandals, Go Broncos.

Thanks for the laugh.

Thanks for the laugh Akey. I needed it today!

2013 Schedule

Week 1 - at Utah
Week 2 - at Texas
Week 3 - at Missouri
Week 4 - Montana State
Week 5 - at Miami (FL)
Week 6 - at BYU
Week 7 - Eastern Washington
Week 8 - at Hawaii
Week 9 - at Washington State
Week 10 - Montana
Week 11 - New Mexico State
Week 12 - at Boise State

Actually that doesn't look too bad!

Not to bad?

At best they would go 1-11.

looks like

a good schedule for a 1-11 season. That lone win being week 11.

More like....

week 12....

Week 12

There will never be a Week 12 here for Idaho as long as Dr K is at BSU.

come on...

That's not even realistic enough to be humorous. Seriously, they will struggle to win games against the top teams in the Big Sky.

Boise doesnt even play a schedule that


Maybe BSU should hire the Idaho folks that do their (Idaho) cfb scheduling....


Whats the "Apple Bowl"?

Ive never heard of that one. Is it new?


The Apple Bowl I believe is not new it is between the Washington schools WSU and U of W

Its not the "Apple Bowl"

Just a little jab at ugs.


Hey Handsome.

Hope life has been treating you well. I'm back from a long hiatus.

Wheres VNDL? Wiz? Where'd everyone go?


Unfortunately wiz passed last summer.

Good to see you on the board again.


So sorry to hear. I had no idea.

Never met wiz, but he was a great contributor to these boards. Guy was full of wit.

Take care of yourself amigo.

Hey my friend...

Welcome back!!

Most of us are still around. We browse and stumble upon a few good posters from time to time but its not like it was a few years ago. We see some new ones too and they have some good stuff to post. We need your insight so stop the vacations!

razor, funky B4342, bronco81, windex, tbk, RMSan and a few others get together a couple times a year at a local joint and shoot the breeze about the Broncos, Vandals, College Football and life in general. Its a dang fine group with a lot of different perspectives. Unfortunately, Wiz passed away last summer after our initial meeting. Quite a gentleman. His humor and wit are missed dearly on these blogs.

EDIT: Sorry funky, didnt see you had responded till after I posted.


Again, sorry to hear about Wiz...he was a great voice of reason around here.

Glad to hear from you and Funky though...miss the old banter. Next time I'm around the area I'll let you fellas know...1st round is on me.

Take care of yourself too amigo.



When you aren't in a conference and don't get any revenue distribution funds, you gotta do what you gotta do to bring in the cheddar!


I will bet that BSU wouldn't hire anybody or anything associated with the Vandal football program. For Akey, it's back to the Big Sky or time for an assistant position.

Jonathan Smith, bsu

Jonathan Smith, bsu quarterback coach...6 years at U of I.

KXXT....Check the early history of

Boise State Football....You will find two legendery Vandals in that mix....

I Stand Correctd

I was actually thinking of the current Vandal football program.

actually thinking?

I highly doubt it.

If by current, you actually mean current, then they'd currently be a vandal, would they not?